Thursday, April 17, 2008

The greatest lesson you will ever learn in life!

So many people go through life not knowing this until it's almost time to bow out. This is diminished in us by the environment we live in, by the media (of course lol), and by others who don't want to us to succeed as a people because they make too much money off our ignorance. So what is it? So what's the greatest lesson you'll ever learn in life?

The greatest lesson you will ever learn in life is to

What does that mean?

We often do things that are counterproductive to our mental, physical or emotional state because it makes us look good to others or because it takes too much effort and we would rather sit on our hump instead of doing it.

We only show ourselves how much we VALUE ourselves when we
So if you know that sugar will eventually give you diabetes and you continue to drink excessively and make sure you stop through the krispy creame drive thru a few times a week then you are not acting in accordance with your beliefs and as a result you feel bad and guilty for not resisting this temptation.

You are valuable in at least a million different ways!!!!!!!!
Your legs are worth a million dollars to a person who doesn't have any. Your sight is worth a million to a person who doesn't have it. If you already have children you are worth the world to them. If you don't have them now you will, and you'll be worth so much not noly to them but to tens and hundreds of generations who you will spawn the creation of in the future! You are valuable to your job, your country, your mate, someone depends on you for something and you are extreemly valuable to them!
Just think about how you were created. That little sperm cell had to beat out MILLIONS of other sperm cells in order to create you! That means that GOD must have led you past all the others for a reason. You are here for a purpose. And it's not just to be a sexual animal, sexing everything in sight, or get that oh so desired Louis Vuitton luggage set! Oh and by the way when you sleep with just anybody for a cheap thrill or a few dollars you are diminishing your value not increasing it.


Eb the Celeb said...

I cant even concentrate on this post because Bobby brown tenderoni is playing in the background...LOL

FREEDOM said...

Knowing your worth/value is THE KEY that unlocks so many facets of our lives!

If you really think about it. We are always encouraging others, and yet sometimes fail to encourage the most precious creation God created...SELF!

The one that we wake up to EVERYDAY lol. The one that will never ever leave us!!

The inner and outer reflection of OUR SELF!!!

Excellent post. I have been discovering my TRUE POWER of mastering self lately and knowing my own worth that will NEVER diminish!

MysTery said...

Good post! So simple, yet so true.

FREEDOM said...

Sometimes saying NO not feeling guilty or regretful is the ONLY way to perserve one's SELF, which says that-that person really and truly knows his or her own worth/value.

Had to learn this lesson TODAY lol

Uzezi said...

i love this tubman. thanks for it

Ticia said...

Great post - very true and valuable -

James Tubman said...

@e... i know lol

despite all the other things he's known for now

he still put out a lot of great music back in the day

and he had a lot of imitators

@freedom... it is a powerful lesson that you must klearn in order to fully grow as a human being

if you spend the majority of your time doing the right things in your life then you are represnting the best of the creator

because god is the best

@mysteriousness... thanx boo

glad you liked it


everytime you do it you'll get stronger and stronger until you get to the point where it is no big thing anymore

@uzezi... anything for you miss uzezi lol

@ticia... thanx a lot ticia

much gratitude

desperate lady said...

been readin silently but ive decided to say ma mind once n 4 all. James Tubman, if i dont get an invite to that private blog of urs, der'll b war on ur blog!

Yasmeen Christian said...


Anonymous said...

Shakes head... u still coming by after all of that huh?

fantasy queen said...

the last sentence is so so true, i wish more sistas could sit down and think that...!

loved the post, its a mind twister, gets me thinking and all...we're oblivious of what our values are about. its about time to take control of it all.

James Tubman said...

@dl... it's nothing in there lol

you just gave me a good idea though

i'm not going to tell you what it is yet

@yasmeen bleet... true dat lol

thanx homie

@d'lee... yup

i guess i'm just a gluten for punishment lol

@the queen of all beans... yeah

some people might hate me for that last statement but it's so true

thanx for droping a line queeny

anonymous gal said...

once more u hv out done urself

Anonymous said...

shakes head again.. private blog huh.. i know u want to invite me but see me nah work for it!

Tamra said...

Excellent, excellent commentary!

Kayos said...

You know what...

the more I read your blog..the more I feel like I'm in school.

Knowing your worth is essential to knowig how to live and knowing your worth.

James Tubman said...

@why we gotta be anonymous...


sorry i kind of freaked out on the issue on your blog lol

@d'lee... i know you playin

if i invited you you would be i there the next minute lol

@tamra... excellent excellent

thank you

@complete and utter kayos...

well i hope that you are a bright eyed student

keep leaving nice comments you might get extra credit lol

Sophia said...


antipop said...

hay tubman, next time my significant other asks me why i nolonger behave like a sex animal wit him, i will give him a link to this post. prepare for battle.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

bravo scholar, and encor if i may add, and thanks for the love folk, did u read the piece on punishment of slaves? although i wrote, cant read it any more, made me made when i write it and still this day

Onome said...


nywele said...

Amen on that! It took me a long time to learn to love myself for who i am and stop comparing myself to the joneses or the Hollywood definition of others. For a long time, I just wanted to please everyone and became unhappy in that process...anyways, i am digressing. I love this entry!

James Tubman said...

@sophie... hmmmmmmm to you too lol

thanx for stoping by

@antipop... if there's anything in my life i know how to handle it's definately conflict lol

bring it on baberino lol

@sup T... that's a rough read man

this something that we need to read though because our freedom is not guaranteed

there have been many times in this country where whites gave us siome lead way but took it back as soon as they wanted too, reconstruction, jim crow, civli rights, the criminal criminal justice system

thanx for you input my brother

@onone... thanx my dear

it's more where that came form to your right lol

@nywele... that means a lot to me

i still have that problem unfortunately (trying to please others and comparing myself to others)

i don't know if it will ever stop

but in order to minimze it you have to know your worth