Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is the my blueprint for black empowerment (this is the year we finally start to gain real economic and political power in the world)

This is it.

This is all ive been living for.

After studying many means and methods for how we can gain power in the world as an afirkan people ive come to these conclusions.

This post is the culmination of all the ideas i've learned about how we can empower ourselves socialy, economicily, politicaly, militarily and ideologicaly.

Ive thought about this subject everyday for the last 5 years and now I think im ready to make that move.

Right now our communities are being run by other people.

We cant even get employment in our own neighborhoods because Koreans, arabs, whites and others own the real estate and businesses in our community (and they are not hiring anybody but family and friends).

Everywhere you go in the afrikan world our resources are being taken from us by other people.

Whether it's the u.s., the carribean, central and south amerika, Europe, afrika, Australia, or any other nation we have to consult with another group of people to see if what we are doing is OK with them.

We have to depend on other people to give us food, jobs, welfare: Everything we need we have to beg other people to get it.

And we wonder why our children treat us with disrespect?

You wonder why our women hate us so much and treat us with the utmost contempt?

Why should they respect us?

They don't have to depend on us for anything.

Where is our farmland to grow our own food?

Where are our manufactories so that we can hire our own people to build and construct the goods that we need?

If other ethnic groups decided they wouldn't give us the food, clothes and other goods and services that we need we would be in serious trouble.

And yet we have some of us who think that they are independent lol.

We are totally dependent on other people just like a baby is totally dependent on their parents.

Ahhhhhhhh but we have the potential for so much if we decided TODAY that, as Jay-Z said, "everything I buy I want to own!"

And that should be our goal, "to own and control EVERYTHING!"


So we can treat others like they are treating us now?


So we can ensure our survival on this planet.

Don't you see how crazy it is to be totally dependent on other men (men who hate our guts by the way) for our bread and life?

Just imagine brothers, being totally dependent on your mother and father for everything.

Or sisters, being totally dependent on a MAN for everything you need (scary thought isn't it lol).

No other group of men would dare put the lives of their women and children in the hands of other men.

That's unimaginable for other people.

For us, as men, that thought should be unimaginable.

So whats the plan for empowerment that I intend to join (because other black men and women have already initiated it).

I want to show black people as individuals how to be financially independent.

And once the ones who join the organization start making money then we will all combine that capital to create the things that we need as a nation.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammed created a great model in the 30's and 40's (which still exists today) with a THIRD GRADE EDUCATION.

Before him The Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey created a nation structure type organization that spanned all throughout the world (he had over a million members and he barely graduated from high school).

Black people in Tulsa, Durham, North Carolina, Philly, Chicago, Kansas City and in many other places in this country built economic enclaves that they had control over.

Why cant we do the same with all of the resources we have at our disposal today.

First thing im going to do is learn how to make a lot of money on my own.

And once I get enough money build a learning institution in my old neighborhood.

Then once I get that institution up and running i will teach the poor and homeless how to make money like I did or by other means and methods.

I will train them for free, but I will make them sign a contract saying that they have to give a large part of their money back to the organization for taxes.

Once we have enough money we start a credit union or a bank (credit unions are better because it's less federal regulations than a bank).

In addition to credit unions we should also have our own rotating credit associations (pots in which we loan money to each other).

Then we use that savings to buy out the businesses that are already in our community (if they don't want to sell us their businesses there are other ways of getting them out. One of the ways we can do it is by getting a health inspector in their place because they often sell us rancid food and they may even be selling drugs out of their stores).

Once we monopolize the businesses in this one community we go for the wholesale market.

We make deals with the wholesalers collectively so that we can get special deals on the goods we buy on a regular basis.

After the wholesale market is locked up we go into manufacturing our own goods and buying our own farms and selling ourselves the food that we raise and manufacture on our own land.

This way all of our money is staying within our hands.

We use this same model in other communities in my home city.

Then once we start owning lots of real estate and start circulating lots of capital through our institutions, then we go to the shopping malls and downtown shoping centers and start buying up the real estate there (we will also need to solicit and raise funds from local churches and other black institutions as well to do this. We can also use grant money too, and private black investors who have a lot of capital but just dont know what to do with it.)

Then once we own a lot of real estate and capitol in the city we start buying municipal (city or town), state and federal bonds and we go after the multi national conglomerations (we invest our money in them, we become their shareholders, and we boycott them if they don't reinvest the money we give to them back into our communities).

By doing this we can gain real power in the world because the most powerful entities in the world are large multi-national corporations.

And like Amos Wilson said in blueprint for black power, if these corporations are going to be in control of the world we as black people are going to have to own and control them.

And once we own a significant portion of them we can petition this government to make afrikan nations like Nigeria, Jamaica, Kenya, Ghana, Haiti and many other afrikan nations "friendly nations" of the united states so that they can let their goods be sold here in our stores that WE own and control.

In this way we will employ afrikan people all over the globe and they will be protected by us from other mulit-national corporations because we will own and control a major portion of the most powerful nation on earth.

Sit back and really look at that plan right there.

What a beautiful dream.

And believe you me this dream can be accomplished over night if we commited ourselves to doing it.

With this power we wouldnt have to worry about losing our homes or jobs because we would know that this organization is protecting us from the down turns in the economy.

We could use this power to get our brothers out of jail and build a system of help that can take care of them once they get out.

We can use this formula to get our women and children off of welfare.

We could use this system to recapture our young brothers from the streets so they wont have to engage in the drug dealing, robbing and stealing that is rampaging the black community.

We could use this system to completely wipe out poverty in our neighborhoods.

We can use these accumulated assets to build learning institutions of all kinds that will teach our people many of the skills they need to learn in order to have a happy healthy life.

Then once they have everything they need financially then we can provide them with the help they so desperately need to really live out their dreams and make their wishes and desires a realtiy.

Just imagine being able to walk down the street at night without ever having to worry about somebody robing you.

Just imagine smiling at your neighbors and being blessed to be a person of afrikan descent on this planet.

It's hard to believe that a scronny, awkward and neglected little kid from baltimore would grow up to dream dreams this big and have the guts to actually work towards this conclusion.

Our leaders must have vision, imagination and persistence in order to achieve this goal.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i guess u in a city, i own a farm and live in the country - and most countryplace i go, black folk do all that u say they dont

James Tubman said...

i know that there are MANY blacks who are engaged in this behavior all over the world

this is why we need networking skills and meeting people through blogs is one of the best ways to do it

i just wish i wasnt so anti-social lol

but i got you brother and you definately arent that

i will definately need your help in the near future

Linda said...

You have some big dreams there ;)

And you know what.. this will sound strange coming from a white person, but I really hope for the same.

My husband is from the caribbean and everytime we're there, it hurts my soul to see the african population and how they're struggling. They make up 80% of the islands population, yet they own next to nothing.

All shops, companies and restaurants are in the hands of the few Dutchmen, Chinese and Portuguese that live on the island. The africans are always the employees, never the owners.

Down there it's worse, because they're also still treated like crap. I was just shocked to see my 'fellow countrymen' (ahem) down there still thinking it's the 1700's and they have the right to treat people like that.. for the record, if you did that here in Holland, you'd both get arrested and knocked down.. :P

Greetings from the netherlands ;)

James Tubman said...

thank you linda

if you want to help you can always donate some money to the cause

about $5,000 should be good to start with

D.FreeMan said...

Jt - The site www.reachfolk.com is up but it's in it's beta stages so you can add a story link on there as you please. We already have a good chunk of stories on the site but I will roll out the full release probably in March!

But go ahead and contribute to the site bruh! www.ReachFolk.com

lulu said...

woah havent read all yet

Blogger said...

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