Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dont take nothin for granted!

I know this will be a little scarry for some and it might seem too somber and unpleasant to even think about but i thought that i would mention this today because we live in scarry times and sometimes it becomes very instructive to look at some historical truths (because history if not learnt will be repeated).

I was watching schindlers list today and it really dawned on me that these people were not that different from white people (as a matter of fact they were white and in many cases they were unable to be distinguished from other germans).

Germany before the ascendency of hitler was a thriving democracy where many people from all different places lived and prospered (they even had over 30,000 Afrikans who lived there and they were fully integrated into german society.)

Germany was the world headquarters for art and science.

They were very civilized in their interactions with each other and everybody got along pretty well.

Until the depression in germany after world war one when the economy took a nose dive to the point where the market was depressed so badly that you needed a whole wheel barrel of money to barter for something as small as a loaf of bread.

When you have a large portion of the population poor and starving, devoid of hope and bitterly angry at their government, they often start looking for scapegoats (people to blame for their condition).

And in all cases they normally blame the people who are the weakest and most vulnerable to the attack of the masses.

Hitler seized the opportunity to exploit this phenomenon when he was backed by the british government to be the dominant political party in germany.

And systematically found that scapegoat in the jews.

There was already an underlying conditioned hatred of the jews in germany long before hitler came to power, but as long as everything was good and everybody was eating they could live with them.

But when the shit hit the fank they exploited that hatred and began to attack the jews and once the nazis bombed their churches and buildings in 1938 it was over.

They started by making all of the jews distinguish themselves from other whites by creating the star of david to put on their arms (strangely enough the jews were the ones who were making these bands for the exploitation of their own peoeple).

Then they moved the so called jews to the ghettos of the major cities in germany and other european nations (poland, austria, checkelslovakia and so on).

When they moved the jews to the ghettos the nazi's took their homes and wealth away from them and gave it to the white citizens of the country ("clears throat", sounds like gentrification to me).

The nazis anytime they wanted to could shoot and kill any jew and they killed thousands of them within the course of a few months.

Then in the early 1940's the nazis took the jews out of the ghettos to concentration camps killing thousands in the process.

The so called jews were forced to work daya nd night in the most filthy conditions with little food and no pay.

And finally when the war was getting thicker the nazi's said its time for the final solution (lets gas those son of a bitches), and they killed millions within a few years.

What was the spark of all of this?

The collapse of the economy.

Im not an alarmist by any means.

I am a very optimistic person, but i know if that shit can happen there it can happen everywhere (EVEN HERE, God forbid of course).

The so called jews never ever in a million years thought that fellow white people would ever have the hutzpuh to kill millions of them.

They thought as long as the war would go on all they had to do was just wear the star and everything would be hunky dory and back to normal after a while.


This is why you cant take shit for granted!

We cant just assume that just because we can drive in our nice cars and shop like there is no tommorrow that this same situation cant happen here.


This is why we must seek to gain wealth and power and to protect ourselves collectively because you never know what others might have in store for us.

The ones who are assigned to be the leaders of our race should keep in mind that we can defend ourselves against any group of people in the world if we use the humongous amount of resources we have available to us in this nation, but also all over the world.

We have Afrika (which is the richest continent in the world) and we dont have to let other people control our oil, diamonds, manganesse and other minerals there.

We have the richest people of afrikan descent right here in the states where afrikan americans produce over a trillion dollars in annual wealth.

When we look at ourselves politically we have access to more money than that because in addition to having all this money we have over 10,000 elected officials who have control over billions of dollars in taxpayer money (401 k's, pension funds, stocks and bonds etc.)

We have a tremendous amount of power in this country, read Blueprint For Black Power ifyou dont believe me.

And we can protect ourselves from any monsters out there if we first learn to love ourselves and do for ourselves again!

Thanx for reading, I hope i didnt depress you too much lol.

Warning! Content is extreemly controverial. View at your own risk. The views do not necessarily represent the author of this blog but is merely added for psychological effect and the bringing up of critical issues that affect our communtiy.



Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

such is why i vow to never forget of slavery and y i say Ignorance and freedom is incompatible

karrie b. said...

the economy is shot to shit. i'm takin my black ass to europe. free healthcare all day err day.


RealHustla said...

Yes, very sobering info, but it needed to be said.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey James, just found your blog. This post is an excellent reminder of the past and our plausible future. The Prof Amos Wilson video was a good pick and his site is worth a visit.

Anyway, I invite you to visit my blog. My current post If The Wall Street Bailout Don't Do Us In, The Brigade Combat Team Might, complements yours.
~ Kit

Rich said...

I didn't make it to the end and haven't watched the video, but white folks can't handle the ghetto now. Man, if it got to popping off, folks would tear this mother up. It ain't going down like that, Son!

Obama Mama said...

wow! That's real right there! If people don't see and understand what you just say and the way you put it down, then they won't.

we need to get it TOGETHER!

Freeman Press said...

Brother Tub I really enjoyed the post. The post was great from start to finish. The spark is the economy and the fire is racism. I hope we all see the writing on the wall when they ask us to put a Black Fist on our forehead. Remember one thing Black people when they say the world is coming to an end it's their world. We can easily get up and move to Brazil and let them kill each other. Never forget it will be the end of their world not ours!

Machete X. said...

Often lately I think we're on their long term list for extinction so they'll have everything to themselves.

Machete X. said...

Often lately I think we're on their long term list for extinction so they'll have everything to themselves.

FREEDOM said...

Very good post JT. The film "Miracle at Santa Ana" that Spike Lee just released about the 42nd Troops of the Black Buffalo Soldiers is another good history lesson. A black man can feel freer in another country that his own, while he is risking his life for it is indeed dishearten. One soldier voiced how ashamed he felt about having these feelings. There he was in Italy and those foreign people had more respect and appreciation for them that their own damn country!

Mizrepresent said...

Wow James, that made me look, think, blink and ponder...great post!

Scizzle said...

Thought was fed with good food. Thanks, bruh; but with all that build up, I was disappointed to see that the video didn't work.

Tia's Real Talk said...

hey buddy........long time no hear. Hiya been? Just sayin howdy. Holla....

Standtall said...

Cant fathom why Hitler did what he did. He's a sick msn

Anonymous said...

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