Thursday, September 18, 2008

The REAL Reason Why We Love Obama!

Soon to be president Barack Obama is a loved figure by many blacks in this day and age.

Many say that if Obama is killed (God forbid of course) before or during his campaign they will go crazy in the streets and there will be no peace (even though they dont say that when a brother is wrongly arrested or shot by a policeman).

We all identfy with him in some way.

Many of us see him as a symbol of progress and change in the American political system.

There is no doubt that a conspicuously obvious Black man would definately rock the foundation of this nation (which was built on the brutal killing and near genocidal destruction of native americans and the massive killing and enslavement of captured afrikans).

But i think Obama represents more than just a mere physical presence of someone who looks like us as the leader of this nation.

I think its a lot more deeper than that psychologically.

Obama will not only be the father of this country but i think he stands as a surrogate or substitute father figure for many of us who either has one thats missing or has a bad relationship with the one thats around.

Think about it.

Almost all of us have a non-existent, or at best, a rocky relationship wit our fathers (some of us of course do have a great relationship with our daddies and some of our fathers may have passed but before they died we had a good relationship with them).

Many of us may despise him and might have actually been treated bad by him.

So we dont see why they are worthy of being looked up to.

But not Obama.

Obama publicly exemplifies everything we wish we could be like.

Intelligent, sophisticated, cool, a great provider.

He exemplifies what we most want in a father.

He's a substitute (not the real thing).

And unless he does something that cannot under any circumstances be forgiven, he can stay in the white house and be the model of that father son/daughter relationship that we wish we had.

And many of us will protect his image with our lives because if somebody attacks obama it's like attacking a family member (or even more so us personally because we identify so much with him).

Another function he might serve to many balck women.

He might serve as a surrogate lover for them who dont presently have a man or really doesnt like the one that they're with lol.

Its also easy to see why this may be.

He's handsome to many black women im sure.

He caring (takes wonderful care of his wife and children, and we all know that the men who get the most play are the ones who are already taken (we want what we cant have)).

He's wanted by many women all over this world (which makes him more appealing to women im sure).

That lazy nigga laying on the couch eating popcorn in his draws aint smooth like obama.

That broke ass busta always tryina hit you up for money aint no where near as romantic and charming as obama.

At least he got a job right lol?

I play too much im sorry!

But yeah, Obama serves some vital psychological needs that we arent getting from anywhere else.

This is just my opinion i could be wrong im not perfect.

Im into psychology and i know that we are always looking for people to model if we dont have appropriate ones in our lives already.

And before i rap it up lets spread the love to the WHITE people who love Obmaa!

Why are they so head ove heels with this guy?

White people are filled with GUILT because they are very aware of the harm that they've done to us as Black people in america (and continue to do to us in the inner cities of this counrty BTW).

They are always looking for ways to assuage that guilt.

Voting for a Black president is the perfect way to take away the pain so they can rationalize in their own mind that they arent racist because they voted for a black man to head this nation.

I guarantee you the public relations industry in this country has figured all of this out.

But that's just my opinion.


I'm very delicate lol.


RealHustla said...

Obama will not serve any of those "Black Women" functions for me. Please, give me some damn credit. He's not bad looking, but he ain't never raised me up like that.

I wonder what the broke down brothas gonna say when they "daddy" tell them to change their ways. Reject him, you watch. I pray I'm wrong.

Thank God I don't need a surrogate daddy.

White folks is guilty huh, LOL.

James Tubman said...

i know i know hustla lol

white folks are guilty as sin

they know that many of us have been duped into loving them now

and so many of us dont even want to think like that because we have good white friends

i do too

but i know what they are capable of

they dont have to feel guilty if they just gave us our reparations

i think thats the one thing every black person is in favor of lol

Anonymous said...

Man you are everywhere! I don't know what to expect from reading your blog but I tell you what your library must be from Pimping to the Human Genome. It's good.

On topic I can see what you're saying about Obama. He symbolizes the idea of what you could be Man, Father, Husband, Successful, Friendly, Athletic and Sociable.

But he ain't my daddy!

Lina said...

I think this may actually be the case for some people...especially the younger generation...because he is an excellent role model. Personally though...its a no. I don't need a surrogate anything, and while I respect the man...he is, still a man, and thats not meant to take anything away from him. I also can't simply vote for a person simply because of their character. I have to believe that he will influence decisions that make me and my country better. Just my opinion.

karrie b. said...

yo james...your break downs are always so ill to me...

i get it. i get the whole thing...what this means for black people, considering the fact that they used to believe we were related to apes and were only 2/3 of a person. the father figure metaphor is dope...and true i'm sure...

fugged up, i know...but i'm so scared for him...the thought of anything @ all happening to him makes me really emotional.

i think about bush and his secret society, and how he's never gonna back obama because he's BLACK.


Ticia said...

Hey James -

Obama is just an easy person to go with - I like his policies and he brings a fresh breathe of air -

I am sick of the suits!

Standtall said...

I do hope this guy wins

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

is my reason

nikki said...

he's the first president of the u.s. i've ever wanted to have sex with. i'm both ashamed and intrigued.

Don said...

Funny post, although I know you didn't intend it to be funny, especially when it got to the white people part.

of course you make good points about Obama. More than anything I'd like to see him become president and change the face of America, if only for a few years.

I think many people are just tired of the same old same old brand and actions of politics, and feel like Obama can actually change the political de facto.

Abujamaiden said...

Don't forget WHITE people his Mum and Grandparents raised him up not black people so we can't say White people are supporting him simply because of guilt. He just happens to have a father who came from Kenya.

James Tubman said...

@freeman... lol

he aint mine either but i think many of have a wishful thinking attitude about obama

we have to learn to see whats real

and the real deal is big business rules this government

@hey lina simone... not all men are bad lol

hopefully women will believe that one day

@hey babygurl... i wish the best for obama

either way he is going to be the next president whether i like it or not

the reason that white racists hate us has nothing to do with our color

it has everything to do with the fact that are crazy and illogical

to hate someone because they have a different skin color than you is crazy

they should be put in an insane asylum

@hey T... the suits are getting be a little too much huh

he needs to wear some sean john or something

@standtall... i hope he actually does what he says

@big brother... you related to obama?

yall do kind of look alike though

is that your daddy for real lol

@nikki... michelle will hunt you down like a dog lol

@don... i think that him being president will confuse a lot of black people into thinking that this country is getting better for blacks

thats my only problem

@abujamaiden... welcome sis

i love that name lol

he's still seen by everybody in the world as black

and in the US you are a nigger if you got one drop

thanx for stoping by

Buttercup said...

I like the humor with which u wrote u know, u probably shudnt generalize, there might be some whites, even if its just a handful of em, who ACTUALLY want him as their president..

Oh well, enjoyed it all the same!

fantasy queen said...

obama rocks, hes an intelligent and smart fella who thinks beyond boundaries and his optimism is freshness to lots of staleness around 'yes we can'. but not everyones seeing him as that. especially 'some' black people. i mean world over hes got millions of supporters
but hes got to get more credit beyond the looks and the color of his skin, or the fact that hes a loving husband with a picture perfect family....

desperate lady said...

Yeh he.s cool, dnt hav a crush though.
Yoo James, did u use d word nigga? Hmmmmmm things change!

desperate lady said...

Yeh he.s cool, dnt hav a crush though.
Yoo James, did u use d word nigga? Hmmmmmm things change!

James Tubman said...


The great and wondeful DL just stopped by

What a nice surprise

i hope you are doing my sweet

i miss you

i didnt think you still loved me :)

yes yes yes i did use the word so what lol

i never use that word in my everyday interactions wit people

i only used it for its comical effect

this is how a lot of Black american women think lol (at least i think)

stop being a stranger gurl

you know i love it when you stop by

desperate lady said...

Ofcourse I still love u, I missed u more hun. Been readin ur blog but didn't leave comments but decided to 2day.
Lol I saw ur comment on Ade.s blog (, and I realized I kinda missed ya............u have a crush on Ade huh? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

2 of ma fav bloggers...hmmmmmmmmmm! K maybe u dnt hav a crush on her, I just want u 2 hav a crush on her lol, I'm crazy aint I? Lol same ol DL.!

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I think your analysis of Barack resonates with quite a few, but now all African Americans is on target. His public persona is very compelling for many of the reasons you spoke of.

BTW, I just blogrolled you. If you like my blog too, an add would be appreciated.