Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tag I'm It!: I've Been Tagged By tilshopgirl

People who are into giving other people advice don't really like to disclose a lot about themselves.

However, the very elegant, eloquent and extravagent miss tilshopgirl has given me the honorable distinction of being tagged.

So i'll take the challenge, be a man and commence to confess very intimate details that I don't normally tell other people.

Here goes.

#1 I've probably spent well over a thousand dollars on educational lectures for fun.

I love to learn. It doesn't matter what it is. Particularly, I buy lectures on Afrikan history and culture from people you probably never even heard of like Amos Wilson, John Henrik Clarke, and others and I absolutely love them!

I know I suck. But see a lecture from Naim Akbar, Barbara Sizemore or Alexyss Tyler (yes she does lectures) and tell me if it's boring or not!

#2 I'm a descendant of Harriet Tubman.

In Dorchester County, Eastern Shore, Maryland, every year we have a family reunion for 3 days and somebody gives some extra information about her life and the contributions she made to black history. (Cool ain't it)

#3 My favorite channel on cable is Book TV on C-SPAN.

I can't help it man. They talk about everything! They always have people on there from Noam Chomsky to Bell Hooks! It's like a box of chocalates!

#4 My favorite show is modern marvels on the history channel.

Learning about the history of things we take for granted like sugar, salt and televison is so fascinating!
#5 I'm an angry drunk!
The first step to recovery is admitting that you have a problem. I need to go to alcohol anonymous for my 6-8 can habit a week. If I actually go in there telling hardcore alcoholics that I drink 6 beers a week every single one of them would KICK MY ASS!

#6 I know how to cure any incurable disease such as aids, cancer or diabetes!

Please don't hate me for saying this. This is a pretty serious statement, and I know a lot of people might not believe me but if you ever get sick with something mild or serious e-mail me at tubmansolution@gmail.com. Or you can go to google videos and type in Richard Schulze to look at his videos for yourself.

#7 Sometimes I wish I had the courage to audition to be a porn star.

They always have ads in the paper and I definately could use the money. Just to make things clear, i'm not advocating that people do this. Personally I think that it's a disgusting profession. One girl did say however that I would definately get the part! (Sorry!)
Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anybody. I guess it's my turn to tag other people so I tag mr. fezzzzzzzzz, brother Okra Afrika and Miss Jasmine @ Living for Soft Peaches and Pinot Noir...Dei Gratia. Peace!

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TravelDiva said...

WOW on porn star bit.

Very interesting that you're a descendant of Harriet Tubman. How large is the family reunion?

James Tubman said...

it's a little more than a hundred people (probably more than that)

we rent hotel rooms, last year we had a crab feast, it's nice

i don't go that often but i wen't to the crab feast last year

she wasn't my great, great.... grandmother but we know she's related and we visit the place she used to live and she's related somehow.

As for the other thing, well, why not get paid for something you love doing so much!

desperate lady said...

Dude your kidding me? You cure Aids? puuuuuuleeeeaaaaasssseee!
Anyway about the lecture thing...i don't think its bad but your favourite channels....hmmm no comment.
Really, what do you do for fun? And i mean real fun, besides sex.

James Tubman said...

all you gotta do is look at the videos youself

K.Victoria said...

I'm a fan of modern marvels too. I watch it with my little nephew(...yeah he's cool like that).

.. and I'm glad my blog makes you happy. That makes me happy.


James Tubman said...

thank you baby

now i'm even more happy

diary of a G said...

wow very interesting
a descendant of Harriet Tubman is definetly cool

am beginning to get into lectures too...Noam Chomsky name sure comes up from my sources

#6 sounds very interest...thanks for sharing

James Tubman said...

chomsky is the man bro

he talks about government corruption mainly and how terrible the united states is

but after all his bashing he always says that the united states is the most free country in the world

go figure

Ebonne said...

Alexyss Tylor does lectures???

About what... vagina power and penus power??? lmao!

James Tubman said...


the same stuff she talks about on the you tube videos

anonymous gal said...

wow. wow. porn star? at least you are honest.

Tasha said...

I like Modern Marvels too (and Futureweapons on the Military Channel, but that's for another day).

Has your family done the huge family tree to see how everyone is related? That would be quite the project.

fantasy queen said...

got me thinking about the cure bit...uhmmmm, now is that for real?

i love family renuions, well only on the first and second days, then i'm all grumpy and hiding myself away from the clan.

love the history channel too, but it show aint a fave...

porn star? as in P.O.R.N star...dude, thats some wild and crazy thot.

James Tubman said...

to anonymous girl: yeah, but that was a fantasy i had since high school. but anyman can be a porn star just have a nice size wiener and the capacity to ejaculate.

to tasha: now what are you doing liking future weapons. what are you a secret agent or something? No, we haven't put together a big family tree. that's actually one of my goals in the future. thanx for your interst.

to fantasy queen: anything you need holla boo. i like family reunions too but most of the time i don't remember anybody. i actually love the history channel but i wish they had an afrikan history channel so we can learn about our roots BEFORE SLAVERY.as for the last one, yeah, it's a wild and crazy thot. i don't have that thought too much anymore, but everytime i need some money it just seems to pop up for some reason

Afrobabe said...

))Whisper(( If you ever make the porn movie send me a copy.

On a serious note though...u better not...

Hate family reunions,all they ask is if you have found a husband!

That cure thing true by any chance? Have a friend who needs a cure for fixation on penises!!!

James Tubman said...

yeah i got a cure for you

i would have to set up a private consultation to give you an appropriate diagnosis

KreativeMix said...

porn star, huh??? all those lectures must make you really intellectually stimulating......... :-)

Anonymous said...

Such an interesting read... Yeah i feel you, after all Knowledge is POWER and i Love me some....

Family reunion sure is nice ... but i done hate how they all look at me (went back home to Ja for my great grand ma 100th bday) and be like girl why ain't you eating... ignorance is crazy when people expect you to be obese...

TILshopgirl said...

Now don't you feel better that you've opened up about yourself? LOL!!

Are you serious about the drinking thing? The porn star thing caught me too but I'm more concerned with the drinking. At least it's not patron 6-8 times a week.

I think it's AWESOME you are related to Harriet Tubman!

AGREE re more knowledge more power! You're so deep.

simplynuttie said...

Your blog appears to be interesting...will come back for a proper read....
meanwhile, thanks for stopping by.

James Tubman said...

to kreativmix: thanx for the complement

my thing is if your smart nobody can fool you

to trecia: knowledge is power

congratulations to your grandmother

that's a major accomplishment

and just let the family hate they just jealous girl

to tilshopgirl:thanx for thinking about me

i'm glad i finally opened up even though i don't want everybody knowing my business

but you all are special

i just started really drinking about a year ago so i get drunk after only one or two drinks

i piss a lot of people off sometimes because i don't hold my tongue

but if i'm really feeling you being brutally honest is a good thing

desperate lady said...

Time 4 an update Mr Tubman!

Jasmine said...

Ok. How sad is it that I've been so busy I just noticed I got tagged. WOW!!

Sooo...7 random facts about myself?

I can do that...check back soon.

BTW: I LOOOVVEEE going to lectures!

Lola Gets said...

I used to work on the Eastern Shore, and when I would indroduce myself to people, theyd always ask if I was related to Frederick Douglass, lol. Im not, my familys from Tennessee, but its nice to see history being shared and utilized in this modern era.


Bygbaby said...

I saw Na'im Akbar twice last year & he is DYNAMIC!!!

If Alexyss came to my town, I would so be there. She's my girl.

It very cool that you have a direct link to a Black icon. I bet those reunions are nice.


James Tubman said...

akbar really gets you going

MadSoul Sista said...

Harriet's descendant? thats something to be proud of!
i made a post about her a while back

yeah, i dream about being a porn star too... but then i wake up...

James Tubman said...

i just checked the poem

Harriet Tubman did a lot of stuff besides free slaves

She helped to free thousands of slaves not just a little over 300

She built nursing schools in different parts of Maryland

She was a pioneer in so many ways