Sunday, July 6, 2008

How To Tell The True Friends From The Fakers

Got this one from "Get Anyone To Do Anything" by David Lieberman. This 6 part test will basically give you a pretty good idea as to who your real friends are and who the fakers are. If they pass at least 4 out of 6, good. 3 or less, well.

The Respect Test
You tell the person there is something exciting going on in your life but you can't tell just yet. If they are a true friend they will respect you by not prying after you said you would tell them later. The faker will insist that you tell them and they will pry and pry until you can't stand it. POINT: don't tell them that something bad has happened, because they will definately worry about you.

The Loyalty Test
Tell a secret about a friend that you both have and see if it gets back to them. The friend will stay loyal by keeping the secret to herself. The faker will tell others and eventually it'll get back to the mutual friend. POINT: make sure you get the mutual friends permission to tell them the secret first.

The Interest Test
A good friend will always be interested in what's going on in your life. To see if he is a good friend in this regard, tell him something that is presently taking place in your like. The friend will follow up with this event and ask you how its progressing. The faker won't ask you anything about it, they probably forgot about it as soon as you told them. Also ask to see if they remember it after a while.

The Pride Test
Tell your friend about something you recently accomplished. The friend will be proud of your success. The faker will be jealous and they probably won't congratulate you at all.

The Sacrifice Test
When your back is against the wall and you need help, see if she helps you out. A friend will develop a plan to take care of both of yall. The faker will say "to hell with you" and only look out for their own interests.

The Honesty Test
A true friend will tell it like it is regardless of whether it hurts your feelings or not. A faker will only tell you what you want to hear.

Try it out.


One Man’s Opinion said...

I am happy to say that I believe that my friends, except one, meet all six of these qualifications. The one in question I already know so I love her, but I know what to tell her and what not......Interesting that you should right this. Me and my troops were hitting up the drag racers in my sector pretty hard last night. One of my troops started it off by stopping one of the spectators, he was 17 years old. He said that he had followed his friends to the location and they had all left him. My troop really wanted to tow the kids car to the pound and drop him off at a seven eleven to find a ride home. Especially after the kid lied to him about who the car belonged to.

The kid was blubbering like a baby, so I had to get real tuff with him and tell him to suck up his tears and be the grown up he was when he decided to participate in this unsafe sport.

I wasn't going to let my troop tow the kid's car (I don't get down like that), even though he had lied, plus he didn't have a DL. However, I did let the kid think I was and told him to call his "friends" that brought him out there on the phone, tell them that his car was going to get towed and he was going to need a lift home (he lived in a very far away suburb).

Don't you know that his "friends" told them that they couldn't come back because they were already on their way back home and they didn't want to get into trouble like him. You know that ain't cool. I question him on how long he has known these so called friends of him and gave him a speech about true friends not leaving you stuck out like that.

Anyway, I made him get back into the squad car, took my troop to the side and told him not to tow the kids car.

I try to put on a mean ass front when I put on that uniform, but the truth is, I'm a soft touch, but mostly I am fair.

Anonymous said...

I fail this ish.. I know im a good friend.. truth is i ain't got none.. who cares....

Anonymous said...

lol... well who cares really... as long as i'm on the up and up.. it ain't the end of the world... oh yeah... i cut the "friends" off cause them no good...

Cruz said...

I'm pretty solid now. Earlier this year? Pffft. I had a few jokers that would've failed this test no doubt. But I rid myself from them.

Good post

Cruz said...

Oh yeah, good looks on the blog roll! I'll do the same

Lina said...

Funny thing, I am a great friend, but I often choose people as friends who are less likely to be truthful and loyal.

Kayos said...

I've taken this tests 3 times...

Once in High School - I flunked 3 of them.

Once in college - I flunked 2

Once after school - I didn't fail any of them.

I've given this test many times....

Once in college - they failed 3 times.

Many times after school - I'm happy to report that some of them have flunked. Those are the ones I don't have anymore.

It's really amazing how a person intuitively gives this test. It really is useful.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh got this one right!

James Tubman said...

@one man... thanks for sharing that

wish i had cops like that in my neighborhood when i got locked up lol

people let you down man

in this day and age you cant even depend on family sometimes

the best thing you can do is get to know as many people as you can that way when some fail you'll have the others to fall back on...

@d'lee... will you stop it

im sure you have plenty of friends and plenty of people who would like to be your friend

with the blog friends you have you can go to their city or something hook up with them and make a new life for yourself there if you wanted

when you talk to someone on a regular basis they have the potential to be a friend

@cruzin'... you need good friends to let you know what your faults are lol

anybody can be nice to you and say things to stroke your ego

but that good friend can do both when the time is right

a true asset in this day and age

@hey lina... welcome

as long as you are a good friend you'll find others like you

better make sure that you are one though lol

just playin

@kayoticness... how you take the test before you knew about it lol

i guess you can always tell if someone is a good friend

but sometimes the person may tell us things we want to hear without ever having a dissenting voice

its like a fellow blogger when you are on top of the world everyone wants to be your friend

but when you are feeling low all of a sudden you cant get in touch with anyone lol

@mizrepresentationalism... that word has 9 syllables lol

im glad this post met your approval my dear

next time can i get a few more words lol

antipop said...

hey, i have clearly failed the pride test as a friend. and that is not because i did not congratulate my friend the otehr time, but because i said congratulations, but i was clearly jelous of her achievements... i am guilty

Anonymous said...

Of course I knew you were going to say that... it sounds easy but really.... Knowing people and calling them your friends is two different thing...

DetroitRockCity said...

*first timer*

if that aint the truth!!! i really needed this since ive been dealing wit folks that i thought were true.

i wish i would have read this a year ago!

Anonymous said...

I might have to pick up that book to read for myself. Another great book is "How to Read a Person like a book" this is a great book if you really want to make yourself paranoid too.

If the average person really followed those rules you will find out you only have your family and like 3 other people who will pass it.

Ignorance is Bliss so I suggest you think about subjecting people to that test. You might find out no one likes your ass!

James Tubman said...

@k dyme... most people aren't real friends because they don't know how to be

I don't know

you still got me though :D

@welcome miss rock...

I wish I had known this a while ago

if you do this and they fail believe me, you'll be glad that you did it



I've been bloggin for about 9 months and I've seen them vanish without a trace after reading my stuff

its only for the strong and determined

thanx for stopping by and I will definately pick up that book

Muze said...

awww just realized i'm in the 'heavy rotation'. lol.

second... i haven't read yet. just jamming to tenderoni. man that was the jam. lol.

k. be back.

Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...

That was excellent man...Keep them coming

Muze said...

so my right back wasn't exactly right back. but ah well. lol.

this is a good post.

i have friends who would fail and i have friends who would pass. but at least i know where they stand. lol.

i think i would pass this text as a friend.

this sounds like an interesting book. might have to check it out.

Lindah said...

some of my friends would pass this test, especially males.

Don said...

respect test - yep. a true friend will always respect your wishes. always. i pass this test.

loyalty - yep. i continue to learn this each and every day. but i have improved. i also eed to learn to be loyal in what is told to me.

interest test - yep. yep.

pride test - hell yeah. mofo's jealous and ish.

the sacrifice test - no comment. i might start to anger. LOL.

honesty - i don't think anyone is honest anymore. people lie even when they tell the truth.

good ish, tubs.

Don said...

@ muze: so my right back wasn't exactly right back. but ah well. lol. @ least you pass the honest test, after the fact. lmao.

FREEDOM said...

I say be a friend to yourself first and it will be easier to a TRUE friend to others!

nikki said...

i am a crappy friend and this test just proves it.

karrie b. said...

k, so i actually thought about this list...and the friends that i actually consider real friends passed the test.


MysTery said...

You are a faker!!!!!!! Lol, jk.

Ticia said...

Hey! I have great friends - I have narrowed them down greatly - and now I have great company!

rethots said...

Especially love the honesty test, true friends will always express how they feel even when it hurts.

Jaguda said...

true say. i have used some of these in the past and currently

Anonymous said...

should i let a person who i dont like but my friend like come between me and my best friend's relation ship

Anonymous said...

i like my friend who i was friends with him for 10 years