Sunday, June 29, 2008

Another Muzic Tag For That AZZZ!

Sorry lil sis for this but i couldn't resist.

The smart and lovely Kayos tagged me this time.

Love Kayos and her blog, she's a real doll.

This time i have to jot down about seven songs that im really feeling at the moment.

I have no doubt in my mind that this list is going to be weird to a lot of people lol.

I dont listen to popular music unless im in the presence of someone else who listens to it so this will definately seem weird to a lot of yall lol.

But this is what im feeling at the time.

Like the last time, ive done a link to the youtube video for each of the songs i picked.

Hope you enjoy at least one of them, peace!

"List seven songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your spring summer. Post these instruction in your blog along with your seven songs. The tag seven other people to see what they're listening to."

1) Bootsy Collins - Id Rather Be With You (amazing song, bootsy gets real inappropriate at the end lol)

2) Funkadelic - I'll Stay (good cartoon to go with this one, this song sounds creeepy and it really is a testament to how crazy the seventies drug culture was)

3) Stevie Wonder - Flower Power ( just discovered how great some of the songs were on his fairly unpopular album "journey into the secret life of plants," it's a very sooooothing song)

4) Parliament - Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk (dont ask, growing up my father was really into funk music so i guess it just stuck, i like how they put plots in a song, crazy lol)

5) Loose Ends - Hanging On A String ( love british R&B, ive found that the ones who really blow up have more of an appreciation for american music than we do)

6) Oran 'Juice' Jones - The Rain (what can i say about this one, CLASSIC, dont know too much about this guy but i know he was reaaaaaly pissed at his girlfriend lol)

7) Brand New Heavies - Never Stop (song just demonstrates how good people feel when they know that the person they have feelings for feels the same way)

I tag cruz, karrie b, divine blackness, desy, fezzzzzz

Follow the rules and no one will get hurt lol.


Anonymous said...

Its ok... i'm not the only person who stops by so i get it...

Eb the Celeb said...

you cant count... you are suppose to tag 7 people not 5

Muze said...

stevie wonder is an amazing recording artist. imo, he is the greatest ever. that's just my opinion though. lol.

the brand new heavies, another outstanding group. i agree with your assesment of the song, never stop.

James Tubman said...

sorry d lee

I haven't wrote anything on relationships in a while

gotta get back on point

@eb... thanks lol

@muzey... isn't he great


you gotta go to youtube and see his dedication to minnie ripperton

he sung his rendition of her songs perfect angel and loving you


Muze said...

omg i used to watch that oran jones video and CRACK up. like, for real. lol.

i saw you... and HIM!


James Tubman said...

that guy was way too angry lol

he said he was thinking about jumping on them and doing a rambo

its not that serious my brother lol

Don said...

stevie wonder is definitely a musical genius. and 'walking in the rain' is an 80s classic.

the bootsy collins song is on a whole 'nother level.

Kayos said...

I'm so humbled by you right now.

Once tagain, you got me blushin.

I love you're list. A lot of the music you mentioned is along the lines of what I've been listening to lately.

Love it.

Afrobabe said...

Dannng didn't see even one song I know...

Muze said...

lol @ doing a rambo.

i love how he played her at the end. that was sooo funny.

he was a bit angry though. haha.

Desy said...

awww, sweet- i was tagged and didn't even know it... i'm such a blog slacker

i love love love LOVE that bootsy collins song...

your taste is definitely something i could get down with musically...

i honestly have been listening to all haitian and spanish music (language exposure)... but i'll think about doing this tag...*wink* - i kinda wanna know if you'll hurt