Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy One Year Blog Anniversary To Me!


Cant believe ive actually been doing this for a year.

When i first started this blog, i was doing it to see if i could make some money selling relationship information, but since ive been blogging, i havent made any money but you will not believe the kind of stuff that has happened to me ever since i created this blog.

When i look at the shit that ive done since last year around this time it just makes me want to say damn lol.

Within this year i almost got married to a person i met on the internet (actually went to get the rings and get the marriage liscence).

I was homeless for a few months because i got in a fight with my sister and she put me out.

I cured myslef of four different illnesses (one many people believe to be fatal) using almost exclusively herbs and foods.

And i got my own place with the help of some good people.

Im still fucked up in the game but things are looking up.

I gotta tell yall something though.

Im nothing like the person i portray on this blog.

Im a broke ass, baby boy at 27 years old.

I have lived in the ghetto all my life.

I never held a full time job for longer than six months in my adult years.

I am comfortable living below the poverty line for now, so i can go to the libraries and learn whatever i want whwnever i want.

My problem is that i am comfortable where i am.

I dont give a shit about material objects, having a whole bunch of women, or being popular.

I just want to be comfortable.

I have a great desire to help black people to solve our own problems and rid ourselves of the oppression of white and asian men but my desire to be comfortable overpowers that dream.

I am constantly in a state of chaos.

I am painfully insecure about my looks.

I dont wanna do shit and im not mad about that.

Im so used to living under stressful conditions i dont even know if i can function properly in a "normal" situation.

I need some serious help lol.

I cant actually believe im telling yall this stuff.

I hate disclosing personal information about myself unless its positive.

But i pride myself on being smart.

I know and have done things that most people in this world think is impossible.

I should be in jail by now, and i definately shouldnt know what i know.

I have overcome every obstacle that was ever put in front of me.

The only thing left now is to be financially stable and to be a construtive member of society.

I want to thank yall for leaving comments and for making my day brighter with your heartfelt words.

Hopefully i'll be able to do this for a little while longer.

this was my first blog post



Lina said...

Well, wow. Thats one of the greatest things about the internet, you can portray a character, the person you want to be even if you aren't there yet. And you can go to the library at any pay grade, and be comfortable if you know how to live.

Happy Anniversary!!!

James Tubman said...

you always my first lol

im tired of portraying a role thats not really me

through all my trials and tribulations i still like myself

and i think im a cool guy the way that i am

i need to start really believing that

thank you lina

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog Birt-day :-) LOL

jaila said...

bloggin is all about connecting to your readers. Your sharing lets us know that you are real.

And you would be surprised at how much we have in common ;-)

Jarrai said...

The one an only Mr say things heroes are scared to admit...that is courage.

You can be better or am i wrong?...i read through this post and i hear a man with many talents...very rare talents

The brokeness can be solved...take on the fight and fight to be a black man on top...nothing to do with material stuff brother...all to do with the fact that life can tough but we can always win the fight with a lil faith in ourselves. Believe...ok ok...i'll stop preaching lol lol lol

I love your blog because you are honest...sassy but very honest.

As a sister to a brother happy blog anniversary Mr Tubman xxx

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

congrats folk cheers to more years to come

RealHustla said...

Ya know, I had to look at your picture a little closer, cause I think I have a baby by you, LOL.

Now you didn't expect me to say that did you.

What's your plan now?

Happy blogiversery.

None of what you've said here today surprises me at all.

It's so much easier to be yourself, you ought to try it more often.


Opinionated Diva said...

Um WOW...I know it's been a LONG minute since we've chatted, but DIZZAMN talk about shocking a sister. This is the the realist ish I've ever seen you post and I luv it!

First...congrats on the one year anniversary!

Secondly...almost MARRIED?!! Even got the rings and the license but didn't go through with it??!!! Wow. I'm trying to not let my nosy nature take over and I'll leave that one alone.

You've been through a lot of changes this year...hopefully you've learned from the negative things that have happened and they've made you stronger.

fantasy queen said...

happy anniversary jt. i think i'm the only one who let mine pass silently.

it takes a real man to know who he is and admit as much.

i'm glad you started this blog, how else would i have come to know you?

James Tubman said...

@bapalicious... thank you dear

@jalia... i hate being real lol

im real broke and real down and out right now

things are looking up though

and yeah we do have a lot in common

we are water signs lol

@jarrai... i never got sassy before lol

i like that i think

preach all you want sis

i need all the help i can get

you sure do make it easy to be more honest with comments like that :)

@all mi t... thanks brotherman

@a hustler who is really real... its not easy for me

im a fuck up most of the time and i dont want nobody knowing that lol

i guess in order to get over your problems you have to talk about them with people you trust first

maybe that guy sigmond freud was on to something

and i look like your baby father lol

if you want another one i'll see what i can do if the money is right lol

im broke now so i might as well be a giggilo :)

@miss diva... im so happy you stopped by

it makes me happy to see you here

the marriage thing lol that was tough

we kind of rushed into it

i ust wasnt ready


i really did like the gurl but i started to feel myself too much and i think i was thinking about other options that was out there i was missing out on

plus i wasnt ready to change my lifestyle to accomadate this woman

i might have made a big mistake because she treated me better than any woman i ever had

its a shame the way we take things for granted

dont be a starnger

DIVA lol

@queenie anniversareenie...

you shouldn't have let it pass i would have blog sung to you :)

i wanna talk to you soon

ill email you tommorrow

karrie b. said...

i just love how honest you are with yourself and everybody else. i fucks wit it, cause a lot of bloggers cannot say the same about themselves...not even me sometimes.

love you tubby.


James Tubman said...

im trying my sweet

the truly confident person can be honest with themselves and others

its hard sometimes because some people feed on the weaknesses of others

Anonymous said...

lol... wish my bf would see this. now i am so in the mood for goin on a date and gettin compliments!lol

nyc blog

MysTery said...

Lol, you are a mess! Congrats sir!
I hope you find the help you need!



That has got to be some of the REALEST shit I've heard in weeks. For some reason, I wanna thank you for being so honest and let you know that it's appreciated. Even though I don't know you.

Anonymous said...

ha... you will never make any money...

everyone knows all of this is a crock of shit...

who in their right mind would buy relationship advice from someone who doesn't have a relationship themself.