Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who You Are Best Suited For In A Relationship (Acoording To The Zodiac. You Gotta See This One!)

I should have done this a while ago.

Now let me just say this.

I dont believe that astrology is necessarily destiny (ultimately culture is destiny) but i am saying that in the vast majority of cases astrology is on point.

Even if you dont believe in this mumbo jumbo i think its still worth a look.

Without me even knowing it i have been naturally attracted to women who were the sign that i liked.

It's been like a magnetic pull that has naturally drawn me to these women (i dont know why we didnt stay togther though)

anyway, i'm freestyling this post so ill try to do my best in giving you good information.

Here goes!

Genral Overview

Fire signs: Aries, Leo, Sagitarius

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius (i love these people lol)

Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

We all do better with our own type of sign (not necessarily with our same sign, there are exceptions though)

ex. fire signs (sagitarius, aries, leo) go well with other fire signs (sagitarius with leo and aries, leo with aries & sag., aries with leo and sag.)

fire signs go well with air signs (they blend well together to form an inferno)

earth signs go well with water signs (make great mud together)

#1: aries (fire sign) go well with leo, sagitarius, gemini and aquarius (stay away from opposite libra)

#2: taurus (earth sign) go well with capricorn, virgo, cancer, pisces (maybe) (stay away from opposite scorpio)

#3: gemini (air sign) go well with libra, aquarius, leo, aries (stay away from opposite sagitarius)

#4: cancer (water sign) go well with pisces (the soul mates of the zodiac, pisces and cancer) scorpio, taurus, virgo (stay away from capricorn: opposite)

#5: leo (fire sign) do well with sagitarius, aries, libra, gemini (stay away from aquarious opposite)

#6: virgo (earth sign) go well with capricorn, taurus, cancer scorpio (stay away from opposite pisces lol) and one of the few signs that go well with their own sign (virgo)

#7: libra (air sign) go well with aquarious, gemini, sagitarius, leo (stay away from opposite aries)

#8: scorpio (water sign) go well with cancer, pisces, virgo, capricorn (stay away from opposite taurus)

#9: sagitarius (fire sign) go well with leo, aries, libra, aquarious (stay away from gemini)

#10: capricorn (earth sign) go well with taurus, virgo, pisces, scorpio (stay away from cancer)

#11: aquarious (air sign) go well with libra, gemini, sagitarius, aries and aquarious, one of the the very few signs that get along with their own sign (saty the hell away from the leo lol (my sister and her baby father) )

#12: pisces (water sign) go well with the cancer (these two are the soul mates of the zodiac and i swear i am drawn to these women like a mudda suckin magnet!) scorpio, capricorn, taurus (maybe) (stay away from the virgo however out of all the opposites this is the only combination that might actually work though)

So there you have it.

Like i said before this is not an exact science but it has been around for over 5000 years so it must have relevance of some sort.

i hope it helps you to find your soul mate.



Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...

How you been homie...Just working man

James Tubman said...

im hangin in there

your boys looking pretty good man

they gotta get pass the giants though

Lovebabz said...

Stop harrassing my blog Sister Eb, the Celeb.

Act like a man. Be a man. Learn how to be a man.

You want a woman. Change your tactics. I fyoua re lonely...change your tactics. Change your life.

Stop harrassing that Sister. It is so not what strong secure and self aware Brothers do...

James Tubman said...

little gurl

you not only dont know what a real man is

you dont even know what a real woman is

you dont say anything about her calling men bitches all over the blogshere

but when somebody retaliates and makes her feel bad then you are on her side

thats not right

if you are going to condemn me for my so called immature behavior

then you should judge her by the same standrads

and anybody else who is not acting like a so called adult

Lovebabz said...

Do not come back to my blog ever boy.

Hear me and listen closely. Leave me alone. Leave her alone.

Call your mama if you want to whine about Women picking on you.

James Tubman said...

why whine to moms when i can ust get my revenge lol

thats much more fun

Grover Tha Playboy said...

Sounds to Me Like you got a thing
for Eb The Celeb. I can't blame you
..She is fine...but you going about it all wrong playa..You gonna make the girl hate you. Scratch That, you already did that.
You might want to add a little finese to your game next time.
I'm just sayin.

Lindah said...

It is my first time to read star signs, i always skip them when reading magazines and papers.

Thanks for sharing.

James Tubman said...

grover tha playboy... thanx for stoping by

i did like eb as a friend

i never really thought she was that attractive

im just tired of seeing her call men bitches all over the blogshere

the only reason she talks like that is because people let her get away with it

if i have to see her spewing her hatred all over the blogshere

then she is going to get checked plain and simple

she needs to be humbled

thanx for stoping by

lindah... thanx for your comment sweetheart

you might want to look at it a little closer

actually the signs were developed not too far from where you are in uganda

right along the nile river from egypt to kenya

the history is fascinating

Obama Mama said...

Ok.... I'm gonna actually comment on the blog you posted...

Thats pretty cool, but I can't remember ever dating anyone I'm suppose to be zodiacatrically(I just made that word up, I think) attracted to. The two longest relationships I had, one was with a libra like me, we were too much a like, we couldn't make a damn decision or come to a conclusion to save our souls.The only reason we broke up is cause we moved out of town together and then I just up and moved back home one day when I realized this would be the perfect way out of a relationship I didn't have the heart to end and neither did he. I never heard from him again. my husband is a virgo. I love my husband to death, but sometimes I sit back and wonder how in the hell we end up together, stay together, and do pretty well together, other than our common culture we're like night and day. I guess an air sign like me needs somebody to weigh me down to earth, get my head out the clouds and make a friggin' decision already. lol.

James Tubman said...

i can see why thats working with you

even though you two might not have that many things in common the virgo grounds you like you said and hopefulluy makes the tough decisions for you

you are lucky

many women dont have that luxury

Nita said...

Good topic. I have been interested in astrology for quite some time now. I mainly attract fire signs which I cannot develop the emotional interest in them. I like passionate, free, romantic relationships that don't suffocate me as I am an artist and need space. I tend to have a strong attraction to earth and water. There is more to astrology than the sun signs you have to take into account the other planetary aspects. A man is usually attracted to the type of woman who are like the sign placed in a man's Venus and the woman is attracted to the man like the sign in her Mars. My Mars is in Aries, which mean's not only am I passionate and adventurous but I also like strong, independent, dominant men who speak their minds.

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