Sunday, February 22, 2009

An exclusive interview with me done by my home girl fantasy eyes.

The great and wonderful fantasy eyes gave me the pleasure of interviewing me with a series of questions.

I had to take some time to really think about what i would say but i believe my thoughts acurately reflect my answers given.


1. What is the one thing you regret most in life?

That is a question that didnt require any thought from me at all.

The one thing i regret most in life is not hiring a good financial planner to help me manage my money.

There have been rare times in my life where i actually made a good deal of money but then blew it within a short period of time because i was careless with it.

If i had a personal financial planner to stay on my butt, then i would have made some good choices with my money and i probably wouldnt be as broke as i am today.

2. Describe the most memorable day of your life so far?

This is going to sound corny but the most memorable day of my life so far was when i won a black history contest at my old school.

At a college i attended in baltimore they had a black history contest and the winner was going to get 200 dollars.

I needed money for my rent and i thought i knew a good deal of black history so i decided to test my luck and enter the contest.

When i arrived i saw over a hundred people had entered the contest and i was like "yo" lol.

They could have teams too (up to 4 people on a team so i was like yo this is going to be hard).

I tried to join and they wouldnt even let me be on a team by myself lol.

So i pleaded and pleaded and they finally let me on the show.

It was well over a hundred people competing for that money.

It was sororities competing for the money, the psychology club was on their competing.

And i asked a few people could i be on their team and they said no.

So the game got started and there was all these people in the audience with clickers in their hands to answer the questions on the screen.

i knew almost all of the answers because i won a black history contest when i was in grade school.

It came down to only a few people at the end.

It was the first group to get to one hundred wins.

I went against a whole sorority.

I looked up and the score was 90 to my 60.

I knew i had to answer everyting else so i answered the last 3 questions as quickly as i could and it was tied 90 to 90.

The last question came up and no one answered it (and i had to scream on the sorority girls because they were getting the answers from the machine equipment and telling the person answering the questions what to say).

So the next question came up they still didnt answer it, i knew the answer, so i shouted out SAMMY DAVIS JR. (that was the answer lol).

The guy paused then he shouted YOU JUST WON THE 2004 MTV BLACK HISTORY CONTEST!

I was fl;exing my muscles.

I hugged the guy who gave me the money.

That was a VERY emotional experience that i will never forget.

3. What are you afraid of and why?

Well i guess im going to have to bear my soul for this one.

I think the thing i fear most is being alone without someone to love.

I think that the only way i can be a true man is if i have a woman on my side.

If im not in a relationship or talking to a woman to advance it further i feel like i am incomplete.

I guess thats why i am so afraid to ask women out because deep down inside, when i am rejected by a woman i feel like i am not worthy of love.

I feel like i have to please women and be accepted by women in order to feel good about myself.

It's sad and it makes me look like a weak pathetic loser but i think that is the stimulus behind my worst fear.

4. How would you solve the economical problems of our nation?

What a great question.

First of all, many of us have finally accepted the fact that we cant depend on a job to support ourselves for the rest of our lives.

Because it could be lost very easily.

So the question is how do you get more money from different sources.


See fanatsy, we are living in the information age and there are many people who will spend TONS of money to get information they can use to advance a hobby, their career, raising their children etc (this is why we go to college and spend thousands of dollars in the process).

If you can solve a vital problem that many people are having in their lives you can make lots of money.

When it comes to solving our plights as a people every black person over 10 should be able to read and write proficiently and they need to be selling something on a day to day basis in some market to somebody.

this is the only way we will get ahead as a people.

and by the way this is what george "dubba ya" bush said when he was in office.

He said the road to prosperity and wealth in this country is through entrepreneurship.

So if this si the case why dont we have more learning institutions in our neighborhoods teaching us how to be financially independent in the worst downturn in the economy since the great depresion.

Ill share my level of knowledge with my fellow blog memebers later on down the road but to make a long story short we all have to sell some kind of valuable information to somebody.

And not only can we sell inofrmation to people in this country but also with the advent of the internet and technological resources, we can sell to people all over the world.

Like in places like afrika for example.

Afrika is being rampaged with all types of ailments, AIDS, Guinea Worm, Malaria etc.

They have extreeme poverty.

They have many problems with running their governments.

Look at the knowledge afrikan amerikans have in this country.

We have doctors, mba's, phd's, politicians, business people.

We have everything we need to help our motherland to get over these and other problems.

And we can sell this information and make a profit as a result.

We need to focus our attention on how we can sell our expertise.

Once we do this we will be financially independent as a race.

5. What is one thing people should know about you, that they don't?

Why you wanna know lol.

I dont know fantasy.

Maybe i do.

I want everyone to know that i have started an organization called AMOS Solutions based off of the first name of my favorite intellectual figure Dr. Amos Wilson.

The acronymn "AMOS" stands for Afrikan Must Operate In Solidarity.

It's an organization that has as its central goal the total liberation of afrikan people around this globe.

We plan to thoroughly do everything i mentioned in my post "this is my blueprint for black empowerment" and more (we are serious people who are dedicated to a serious purpose).

We would appreciate donations from anyone who wants to see black people get over the illnesses that we have in our community and be independent of outside rule and exploitation.

I will be putting a paypal donation link up soon to accept contributions from people who want leaders who are working on solutions to our political, relational, spiritual and economical problems.

All donations will be documented and an email will be sent to the contributer to tell them exactly how the orgainzation has spent their money.

Thank you fantasy eyes

Check her out at


Millioniare Maker said...

Most interview tips are genuinely based on common sense, but it never hurts to look through some tips to make sure you haven't overlooked anything.

LG said...

hi mr.tubman, its been a minute :)
hope u r doing gud

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u will be on the air waves next

lulu said...

awww tubby, you are a good man....

Tia's Real Talk said...

That was kewl James. I have some questions:

1, Have you ever had your heart broken? If so, how did you handle it?

2, What's your most embarrassing moment?

3, Ever dated or met a female blogger? Who?

Anonymous said...

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