Monday, October 27, 2008

How to complement a person on a date!

This is a continuation of the post i did on how to seduce a woman.

This comes from dating for dummies from joy brown and its a good one.

What To Complement

Hair: women complementing men: thick, shiny, wavy, healthy; nice cut, attractive color. dont mention receding hairline, early graying, or dandruff.

Hair: men complementing women: same but dont touch without asking. Be careful about noting an unusual color, and never say "dye."

Eyes: both men and women: bright, clear, beautiful, expressive, warm, laughing, and sensitive. Avoid sexy until the third date.

Neck: women complementing men: mention only if he has a neck like a wrestler

Neck: men complementing women: mention only if its long and slender

Clothing: women complementing men: tie: cut, color, style, socks (but dont lift his pant leg without asking).

Clothing: men complementing women: complement the ensemble (i dont even know what that means) or fabric, but dont touch. Avoid talking about shoes.

Smile: women complementing men: charming, handsome or alluring

Smile: men complementing women: warm, engaging, or sweet

Teeth: both men and women: note shiny or white, but not big, dangerous or sharp lol.

Body Parts: both men and women: dont mention not even if they have big muscles

Personality: women complementing men: compliment macho men on their sensitivity and sensitive men on their masculinity

Personality: men complementing women: complement beautiful women on their brains and smart women on their beauty
i trust her skills.
she's been in the game for a long time so i believe her strategies work
and plus i've tried some of hers anyway and have gotten great results when i have had the confidence to use it.
hope it works.


Standtall said...

Nice one. Complimenting both sexes become more really and sweeter when it's straight from the heart and it's real

Lindah said...

James, I complimented a guy once, he thought i had a crush on him. He is still insisting on us dating. I am now careful with sending compliments.

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Lindah...
I keep my mouth shut when dude is attractive.. Last I want for him to assume i'm one more of those females whos going to feed his ego...

but James... U better put this to work if you wanna get your girl!!! I'll be waiting to hear how it went... lol... Yep all up in your business like you up in mine.. :D

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

teach the youth

Muze said...

lol. i agree.

esp the smart/beauty one.

and the sensitive/machoism one

hope all is wonderful jamesy! lol.

karrie b. said...

how do you know all this stuff?

now i'm thinking about taking you up on that marriage proposal.


James Tubman said...

@standtall... a person would be a fool to complement someone if they really didnt believe it was so

people can see through you a mile away

@lindah... lol

i would be careful myself

you never know who you might atract

whats your sign by the way lindah

@koffeedyme... wow

its such a surprise you're single lol

it's nothing wrong with making a person feel good about themselves with a nice kind word

the truly confident, INDEPENDENT person loves to complement people and make them feel good

and as for shorty

im no longer interested

i got my eyes on another hottie lol

@torrence... im trying my brotha

i gotta teach myself too

@muzey... i think that is a brilliant strategy

they will definately appreciate it more

even if they dont think you are being sincere they will appreciate the thought

people want to be lied to anyway

@babygurl... im really into self help

when i do the things i teach normally it works


if you arent engaged by the time you're 25 we'll see :)

Anonymous said...

Its a surprise i'm single huh? even if i fed a mans ego i'll still be single. I just decided to let it go.. 23 is still too young to be stressing a man... in due time so all is good.

wow i'm koffeedyme now? interesting.

lulu said...

i compliment andtell guys what i reallythink of them if they are cute or nice or whatever and then ruuuuunnnn very fat if they think am coming onto them,its funnier watching them run(just being cheeky) and you are so right on men complimenting and not touching, CANT STAND A MAN TOUCHING ME AT ALL UNLESS AM COMFY WIT HIM first date third or after two years!

Obama Mama said...

I like that.

Especially don't touch the hair without asking, especially a black woman. You might pull back a nub it you touch a black woman's hair. lol.

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