Monday, December 17, 2007

7 Responsibilities Every Man Has To Fulfill In Life

Manhood isn’t something that automatically comes with having a penis. No! Males have to be taught how to be “real men.” Real men can’t fall easily to temptation. They have to strive past their personal desires because the life of the race depends on it. In most ancient Afrikan societies the males were separated from the community, brought into the bush for months sometimes years at a time so they could be taught how to be worthy men. Where in our neighborhoods do we receive adequate manhood training?

These are the 7 basic guidelines that all men should follow

1) Men Must Master the Resources In Their Communities

No self-respecting group of men (none) lets another group of men control their neighborhoods, their real estate, their businesses, the wealth and the policies in that community. Period!

2) Men Must Master Their Ability to Provide For Their Families

Men have to be the main providers for their families. In order to do this they have to learn how to accumulate wealth and capital. They have to learn how to save and invest that capital and they have to give it away not only to their wife and children but anyone who needs it in the community.

3) Men Must Master Their Capacity to Seduce and Win a Wife

Men must learn how to treat a woman, how to seduce a woman, how to make love to a woman and how to love with responsibility. They must also learn how to negotiate with women so that both parties get what they need and how to groom themselves so that they are acceptable to women.

4) Men Must Procreate and Ensure the Best Future Possible For Their Children

Men must learn how to raise children from a man’s perspective. They must learn how to cultivate and enhance the self-esteem of their children. This is the most important lesson of all. Children cannot grow up to be successful and happy adults if they have low self esteem.

5) Men Must Master The Military Control Of Their Communities

Any police officer can shoot and kill any member of our community with impunity. They don’t mind doing it because they get a paid vacation when they do so. We have to create a security force with our own weapons, our own strategies and tactics, our own internal protection against any group of men who unfairly assaults any member of our group.

6) Men Must Master the Educational Systems in Their Communities

It is the job of the adult men to teach the young men and boys what they need to know in order to survive. If they let another group of men decide what they should know then they are their slaves.

Men must be trained to be intellectually astute and instinctively smart. They must control their own minds so that they can use them against their enemies.

7) Men Must Master Their Ability to Deal with Pain

Pain is a major part of life. Often pain is visited on men by other groups of men who seek to take their wealth. Men must be taught how to adequately deal with the pain of life and not run from it. They must learn how to face it frontally and push past it in order to win. Men must have wining against other men as their central reason for being.

When you look at the group of men who are on top of this world today (Western European Males (American, French, British, German) and South East Asian Males (Chinese, Japanese, Korean)) you will see, for the most part, they follow these rules to a T. BLACK MEN, if we want to live to see another century and if we want a safe and prosperous world for our women and children then we have to strive to live out these responsibilities and master them.

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Anonymous said...

This is a GREAT read. When will this happen? I know it should start at home, the elder teaching the younger men, boys, all 7 responsibilities... however We cannot expect it to be effective right away but its a start.
I know there are many men out there who are eager to learn but they are lacking role models...and so forth, Its time men take back their roles and stop those blk on blk bs...

WhozHe said...
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WhozHe said...

I agree with your 7 guidelines. The problem I think lies in the education and upbringing of our young men. Boys lacking effective father figures grow up learing from other boys trying to discover manhood on their own. I believe boys without a father often feel the deck is already stacked against them and may not try as hard or give in to status quo. Without someone promoting proper male responsibilities our community suffers.

Every house with a young man under their roof should post your 7 guidelines and teach them daily.

James Tubman said...

to trecia: this can happen tommorow if we wanted it

the question is how bad do we want a change in our communities

i would like to see things get better but i feel i'm not in the right mind set to help bring about change

we do need role models though

thank you for your heart felt comments lil sis

to whozhe: education is a major problem

but i don't necessarily think that having a father in the home is destiny

in ancient times the responsibility of training young males to be men was done by the responsible males of that society

the father was off hunting and fighting wars so he couldn't give his son his full attention

that's when the uncles, cousins, grandfather and others stepped up

we forgot our extended family roots

and we need to create a world class educational system so when we send the boys to school, we'll know they'll have plenty of models

thank you

Divine Blackness said...

I agree 100% with whozhe's sentiments. It's hard to BE a man if you don't have a good example.

Nicole said...

Nice list James. There's so much involved in bringing about that change; we don't believe like we used to, we've forgotten our ancestries, we don't work together, the society's more materialistic and individualistic...and on, and on. But if one man reads your list and accepts the challenge, you've started a ripple effect.

diary of a G said...

absolutely great post
am taking note

you know what kills me? most Hustlers today are brave but too ignorant
but If you take a closer look these
Hustlers could have been the frontal leaders of our communities
becos I believe the strenght of a hustler and also his leadership
are worthy skills just put to the wrong use

that use the first thing that came to mind after reading the first guideline
Think about it!!!

eddiie said...


I think i would disagree at all...Perfect..

Am in here for my very first time and i think i already have a ticket to be dropping by every now and then....

A VIP ticket it is...


lindwee said...

True Tubman,
I am waiting for the post on women.

James Tubman said...

divine blackness: models are essential, i don't believe that they necessarily have to be in your life

most of the people we model we see on TV, movies or on the streets somewhere

nicole: my queen

change sometimes takes a long time but with the technology we have and with the skills base we have in our communities we can change over night

angela davis said that all great movements start with the raising of consciousness

i suggest having a major educational facility in every black community all over this nation

if we have a place that WE control we can teach our people whatever we want

diary of a g: man you are so right about this one

i have so many cousins who hustled and most of them are fearless

while you hustle you learn how to handle money and calculate at a fast rate, you learn how to read people, you learn how to operate under stressful and dangerous conditions

perfect skills training for future business leaders

(they probably shouldn't put this on their resume though)

eddie: keep comming back brother

lindwee: we'll see about that one

i really gotta do my research because the sista's will let you know if you got it wrong

Ebonne said...

Very good stuff... didnt know that men has to master seducing a woman

Thanks for stopping by my spot and letting me know that I'm fine just the way I am... much love!

desperate lady said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm Tubman Tubman, another sexy ass post. Have you fulfilled this 7 responsibilities?
I don't think you have to have a good example to be a man, i know some men that grew up without fathers and some who even grew up with suckers as fathers but that actually made them stronger and very responsible. You get to be a man if u want to, some lousy men need to stop looking for excuses, it's very easy.
Get a job and get a life.....hope one of my exes see this.
Good jod Tubman!!!!!!!

desperate lady said...

uumm james, i was wondering if u can take off that word verification thingy, i've been tryin to figure out its function and i cant think of any, only that its a waste of time.
I'll be satisfied if my request is granted. Thanks hon!

Opinionated Diva said...

Great post. I think we all know what Black men and even Black people as a whole must do, but the greater question is how to make it happen?

I think out of everything, #7 is most important.

tai said...

1. agreed whole-heartedly. i hope this applies to ALL those who would have negative affects on the black community, regardless of colour. we are most times our OWN worst enemies in many black communities.

2. on point.

3. true this, but goes both ways.

4. i think we have the "procreation" aspect down pat. it's the actually raising that we fall horribly short on.

5. this is the ONE that i could possibly have issues with. tho i hate the police with a vengeance, i still know that we bring much of the shit they do to us by our own actions or those within our ranks. if we cleaned up our own lives, i'm very confident we'd have far fewer negative interactions with po-po. we gotta clean our own homes.

6. without a doubt, this point is perhaps most key. too often we either ignore the importance of an "education", or belittle those who attain one themselves. in THIS world, it is HIGHLY essential to have some type of formal education in order to increase the odds of being successful in life AND ensure a better chance for the same for the family as well. too often i hear of the "hustlin'" mentality, where the "uneducated" man does what he has to do to get by, but is that the way we really need to go? there is a definitive need for "street smarts" as well, but is it not possible to have all of the above?

7. on point.

good post my brotha, i'll be coming by here on the reg.......guidance.

GERALD said...

thanks for stopping by ma' blog...
I will keep on visiting ur too...
but now i will break off for x-mass

sunsail said...

any advice for us women?? :) I shared this with my bf, who is not black, and he agreed wholeheartedly with everything you said. and so do i, as a matter of fact.

Now, i just gotta make sure i'm a good role model and make some babies!!! :)

Don said...

First off, put me down for a woman w/ intelligence.

Great, great post. Damn good post. I enjoyed the read so much that I ended up reading it twice. It was that insightful.

1) Although I don't see how black men can control their own commmunities, especially when so many black men (maybe even the majority) are a part of the prison system, addicted to drugs, convicted felons and/or stuck in a slave mentality.

2) This is the truth, the real truth, and nothing but the truth. I read an essay recently about the devastating role that lack of fathers play in the complete demise of the family structure - it leads to other detrimental aspects such as teen pregnancy, bitter mothers, drug abuse, incorrigible teens, etc.

3) Although I think it takes two, here. The woman must be able to receive and, at times, become passive towards the good and gentle man.

4) Wholeheartedly agreed.

5) I am sure you saw what happens whenever a group of black men take on a militia-type role.

6) Wholeheartedly agreed. Everything begins in the mind. Knowledge is definitely the key to faithfully overcome each and every struggle.

7) Once again, I completely agree with this. I fall short when it comes to pain, but I'm getting better at accepting "ish."

Bygbaby said...

my first time here & wow! this was great & agree with you, especially on knowing how to get & keep a good woman & kids!


BloggersDelight said...

Thank you for coming by our blogspot and taking the time to leave a comment.

Lovebabz said...

I think there is a lot to what you post however "We" are not monolithic and this collective sense of community has taken on mythical proportions. I think these 7 principles work well for individual Brothers/Men who are more than self actualized. However for those who haven't gotten to the "Who Am I and What is my Purpose" point in their lives and have answered same; this might be a hardsell especially in the face of competing rap videos,rap lifestyles, rap foolishness in general; celebrity worship and of course--the universal defintion of success--(Big money, Lots of Honey and no regard for anyone else on the planet). I think you are onto something and perhaps it could be taught--but you have to have enough willing folks to go at it 24/7 I am not a pessimist---quite the contrary, I am a hopeless romantic optimist and I am desperate for anything that speaks to positive influences for people of color--all over the world. What is happening in our communities is not unique to our communities---Paris, France is having a lot of drama with young(Black)people--think Detroit
1960's...but I digress.
Yep, I like your post--I just took the long way home to tell you!

One Man’s Opinion said...

I'm sorry it took me a life time to respond to this, but better late than never. I enjoy the Seven Responsibilities Every Man Has To Fulfill In Life. It's funny too, because just this morning, at work, we kind of touched on a few. I can's say that I whole heartedly agree with you on all seven, but I do think you made some very valid points. Plus, I love the idea of making men understand that there truly are responsibilities that come with that thing swinging between their legs. Responsibilities that we should except and pass on.

Mizrepresent said...

I think that you are very intuitive...and your thought process is something to be desired. I am glad so many brothers tune into u and can learn from your musings. Best of wishes to you.

diary of a G said...

happy holidays dude....looking forward to read an update

James Tubman said...

i'm sorry i haven't been able to respond to you all but for the last week i've been in a bind

i can't tell you how much i appreciate your heartfelt feelings about this post

i will be by each of your blogs soon and i hope that you all got something from it


fantasy queen said...

compliments of the season dude...have a wonderfully blessed newyear!

Olamild said...

Happy NEw Year

Poetic Goddess Tara Shenéa said...

Wow! You are full of insight and wisdom. You have gained a fan and frequent visitor. Great read! *wink*

desperate lady said...

I stopped by to find out if ur alright and just saw ur comment. Well wateva d issue is, be careful aight.
Happy New year.

Eb the Celeb said...

Yessir... you've been tagged... check out RBW to find out what you have to do!

diary of a G said...

came back 4 more

anonymous gal said...

great post. i am emailin it to all the men i know plus a few women.

James Tubman said...

@to my nubian goddess ebonne... winning a wife is necessary because evry man needs a woman to be whole

@dl... you are really starting to interest me

no black man on earth has fulfilled these responsibilities because other people still control our communities, our nations and our destinies

either you're free or you're a slave

i'll try to see about the verification thingy

@op diva... in order to do anything you have to study people who have done what you are trying to successfully

@tai... if we don't at least attempt to defend our communities from those who kill us at their own discretion we can never trully be called men

@sunsail... women are good for so many other things then making babies as for the one on black women, i'm working on it

@don... many organizations throughout our history have been successful in changing black men from bad to good especially the nation of islam

they have and still do take men out of prison and change them into righteous, upright, beanpie slinging brothers

malcolm x said he committed every crime known to man and only a few years out of prison he was lecturing at harvard, yale and oxford


@lovebabz... black people might not be monolithic in terms of their likes and dislikes but we are all monolithic on the things in life that are most important

such as we all want to live, we want a safe place for ourselves and our kids, we all want to own something, we all want food and shelter

history has proven that in order to ensure your survival on earth the men of the group have to do these things

if you don't believe me get "manhood in the making" by david gilmore

@one man's op... there are responsibilities

don't blame me blame god

@mizrepresent...thank you cutie wootie

@to anonymous... thank you for that kind gesture

i am so glad that you've taken an interest in what i have to say

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