Tuesday, October 14, 2008

How To Seduce A Woman. (Ironclad Techniques That Make You A Walking Chick Magnet)

Reading, my friend, is fundamental lol.

I've always had trouble in this department because i have always been scared of rejection.

i'm getting over it now because with knowledge comes power.

the power to control your own destiny.

these are time tested shots of wisdom that psychologists have dont studies on and many of the techniques just stem from common sense.

The problem might be, when you are actually in that situation, the anxiety can overwhelm us to the point that we loose focus on how to use these techniques.

some guys dont need these if they are attractive (actually you still do if you want to go further than just talking), but i need all the help i can get lol.

so here are some techniques that work wonders (these are some ive actually tried and suceeded with).

1) You Need To Look Your Best:

Of course you dont have to have a suit on or whatever. But you should definately need to have your hair straight, be well groomed, have good hygeine (extreemly important), and have trendy clean looking clothes (you dont want to be too trendy though that might make you seem immature). You should have a good cologne or some oils or something (unforgetable by the bluff daddy (p. diddy) is good, or that micheal jordan one works wonders (i've heard). Have some nice shoes, nice watch and just try to look your best.

2) You Need To Present Yourself In A Non Threatening Manner:

Many women are freightened easily and most keep their guards up when meeting strangers so you have to show yourself to be harmless (even for the ones who claim to like the thugs lol). You accomplish this best by showing those pearly whites (smiling) letting her know that there is nothing to worry about. I'm just a happy, safe guy who would like to talk to you. Also avoid sexual comments or gazing at her body at all times (this is a turn on for some women).

3) You Must Be Charming, Letting Her Know That You Like Her:

According to Robert Greene (48 laws of power) in his book "The Art of Seduction," he says attracting anybody to you (including women) involves 10% projection of success, 10% appearance, 10% intelligence, and 70% charm. Charm is basically letting someone know that you feel good about them without asking them for anything (think about that). When talking to her make eye contact (dont stare). There was a study done where a men and women who never saw each other gazed in each others eyes just for two minutes and that alone ignited attraction in and of itself. So make sure you look her into the eyes and not at the breast lol.

4) You Must Stimulate Her Brain Intellectually:

Engaging her mind is a key component to making her like you more (trust me). You have to make her think. Do this by asking her what she thinks about current events or certain topics. This shows that you value her opinion and this is good. Avoid talking about sex, sports, ex-girlfriends (my problem), cars and stuff like that.

5) You have to be EXCITING and SPONTANEOUS:

You have to make her adrenaline rush without scaring her. You also need to be in the moment. Women are emotional beings (so are men but thats another story) and you need to hook her emotionally in some way. If you do this she will be addicted to you.

6) You Have To Act Like A Gentleman:

You have to know proper dining and socializing etiquette (im from the hood so im still learning, they have books on it though and the best thing to do is ask a woman who is socially knowledgable). Its not just opening doors and bringing flowers, you have to be polite as well.

7) You Have To Know How To Complement:

This goes with charm. I'm at the library and i left my book home on that lol. As soon as i go home i'll post that because we need to know what to complement and what not to complement and how to go about doing it.

That's all i got.

If you got something better, holla back.

i need some serious help.

One more thing, before engaing the woman take 4 deep breaths so you can be more relaxed (if you got it take 4-5 capsules of st.johs wort at least an hour before time or take 2 pinches of lobillia (this works better). When taking the breaths breath in counting to 4, hold it for 4 seconds, then breath out for 4 seconds.

Also, you can look in the mirror and say im the man 50 times and say i love you 50 times too.

I guess it wont do any harm lol.


Lina said...

Aight then James...I like this alot. You get props and love from me homeboy.

Lindah said...

An interesting kit for men.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i must be a walking chick magnet then LOL

LG said...

just finish copying :-)
lolllll@..im the man 50 times

RealHustla said...

Like this post.

But if I catch somebody in the mirror saying "you the man", or "I love you" 50 times, that's going to be a sign that he has serious issues, LOL.

Got some tips for you, to enhance this list. I shouldn't be letting my secrets out, but I want everybody to find love so I'm butting in.

2) Not too much teeth when you smile. This used to work on me big time, but then I realized that it was just a trick to manipulate my acceptance of his asinine behavior and started to resent his smile. This could be just me, but then again... All I'm saying is not to abuse this technique too much.

4) Talking about the ex is the biggest no-no. You do not want to start a new relationship by telling that person you have baggage. Big danger sign for her to run the other way.

And oh yeah, some of us still like fast cars. Use this fact with caution.

5)"and you need to hook her emotionally in some way."

All you need to do is find a baby or toddler and say, "ahhhhhhh he's/she's soo cute." That's all, nothing else. You got her. Don't ask me any more questions about this.

6) If you lack or were never taught etiquette, play it safe and avoid taking her to mom and pop corner joints in the hood at first. You can research prices of restaurants online so you'll be able to take her to a place you can afford. Branch out, it'll be okay. Flowers show you wanted to impress, but don't bring at first if you don't plan on keeping this up. When you don't keep it up, it shows you're lazy or don't care as much, or she'll find some negative reason to remind you of when you brought flowers.

7) Here's a freebee complement: "You're so smart."

Your welcome, LOL.

James Tubman said...

thanx everybody

real hustla

you are woman

good stuff

it reminds you that if you want to know something all you have to do is go right to the source

really appreciate your input

Anonymous said...

lol.. love your personality.. u already know... but yeah don't let rejection stop you.. thats your problem!

oh you have to include not telling females about ur gross toes.. thankgoodness u don't wear those men slippers :D

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Make her laugh.

simeone said...

i should say big thanks for this bro...we learn everyday and like u said knowledge is power..the mirror bit is funny tho..

Anonymous said...

I have one that works for me usually and that is..

Be about something bigger than yourself. You have to make her feel she is truly around someone special. Make her proud of the type of man you are.

Other than that I like the top 7. I can roll with those..

Muze said...

okay, lol @ saying i love you to the mirror. hahaha.

but overall, i think they are good tips.

just be enjoyable. exciting. intelligent. complimentary, passionate. mysterious. did i say intelligent?

just be THE MAN. and you will have whomever you want.


Muze said...

but you know... before i leave the house everyday i look in the mirror and say 'work it, girl.' lololol.

makes me feel better instantly.


so maybe you're on to something. lol.

James Tubman said...

@koffee dyme... my toes are getting better

i dont have that nasty fungal infection anymore

now you can suck on em for me lmao

i know im gonna get some slack for that

and you are so right

im terrified of rejection

im getting over that though

preciate you stoping by

@kepp it trill... thats right

making her laugh is agood way to get her excited

i find that self-deprecating humor always gets it

whenever i talk about the most embarassing experiences i had they always laugh

but after a while they start to see me purely as an idiot lol

so that might not work unless you do it in a way that doesnt make you look like a complete dumbo

thank you kitty (meow lol)

@welcome simeon...

the i love you thing may be cutting it a ltittle too close

i dont think too many brothers will go for that

thanx for stoping by

@freeman... that is a great approach

that will definately get her excited lol (for women who really like that)

you dont want to take yourself too seriously though

you have to be able to laugh at yourself somethimes

because confident people dont mind showing their real self warts in all

im glad you liked them

i need to stop procrastinating about number 7

@muze... im taking notes

you've wraped up a lot of good tips with just a few words

good stuff muzey

i hope i didnt make you uncomfortable leaving those sex laced messages i used to leave on your blog

i didnt mean to freak you out lol

sometimes my perve mentality comes to the surface lol

i need to get rid of some aspects of that

Ticia said...

Sounds good to me!!
I need a man to follow these rules - they make sense to me :)

I wrote a new post today - gimme some advice!

Tia's Real Talk said...

so good so far. But please don't smutha her, give her space and time to miss and think of you. We do like a chase too. Don't be a cake daddy so early.

lulu said...

God! every man should read this... goodness i am sooooo turned off by guys whose hands never stay by their side when they are out with a woman, and i dont understand this whole ... ' i like you...am in love with you' when you met me 10 minutes ago!!! guys! eh! great post

karrie b. said...

i think number 4 on this list is the most important to me. if you can mentally make love to me, you'll have me in your grasp forever. oh, and number 7 is key too.

sue me, i'm a leo.


MysTery said...

Lol, sounds like a good start.

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