Friday, February 8, 2008

I Love Playing Tag

I've been tagged by my man bygbaaaaaaaaaby. My homeboy from Detroit called me out so I guess i'm going to have to agaonizingly give some more details about my personal life (sigh). But it's all good this will give me some time to put up a real post lol. One more time.

#1 - I am a real ghetto intellectual lol

I don't know what that term means but I have lived in the poorest areas in the inner city of Baltimore all my life. It was rough growing up poor because there are so many things you want growing up that you can't have. Instead of going to foot locker or some other big store I had to go to the goodwill (cue the violin music lol). My mother grew up in a middle class family with politicians, doctors, lawyers so she still tried to make sure I went to the best public schools possible. She took me to the library as a young kid and had books all around the house about african history and culture. The poor woman would work two shifts to see that we always got a place to stay and food to eat (i'm tearing up just thinking about it). She was mean as hell but I can see now why she was like that. Even though she's crazy as hell I still love her.

#2 - I used to stay outside till 2 am in the morning (in the summer)

If my mother saw this she would kill me lol. My cousins lived right down the street and we were real cool with the other kids on the block so we would stay out to the wee hours of night playing games like freeze tag, hide and go seek, or red light green light. I guess the parents didn't mind becasue we never left the street (even though I wasn't always innocent with the girl that lived down the street lol). But those times were sooooooooooo fun. I feel sorry for the kids now because many of them will never experience that kind of joy.

#3 - I've been in every club and in every off brand sport possible in high school

I was in Air Force ROTC (color guard, rocket club), debate team, wrote for the school newspaper, Boys II Men (mentoring group), student ambassador, captain of the track team, wrestling team, lacrosse and cross country team (just to name a few lol). I was so pre-determined to be a geek, and for some strange reason I actually thought I was so cool lol. I was a Jack of all trades and a master of none of them lol.

#4 - I was crazy in school until i got into the futures program

I would cuss out teachers, do nothing in class but try my best to piss the teacher off so that he would put me out of class and I could roam the halls. The regular kids couldn't stand me either. I always wore rags because I was so poor lol. I would come to school with holes in my shoes and the kids if they wern't picking on me probably felt sorry for me. Yeah, I was destined for jail and nothingness until someone convinced me to join this program called the futures program. It was a program designed to get low achieving kids to straighten up. It actually paid the kids to go to summer school. I was all over it. To make a long story short, I figured if they were going to pay me to go to school I would straighten up and treat it just like a job.

This program picked kids from all over the city in most of the middle schools. So at the end of the program at the awards ceremony, I won almost every award and when the time came for announcing who the highest achiever was they took down the border and there was my name in bold letters. I was ashamed because I had to walk up there with my squalid appearing clothes on lol. At that point in time I told myself If all I had to do is do my work to get a free pass to college that is what I would do and it happened.

#5 - I've moved probably over thirty times

When I was young we moved constantly because my mother couldn't handle us by herself, my father wasn't there (except to get some punanny of course) and the family members couldn't stand us because me and my 2 little sisters were always fighting each other and stealing lol. I went to a different elementary school every year and three in my 3rd grade year. It was a strggle to meet and maintain friends because whenever things were gong well we had to move (awwwwww). But things ended up OK because I met all yall guys (whooooo).

#6 - I've been writing rhymes, poetry and love songs since i was like 13

Pisces are very creative so this might not fool anybody. I don't like to share it with people (most of it is probably weak to others) but since you all are a part of my family now i'll let you read the only poem I remember that I wrote called

Intangible Night:

Night please come when the day is done

Heavenly images appear in your gifts

Demystifying your beauty is a myth

In your black skin I detest the sun

Lonely am I when the day has arrived

The sun can't be as soothing as you

Because you poseess all that is true

Day is decieving with its cynical lies

Society has made me a slave to the earth

But oh how I would long to be free

My goal is too complex to see

As I thrust myself in your magnificent works

The world is built on destroying itself

It's my fate to perrish like everything else

And only God knows what's destined to come

But in your black skin we'll share forever as one

Horrible (lol)! I'm glad that I quit that aspect of my repertoire of creative expression. I have written poetry for the ladies (playa playa), but nothing serious.

7 - My main goal in life is to use my intelligence and talents to serve Black people

If you want to be happy dedicate your life to serving others. Volunteer for a cause you believe in. Join a community or grassroots organization for a good cause. Do something that gives your life meaning and purpose other than hedonistic, obsessive compulsive shoping (the preaching session is now over lol).

I guess I have to tag somebody so i tag my homegirl koffee dyme, the poetic beauty lindwee (again lol) and my gurl freeefreee (yup you gonna have to do it lol).

stop settling for less in your relationships. you have the power to change your partner for the better. if you have an open mind don't be afraid to click here to learn more.


desperate lady said...

1st. lo" u boo.

desperate lady said...

awwwwwwwwwwww omg James u really touched me with this one. I was crying but couldn't help but imagine u with shoes that's got holes in
any guy that loves his mom has got a Aplus in ma book. So J i forgive u for *u know what*.

James Tubman said...


Mizrepresent said...

And you say my life is/was interesting...and i liked the poem.

Cluizel said...

awwwww...I wasn't expecting all of that. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

James.. Why won't you leave my ass alone!!! lol.. Why do i feel like You were my homeboy growing I know how it feels... expect for hole in my shoes... hell i still got them shoes from back then.. and i still love em lol.. whos poor now?

man let me see what i can do....since you know i'm focused on updating KoffeeDyme spot....

FREEDOM said...

That was some REAL talk you just laid out.

Okay, I guess I will have to do this too. So what are the rules?

I am J said...

wow. I dont remember holes in my shoes but I remember the walk of shame as my mother added my shoes to the cart next the the milk and eggs. grocery store shoes were the worst.


James Tubman said...


that came from a seventeen year old kid so i don't know

yeah i have had an interesting 26 years and the crazy thing is it still aint over lol

@cluizel... yeah it was a lot

been through some rough times

thank god things are a lot easier now

and i have much better clothes lol

@koffee dyme... will you stop getting so sentimental lol

it's not a big deal just give seven random facts about yourself (we know you got millions of facts so that won't be hard)

and tag at least three other people and post the rules in the post (sorry about that one)

no big deal

and stop dissing me on my blog too lol

@hey baby... that was some sure enough real talk right there

wasn't gonna get that deep but i had to remember where i came from to really appreciate the success i'm having now

all you gotta do is write seven random things about yourself, get 3more people to do the same thing and post these simple rules on your post (which is what i forgot to do lol)

that's all

reaaaaaaaally looking forward to seeing what you have to say lol

James Tubman said...

@i am j... never got grocery shoes

they were too good lol

i over exaggerated a little things wern't all bad

actually it was mostly fun

thanx for stoping by

Bygbaby said...

You #1 rings bells with me, We were always up in a 2nd hand store getting goods for back to school & winter coats etc. Back then it was embarrassing as hell but know I appreciate it & know the value. Currently, my wife & I donate to the Goodwill (tax wrote off) but always quality goods.

When I was a kid, we used to do all kinds of shit if my mother know, I would not have half my ass now, but staying out to 2, damn, that was late LOL & it is a shame kids cannot get away with that kind of stuff anymore!

Lastly, ike you I move many times & while in the 2nd grade it was like 5 moves, which is why I had to repeat but my mom got mad at me for it when in actuality she was running [away] from & to her abusive husband & of course it was not my day. On of her other baby daddies.

Thx for posting.

Divine Blackness said...

Dag, I thought I moved a lot but thirty times? Got'damn! I enjoyed learning about youuuuuu. And your piece of poetry. I'm lovin' it. Why are you so wonderful?

fantasy queen said...

this is so bare it all...i already love ur momma, when we're all grown up, we look back at the 'mean treatments' we got from mom and are so thankful cos thats what helped shap our lifes...thank God for mothers.

i loved red light, green light too.but come to think of it, wondering if we played it same way on both sides of the atlantic.
and the poem...omg u called that horrible?

i really do wish u luck in ur goal. i'm sure u'll do a great job at reaching out.
i mean from ur blog u're already giving so much more than u think, it might just be normal stuff to some, but people (i.e me) actually do learn something new anything we come around.

bless u sweety.

little miss me said...

that was a lovely poem james, it just flowed so easily,beautifully written, you should write every now and then, you have skill

very interesting life you live, all that determination and resilience as a kid sure paid off

James Tubman said...

@bygbaby... ican see you can feel my pain lol

it was rough but it gives you character and strength

and that's something money can't buy (unless there is a program out there that takes you through hard times, and i'm sure there are many of them so i guess you can buy character, damn)

@divine... hey

i'm glad you enjoyed this entry

i think that you are wonderful too

i know your kids do too


@my queen... bless you too dear,

it's nice to know that we have things in common even though we come from different hemispheres lol

i don't remember exactly how we played it but i think we mixed it in with the game "its" (if you are tagged by the it person you are it)

i don't know

i hope i reach my goals too and i hope you reach yours

you are well on your way

and when i get my money i'm definately gonna need a bright and extraordinary beutiful woman to balance my finances lol

@little miss me... nice to see you again

pleasant surprise

how's your hair lol

i thank you for your warm words

the only way i can write is if a good woman brings it out of me

so maybe because you suggested it i might do it again


fantasy queen said...

now there i was smiling thinking u were saying a nice beautiful woman to stand by u and give u balance...oh well i'll do with balancing ur

Queen of My Castle said...

I loved this post. It was very revealing. I am digging your #7. I was thinking along those very lines just the other day. You're a Pisces?! You guys make for the best...LOL

lindwee said...

That was so touching!
Oh! how the years go by.
History always has the good and bad side.

Oh! I have been tagged? (again)
I will answer.....

poet9000 said...

Hey Bro, U brought back memories. Value Village (the poor man's Macy's)was the spot me and my mom would frequent all the time.

I can break it down for U, from the gub'ment cheese 2 to stealing trial size boxes of cereal off of the apartment doors of my neighbors because we needed food. We had about 20 floors, and cereal snatching was made into a game(how fast can I get the boxes off of the doors and return 2 the elevator).

As for poetry, the pen has always been a close friend. I love and write poetry (all kinds), you got skillz bro.

This was good, because it allowed me 2 reflect(I neva 4got)on how far I've come and fanned the flames to keep pressin' on!

Peace Bro.

James Tubman said...

@fantasy... i need a woman for many things but balance is definately important

@the castle queen... i've always been involved in some organization directed towards change

i feel empty if i'm not involved

i recommend this for anybody who has an unfulfilled life

it definately gives you a sense of self worth knowing that you are a part of the solution not the problem


@lindwee... ok you really gotta do it this time lol

i will be checking on you soon

i don't know if i should judge these moments in my life as good or bad

they just are what they are

that's it

@brotherman... the poor man's macy's lol

we had the gub'ment cheese too

i use to hate those big blocks of cheese because you could never quite make a slice look like a regular slice of cheese lol

i would always start off good but i would get too much down the bottom

i just gave up

you sound like me with that stealing

but i used to go straight to the source: the supermarket

i got picked up twice by the cops but i used to burn them up on the regular

this is why you always need to remember where you came up so you won't get too upity when you finally got something

it will definately humble you


Lovebabz said...


I am glad you were was very illuminating!

Opinionated Diva said...

Wow...I'm mad for JUST seeing this. The personal side of Tubby (what I've been harassing you for) and I'm all late to the party!

We have a lot in common man.

#1...I've lived in just about every hood in Brooklyn - Bed Stuy, East NY, Brownsville, Bushwick...I could go on.

#2...we stayed on that stoop all night in the summer too. lol - playing steal the bacon, skelly, rapping, etc.

#4...I was pretty crazy in school too. Got into a gifted and talented program and almost got kicked out the MEAN mother came up, straightened my azz out. LITERALLY.

#5...I'm sure I've moved even more times.

Loved this post Tubby.

Honeywell said...

Let me just say that, i respect the way you wrote about this. Most people would throw in words to receive some kind of pity party, but you wrote this in an almost proud way, and i like that...

Plus, i totally agree with #7.

fantasy queen said...

hi was vals day?just showing some love

James Tubman said...

@lovebabz... thanx

i'm glad i had a chance to tell you all this too

only a few years i would have been scared to tel people this but now i'm ok with my past

in life you gotta play the hand you were dealt

i hope i can play it well in the near future

@op d... i don't know what it was but i knew you had a little hood in you (laughs)

i'm glad that you shared your experiences with me

i know new york is alot more intersting than baltimore so your experiences were probably a lot more richer

be that as it may it's nice to know that we share that ghetto bond (laughs)


@honey bunny... thank you for your respect

my poor background doesn't make me ashamed anymore

now it's like a badge of honor

because nobody ever thought i would be this smart (not even me, sorry if that sounds arrogant)

there are people who have had every advantage in life

had the red carpet pulled out for them all their lives

and when they face me i can intellectually bring them to their knees

these experiences helped to create the person you are now reading from

all i can do is be thankful for them

@the queen of fantasies... you really would like to know wouldn't you

do you want every romantic succulent detail

do you want every edifice of all the loving that took place on that day

do you

sorry, i worked for twelve hours and went home and went to sleep (laughs)

shelia said...

This is my first time to your blog and I learned a lot about you with this one post. Don't you just hate getting tagged :)

Desy said...

wow- that was really exposed James. It always nice to see honesty and truth unabashed and well worded.

PS- your poem is not horrible... Trust- if a hiaku can get some, your poem would definately get all around poetic snaps- in fact


James Tubman said...

@shelia... thanx for stoping by

yeah i don't know

maybe i like being tagged to get the extra attention lol

@desy... yeah

thanx for the love

i guess people want to see the real me so i had to give them a little something lol

i'm glad you enjoyed it


Nicole said...

Do you do any mentoring or work with young boys? Sounds like you'd be a great source of inspiration.

Jasmine said...

Awww!! I love it! I absolutely love your passion for our people.

Anonymous said...

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