Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to get yourself out of a potential, rape or assault situation

when getting robbed

if you are traveling by yourself always walk on a street where there is a lot of light at night time (my mistake)

when getting robbed of course its best just to give up the money as soon as possible if you have it: and thank your lucky stars you got off that easy

but if you don’t have any money and you think this person might hurt you, try these activities:

• speak incoherently acting as if you are crazy… most people wont mess with someone who seems to be crazy because they are unpredictable (you just dont know what they are going to do next)... you have to be convincing that you are crazy

• speak with authority telling them to back away and leave you alone (this actually worked for me when this guy was trying to rob me with a 22, also i was on a busy street and i knew he wasn’t going to do anything with so many people watching)

• scream or holler as loud as you can… he’ll panic and probably run away because of the loud noise… just make sure you are REALLY loud

That’s all i got for getting robbed

Now if you are about to be raped you can still use these 3 approaches but here are some special ones gotten from get anyone to do anything by David Lieberman

• act like you are going to give him some and act like you find him to be the sexiest man in the world… then right when he thinks he’s going to get some hit him as hard as you can in a vulnerable spot like the eyes, nose, throat and of course the wee-wee (bite that mother sucker like you a dog trying to get the first meal you’ve had all week)

• tell him you have some kind of disease like aids or herpes (even though for some this wont work because they are just nasty like that, but it WILL work for most... do something gross and disgusting like throw up in front of him or dig up your nose and eat your boogies lol (for real though)

• scream as loud as you can like in the last one

• speak with the upmost assurance and authority telling him exactly what to do like “Get Off Me NOW,” “Leave This Bedroom Right NOW”

• If you are at home tell him someone will be back soon like within a few minutes

That’s all i got for now. Look all over the internet on this subject.

Im sure you will find something that will help you.

Like i said i got this from Get Anyone To Do Anything by Dr. David Lieberman so if you want more information i suggest you get the book (im not selling it or getting money for advertising it).

God forbid if you are a victim of a violent act call the National Cenetr for Victims of Crime at 1800-FYI-CALL.

Be safe but also take risks because the world is not as dangerous as it seems.