Friday, November 14, 2008

How to deal with male impotency and make your nature RISE again! (i told you we got solutions for ALL situations)

I know this seems kind of discusting so excuse the hell out of me if it does.

However there are a lot of brothers out here going blind, crippled and crazy taking over the counter medications that are bad for their health and that are reeking havoc on their bodies.

It's a shame that the government spends so much money on making boner pills when nature has already devised a cure for this common problem that many people suffer from.

First let me tell you about the harmful affects of pills such as viagra and cialis.

These drugs have been reported to cause:



Upset stomach

Stuffy nose

Urinary tract infection

Visual changes such as mild and temporary changes in blue/green colors or increased sensitivity to light.


Viagra can cause a rare but serious condition of prolonged erection (priapism). It is important to contact your health care provider immediately if your erection lasts longer than 4 hours.

In an analysis of 1,473 major adverse events recorded in these reports about Viagra to the FDA, 522 people died, most of them from cardiovascular causes.

If you or a close one is one this or the other one


You dont have to risk your life to "get your life" anymore (you like that dont you).

The reason i became intersted in this topic is because my father asked me to find him something.

I gave him some stuff for his condition but it didnt work unfortunately.

And the only thing that seems to work for him is the V word.

So i went to the herb store and actually mustarded up the gumption to ask the clerk there did she know what herb could help this condition.

So she told me.

And since i like to test the herbs to see if they work first i thought i would give this little puppy a shot.

So i bought the herb went hoem and proceeded to make a tea (the best way to have an herb or food work their best is to make a tea or juice so that it absobs straight into the bloodstream and goes straight to the problem area.)

I decided to make 3 cups.

And i also made 9 capsules full of it and took it all at the same time.


This stuff works and its a lot better than viagra or cialis.

It's the herb YOHIMBE! (and im selling this stuff next week at the flea market for a lot of money im telling you that!)

Yohimbe is an evergreen tree that grows in western Africa in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo and Gabon (our ancestors knew wha they were doing).

The bark of the tree contains the active compounds called alkaloids. The principal alkaloid is called yohimbine.

Yohimbe is also used to treat depression, weight loss, fevers, leoparsy and a host of other health problems.

How to take it:

I am legally obligated to tell you that you should consult a doctor before you try this but i dont need some guy in a white coat to tell me something that i can find out for myself.


One thing i gotta tell you its best to be cretain that you are going to do the do before you take this because if you dont... well... lets just say you should definately make sure lol.

Dont take the stuff in the health food store because chances are its not the real thing or it only has a small amount of the actual herb in there.

Take some time and look for a store that sells the natural herb (its so much better).

To find a store like this i would go to the health food stores and ask them if they know of a store that sells the real deal plant.

Some will tell you, some wont.

After dinner start with one cup of tea and two capsules then wait to see if anythings going down.

If nothings happened in an hour drink another cup and maybe take one more capsule.

If nothing happens in another hour drink another cup of tea and keep going until something happens (thats all i can tell you).

Be your own guinea pig. Test the waters yourself (if you have been used to using the v or c you might want to wean yourself off of this stuff slowly and add the yohimbe with it)

Do it at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

And have fun lol!


Lina said...

Well, I don't know anybody with this problem, but its a nice piece of information.

James Tubman said...

its a very good piece of information i just wish i didnt take that much lol

as an herbalist its best if you try out everything you can so this was next on the list

if you sell something its best if you try it out yourself so you can give the customer some perspective

glad to see you back

jaila said...

Interesting. The nasty in me wants to see before and after pics ;-)
Do I have to write a new Sara story for u to do that?


And you mentioned weight loss. I wonder how it works as far as being used to aid in weight loss.

We need to talk. I'd be willing to give it a try for u and write about it if you let me try it
::wink:: im bored can u tell.

Anonymous said...

oh and would u suggest ladies keep this around for someone who doesn't necessarily have ED problems but for added pleasure? You didnt mention how LONG the herb lasted and whether you noticed a different in the erection. U kno...erected enough to get the job done or erected enough to cut diamonds. I want details.

James Tubman said...


i like nasty gurls lol

when i did this post i had no idea a woman would think about that lol

lets just say this

it gets the job done and then some lol

i shouldnt have taken that much but im crazy so i gotta try everything

i'll tell you this jaila it assists in weight losss because it definately SUPPRESSES THE APPETITE

i've been working on a post about weight loss

it'll be out soon

as for cutting diamonds..n

not quite lol

i definately think women should keep this around because even more and more men are starting to have this problem

you never know

and it lasts a long time

trust me

thanx for the comment

jaila said...

so what i gotta do to get u to send me some?

lets talk bidness :-)

RealHustla said...

Ahhh, now I see why you overdosed. You're a good son.

James Tubman said...

why thank you hustla

some think im a psycho lol