Saturday, November 15, 2008

Tubman interupted: Did you see that stale ass Rap City Finale?

That really hurt.

I just had a memory of me rushing back home after school to see the latest videos on Rap City when Joe Claire was hosting (i was also watching it when big lez was hosting)

The finale looked like somebody just threw it together on a whim.

Like it was only put together in 24 hours or something.

Thats not right for a show that had so much influence on so many for so many years alll over the world.

Rap City reminds me of a time when i was innocent.

It reminds me of a turbulent time when i was growing into puberty and going through so many changes, moving all over the city trying to figure who i was and what is my purpose in life.

I used to write rhymes like crazy.

By the age of 13 i made my own hip hop album in the basement with a broken boom box and a bootleg casette tape playa lol.

I thought i was the shit.

I called myself "knowledge" (i've always had a high opinion of myself lol).

There is no way in the world i would have had that pleasant memory if it wasnt for all the rap videos i saw on Rap City (they weren't that... okay maybe they were as bad as the ones out now in some respects).

I would watch every video i could then listen to the underground hip hop shows to see who was the latest and freshest so i could tell others about them first.

That was a big part of my life and BET just pissed on the show and went on ahead with the agenda.

So many rappers got their brake on that show.

Busta said when he went on rap city for the first time he knew he was legit.

Thats how it was for so many rappers because they didnt have as many shows for rappers back then as they do now.

So between YO MTV Raps and Rap City that was it.

Without Rap City you might have never heard of so many undergrond hip hop artists who later went on to reach high stsus in the rap world.

I didnt even know it was coming on.

Thankfully i caught a rerun of it.

They didnt advertise it well.

I didnt see all of it but i saw a big portion of it and it looked like the hosts (lez, joe and tigger) really was disapointed themselves.

For my real hip hop fans what did you think (if you saw it of course)?

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