Tuesday, April 8, 2008

3 Characteristics That Make A Black Woman Irresistable

Now I can get back to my regular life.
This comes from a guy named Dr. Omar. He says that these 3 characteristics are playfulness, sexiness and caring.

Playfulness: When a woman has a good sense of humor, laughs at herself a lot, doesn't take that much to heart, then she is being very cute. Brothers often encounter some black women who are quick to jump on them at the drop of a dime. While this can be funny sometimes it doesn't necessarily make them like them more. Men like women more when, instead of kirking out and going nuts over the smallest issues, relaxes, stays cool and handles the issue in a lighthearted way. Sometimes we are turned on by women who might come off as mean because it might be a challenge to win their affection. However, we typically don't like it in most cases (but be yourself unless you are trying to make a good impression). I remember Shahrazad Ali saying in her book "The Black man's guide to understanding the black women" that "a black woman with a sense of humor is worth her weight in gold" (okay a black woman said it so don't blame me lol).

Sexiness: according to the wikipedia definition of sexual attractiveness, sexual attraction involves how you look, what you smell like and how you move. You don't have to have the perfect body to be sexy (according to our culture). You can actually be ugly and sexy lol. It all depends on how you move and what you smell like really. Keep a smile on your face and have a HIGH level of self respect. Very sexy. You don't have to smell like the most expensive perfume in the world but you also can't smell like garbage can juice lol. And finally, make sure you are flexible in your movements. Practice yoga and stretch a lot everyday (this will also help you to feel better too because we hold tension in our muscles and when we exercise we relieve tension).

Caring: Caring means being concerned about a person. You are not being concerned about a person when you are always looking for ways to piss them off. You are however being concerned when you are asking about their welfare. When you touch a man in a loving way. When you give him space to be himself without over judging. When you ask him what he needs in order to make his life a little better.

These are the traits that make a woman irresistibly attractive. Strange enough, most women spend so much time working on how they look and very few time working on how to improve these 3 characteristics in their personality. Of course it's not the black woman's fault (you all have never been taught this, at least not formally). Try these things if you want to impress a certain guy.

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Divine Blackness said...

*first in the house*

Do I get a treat?

LOL @ garbage can juice. You are a mess. I would say that me and my single friends (at least we would say that we do) have these characteristics. So, what's really good?

anonymous gal said...

so its down to these 3 simingly east steps.
bout my biz date i opted to have it online so...

I am J said...

lol yea, trash juice was funny.

Good read. What about mystery? Don't men find an element of mystery appealing in woman also?

Ticia said...

I could work on the humor one - sometimes I cannot take a joke!

desperate lady said...

Am i dreaming? i was here before n it said 'this blog is private"
k i'm probably sleep walkin since its 5.51 am. when i wake up, ill come back n check.

James Tubman said...

@divine... i'm good

just need some sales lol

guys like all that but many of them are scared to talk to women

in a lot of cases guys are just as insecure as women (especially around your age)

need some extra help buy my audiobook lol

@why we gotta be anonymous... i'm sure it is more than this but the experts say that these steps are the foundation

personally i love a woman with intelligence and one who allows me to talk lol

get the guys talking about themselves, everybody likes that

for extra help see me over on the book lol

@i am j... i guess lol

how do you "appear" mysterious

i guess you don't give up too much about yourself

i don't know

gotta do more research on that one

@ticia... it's an art

many of us have rough lives

bills to pay, relationships in turmoil

sometimes it's hard to take a joke

i guess you just have to always remember that things could be worse lol

@DL... wake up lol

it was private because i was working on it

but now it's open


once private, now open

magic lol

hey, buy my book please

we all need help sometimes lol

soupasexy said...

i was here b4 and it was private too..glad u opened it o.

that was really cute tho..thnks!

"You can actually be ugly and sexy lol." abeg 4 which town? lol

Eb the Celeb said...

This just made my day... thank you for letting me know that I am irresistible...

So answer me this TUBS... why the heck dont I have men knocking down my door then... why the heck am I single... if I embody these such characteristics...uh-huh!

James Tubman said...

@soupasexy... the thing that's most appealing about anybody is confidence

if you work this along with these three characteristics to your advantage you'll be okay regardless of how you'll look

@e... you're welcome lol

you do have a lot of guys banging down your door

that's the vibe i picked up from all your posts

am i missing something here

KreativeMix said...

i'm working on humor :-)

ejura said...

Hmm, another Hitch in the house! I'd come back to read your stuff. I was wondering tho how anyone can change anyone if they don't want to be changed...

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts. I may have to compose one for the brothers :-)

FREEDOM said...

Great Post!

I think it is good to hear different attributes that men find irresistibly attractive about a woman!

I think the most attractive quality though is a woman who really knows her worth and knows that she is attractive by simply being herself. And being open to ALL the adventures that life has in store for her!!!

James Tubman said...

@kreative mix alot... be ok with who you are

i know that you are a good woman

@ejura... i'm not a hitch... yet lol


just want to help others while i'm in the process of helping myself


@b-bap... i would like to see that

i need some advice lol

@free free... i agree with that free

there is nothing sexier than confidence

being self assured and knowing your value means that no matter what others do they can't take that away from you

that is difficult for many to attain

Eb the Celeb said...

I'm talking about the ones that are worth something... I dont need or want a bunch of knuckleheads

Kayos said...

Oh then I'm sexay! Yeah I said it.

Sexay! I'm all that and 2 half-dollars. Add a ham samich with some chips. LOL!

I got this on my blogroll. Already!

Anonymous said...

I got all three.. is that why u keep bugging me? Big brother and all? daymn! thanks for the skooling...

James Tubman said...

@eb... i got you

how do you measure a man's worth

@kayos... yes i have to say you are sexay lol

but don't say that you are all of that and a ham sandwich

you might offend some of my muslim bloggers lol

@d'lee... see you back to your good ole chipper self today lol

i just love your personality

you sure do know how to talk to a guy to make him feel special lol

Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...


Takes more notes :-)

nikki said...

sometimes i joke too much. i've gotta find some kind of balance. then again, i just can't resist cracking on a dude when he leaves the moment wide open. perhaps dude need to just make sure he's not left vulnerable to my jokes.

James Tubman said...

@fezzzzzz... dag

you should have a whole file by now

you've been with me since the begining

brothers gotta stick together

you the only one who comes here faithfully

i don't know why the brothers so scarred


i was giving somebody else your name but i guess you can have it back lol

sometimes black women mistake joking for completely humiliating a brother

there is a big difference between the two

it's amazing so many women have all of these characteristics but no consistent man

it's not just due to you all though

a lot of guys are afraid of women

Don said...

i really like a woman who has that certain playfulness about her. Especially if she is a caring soul.

When you touch a man in a loving way. good point. cause not every woman can touch me in a loving way. it doesn't feel the same with every woman.

i agree @ sexiness definitely being a five sense type of thing.

enjoyed the read, Tubs.

Don said...

@ tubs: i agree. it would do our people justice if we were to get back to the intent roles.

James Tubman said...

@the don of the bars... thanx for putting in your two cents my brother

i can't stand a woman who is mean just for the sake of being mean

i'll put up with it but it really bothers me when they do it

the guy i learned this from knows what he's talking about

i got this from a guy named omar (an arab) who works with this white guy christian carter

it's good stuff

Muze said...

okay, i'm WAY late, but i really like this.

glad to know i am irresistible. lol.

loves it.

i find it so funny that sooo many guys i know and have had conversations about black women with have said that black women are too 'serious'. that's always been the one trait every guy liked about me. that i'm goofy.

i don't get it though. i know plenty of black women who are playful and carefree.

...maybe you guys are looking in the wrong places. lol.

Muze said...

...and lol @ ugly and sexy.

i was trying to explain this to a male friend of mine the other day. he said i am super sexy. i told him i'd rather be called pretty. he didn't understand that... he says sexy is the highest compliment you can give a woman. but i think beautiful is the highest as far as looks go.

i know that's off topic kinda, but if one more man calls me sexy...lol. i mean i know it's a compliment, but sometimes a girl just wants to feel beautiful. or pretty.

ok, vent done.


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