Saturday, June 6, 2009

How to control your child and prevent them from merking out anytime they want to

1-2-3 MAGIC

This method of disciplining children WORKS (in many cases it works the first few times you start to implement this technique).

With this method 1/3rd of the kids will accept it right off the bat.

You call these kids "immediate cooperators"

Another 1/3rd will get it after 7-10 days "immediate pestors"

1/3rd will take a little onger or wont get it because of some abuse they suffered "mystery group"

We want to emplore this method with children 2-12 who have behavior problems that we want them to get rid off.

Black people might not use this because they are so used to believing that violence in the form of beatings should always be the law of the land (just like the white man used to do to us in slavery).

This is the information age and we dont have to use those archaic methods anymore.

So what's the method?

Some of you might have herad of it, it's called 1-2-3 MAGIC!

Basically the child does something that pisses you off (asks for something, you say no and they keep asking; keeps pestering you about something etc.).

They complain that they cant get a snack before dinner so you say, "thats one".

They keep popping smack so you say "thats two" (btw you should say this in a calm manner, NEVER GET EMOTIONAL, because they like to see big bad you reacting to their tirades, it makes them feel powerful).

If they continue that behavior say "that's three" take 5 minutes in your room, and when they come back out dont talk or complain about the behavior just act like it didnt happen.

Keep doing this and they will eventually stop at one or two.

Now in order to use this effectively you have to accept some basic concepts about children.

First of all kids do not respond to logic or reason.

Kids are nuts as children and its our job to make them sane (maybe this is why the kids are so screwed up today because the adults are insane too.)

Second you have to look at yourself as a wild animal trainer.

This shouldnt shock you as much because if you have kids or have handled kids in the past you would know that they can act like wild animals at times.

Third, no matter what you do, dont get emotional.

As soon as you blow your top they will exploit that to their advantage (and you might hurt them and eventually go to jail).

Stay cool (and the only way you can stay cool is by realizing that you are in control and you can handle the situation).

With this strategy you dont have to talk too much or get emotional at all.

Eventually they will get tired of going back to their room like a revolving door so they'll stop because the anticipation of a negative consequence will make them think about getting to three, and they'll shapen up

I know this might sound a little nutty and over simplistic but it works.

Ive used this method with my nephew and he took to it like a fly to you know what.

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chayoma said...

Kids are truly nuts!

all my mum needs to do is give you "that look", that's all! No words....

Lindah said...

That's all true about kids. Thanks for sharing

James Tubman said...

@naija chikita... your mom must not be no joke

@lindah... thanks for coming by lil sis