Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The 3 Fundamentals of Dating and How to Overcome the Shyness That Makes You Weak In The Knees, I Can Hardly Speak, I Loose All Control... (you get it)

Got these suggestions from dating for dummies (you'd be surprised at what you can learn from a book).

Even if you are a hardcore, overly confident date-a-holic there is always something new you can learn to get you mo' better results.

So lets start with the 3 Fundamentals of Dating, and they are:

#1 - Getting Out There - (you cant win and bring home the trophy if you dont show up)

#2 - Take Chances - (what's the worst that can happen? some gambling is positive)

#3 - Enjoy Life - (as long as you remember to this step good things will always follow)

Its very important that you take these facts into consideration because you are not going to win them all but if you acclimate these 3 fundamentals into your dating experience it wont matter because you'll still have a good time anyway.

Now we get the overcoming shyness part.

Everybody gets shy every once in a while at least.

Dont be so hard on yourself if you passed up opportunities because you were afraid.

Get your ass up off the ground and get back out there partner!

You got a billion people to choose from at least one of them will like your ass lol.

Here are some helpful tips that will help you to relinquish that fear in your belly at that moment of truth:

  • Hang around in a crouded area for one or two hours so you can get used to being around lots of people

  • Practice smiling and making eye contact who seem nice and intersting to you

  • Decide to have a conversation with a new person each week. You can do it anywhere (a line somewhere, at the bar, at the club at the grocery store etc.)

  • Pretend you are extreemly confident in who you are. So when you approach someone you might actually believe it (Change your physiology, change your destiny).

  • Say to yourself, "I am safe and everything going to be okay." over and over again.

  • Think about the worst case scenerio and realize that having a person say no to you or walking away from you is not as bad as the worst thing that could happen

  • Have fun! Take the focus off of your anxiety and focus on the one that you are spitting game to (please dont literally spit on the preson).

There you have it.

A simple formula you can bet works because it's tried and true.

So go out there and dae till you drop and most of all HAVE FUN!

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