Monday, June 23, 2008

The Gauntlet Has Been Taken Up!

Recently there has been what you might consider a blog beef between me and other bloggers.

While i am saddened that black people cant put away their petty differences and realize that we are going to continue to be dominated by others as long as we let the stupidest things divide us, i have to accept the fact that i haven't been invited to some blogs and whenever i post something on their blog they erase it lol.

While I am disheartened by this recent discovery, i understand that we (including myself) still have a lot of growing up to do.

I visited the incomparable eb the celeb's site and she made an interesting quote when someone asked her what motivates her.

She said "I think the fact that I love things not coming easy to me is what motivates me."

Even though she is obviously a very confused person lol, she brought up in my mind a good point.

What she stated is a mark of a true warrior.

The strongest people in our society look at the rough things that come up in their lives as a challenge.

They thrive on adversity, and they use that energy to motivate them to do great things.

I first wrote this blog to quote unquote teach people about how to solve their problems.

But most of what Ive learned came from the people who graced this blog with their presence, and this is one of the greatest lessons i'm in the process of learning.

I now see that adversity is in essence a challenge from God.

Because it's only through adversity that what we are truly made of shines the brightest.

I am going to continue to do the work of educating and helping to improve the lives of anyone who comes to this blog seeking solutions for their problems.

I have been through too much adversity to let a foolish scuffle rattle me into changing anything.

In any case it will only make me stronger.

Certainly i am not perfect and i have made many mistakes i'm sure.

And i am truly sorry for those mistakes, i wish i had known better.

However i don't blame myself for having a point of view, for having an opinion that might be different from others.

And if I made a mistake in the process, it is what it is, and i would appreciate it if you help me see what it truly is.

Because im all about improving myself.

I will not be offended.

When JT goes down and finally bites the bullet, it will be said that he truly loved his people and he was truly looking for solutions to the problems that we face.

Thanks to my faithful bloggers.

My appreciation cannot be expressed in words!


Anonymous said...

Dang why so long? After I read the first few lines.. i had to quit.. I hear what your saying.. no matter how old we are we still childish as hell...

You know I don't back down from a challenge... I fight to the death... really on a serious note... the funny thing is we can help each other but when it comes to ourselves thats what we really need to work on...

YOU better not be starting no more wars!!! I don't want to have to come kick u across the football field... toodles.. lil sis...

James Tubman said...

ill try to be good lol

i think i joke too much with people and sometimes im too open about my suggestions lol

your post is verrrrry intersting lol

I am J said...

i really dont have much to say...just letting u know that I'm still here...feel free to drop by and bless me with some knowledge anytime you see fit. I'm always on the hunt for tools to increase forward momentum.

Keep doing what you do.

Mizrepresent said...

Teach brother James.

Adversity does make us stronger.

And yes, we all make mistakes, but it takes a big man/woman to own up to them, and make the necessary adjustments to improve.

FREEDOM said...

I am so glad that you are not keeping your feelings bottled up inside like I do sometimes lol. The beauty of LIFE is that you have to keep living! Be the BEST YOU that you can be. Sometimes we have to allow time to heal the open wounds and when it does just make sure that YOU are not the one that becomes bitter in the process.

Much Love,

Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...

I don't know what happened homie, but you have an excellent blog.
Don't let these minor incidents dictate your work. This blog is beyond that kinda sh** I think. You'll be over this in notime. Keep writing.

Eb the Celeb said...

Is this you sucking up to try to be welcome at RBW again

or is this your reverse way of apologzing for being a jackass over round my parts

do i have to be nice to you now... damn... damn.. damn...

well I'm not one to hold a grudge so we have a treuce

but dont come over there talking out ya ass no more because next time i wont be so

fantasy queen said...

i think i'm a lil' lost on the apologies...did something i know nothing about go down?
but i love anyways though. lol...

and reading yours is a breath of fresh air.
or a pack of candies tucked in my handbag for when i really need them. enlightening.

Ticia said...

Hey! Great post!

Okay... I don't get the blog beef - and happy to not have any - I think (LOL)

Anyways - that was great quote of Ms. EB - that is the truth!

I am fighter - so I understand - I am LEO - LOL -

shakia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James Tubman said...

this is why i definately need a computer at home

@i am j... thanks sweetheart

you got this whole thing rolling

i definately will

@mizrepresentationalism... thanks miz

it does take a strong person to admit when they are wrong

its really a simple thing to do

@freedom... you are right

i just dont want to bitter

i just want to kill the anger as soon as possible

@fezzzzz... thanks homie

i know that you are very honest

so i must be dojng something right

@e... dont come back here starting stuff little gurl

just like you dont want me disrespecting you on your blog dont disrespect me on mine

and im sorry for being mean

can we kill this petty school yard bull crap now please

@queenie naijarinie... thats a sweet comment queenie

never been compared to the candies stuffed in someones purse

you always know what to say to make my day

god bless you queenie

@ticia... whats so great about ms. eb's quote

Kayos said...

You know...

I don't understand what is wrong with people nowadays.

Haters hate and bring the world down with them. Nonsense.

Come by all you want and leave whatever comments you want. I appreciate them. One because you speak "truff" and 2 I don't have very many faithful readers.

If you are improving who you are then that means you will actively take time to improve others. I 'spect that.

James Tubman said...

that was a cute comment kayos

it was much appreciated too

thanx for being loyal to me lol

Muze said...

awww. this is a good post.

blog beef boggles my mind sometimes. there is just so much that can be misconstrued over the internet.

i like your blog james... it is one of the more positive ones out here, that actually tries to IMPROVE the situation between black men and women.

so, yay for you. lol.

i'm one of those people that likes things to come easy. but i will fight for what i want if i really want it. lol.

hey, just being honest. ha.

Nicole said...

No idea about the beef, but don't let people get you down. You've always struck me as someone who's dedicated and well intentioned. Never apologize for having an opinion, especially one that differs from someone else's...that's the best part of life. Sorry I don't have any inspirational words for you but it's late...or early.

Yasmeen Christian said...

Make love not war.

James Tubman said...

@hey muzey

definately brought up a good point

i have heard that black people are very oral people

and saying things in writing is waaaaay different than saying things orally

the person picks up your your body language, tone of voice and other cues that they dont pick up in a manual writing

the person might not have meant to come off in a certain way

or maybe they did

either way you can never know until you talk to them orally

thank you for your provocative input lol

@nicky the sag... i catch feelings rather easily so sometimes i take things uneccessarily to heart

its a trait that has in many cases worked in my best intersts but sometimes that can prevent me from doing things that i need to do because i might be afraid of disapproval

you helped me to realize how deep it was

should have expected from you


@yasmeen bleet... yup lol

making love is a lot more my style

Afrobabe said...

We all make mistakes...the trick is being man or woman enough to admit it was a mistake and move on...dwelling on it never helps....

People should be matured enough to remain friends with 2 fighting friends and not be caught up in it..

If you left a nasty comment about a friend you are fighting with on my blog I would delete it maybe that was why????

Anonymous said...

Very well said.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion as long as its not expressed in a way that is very offensive to another.

Hope this whole beef thing blows over soon.

Anonymous said...

Just say what you want homie! Everyone doesn't have to agree with you, but sometimes it has to be said. Hey I welcome your comments about anything I have to say, I actually like arguing about things.

Keep up the work homie and do what comes natural. Some of us are born to fight and we actually enjoy the battle.

Freeman P.