Saturday, June 7, 2008

Got a nice surprise for my blog fam

mobile bloging for the first time (so convient)

I love my blog fam

you have no idea how much you words have impacted my life

I thank god for all of yall and I wanted to find some way to show yall just how mych I appreciate your contribution to my life.

so from monday to wednesday I'm going to make audio book available to yall to listen to and take notes

I know I know

you can't sustain your joy lol

but seriously what I am giving you is of TREMENDOUS value

you never know what you got till its gone

so iwant to let you all know how important you all are to me even if I occasionally say things that might hurt your feeling:)

its all love

now the sound is not the greatest lol

you can hear police sirens in the background (off the subject but last night some guys did a drive by on the boys who live next door to me.

2 corn balls who thought they was hustlers, I didn't even hear it)

and the sound recording also has my country ass voice on their lol

but the information is immensely rich and you SHOULD take notes

or even better buy it for only $29.95

keep in touch, let me end this with a question

if somebody shot up the house next door to you

would you move lol


Anonymous said...

BOO! I'M DEAF REMEMBER? ok not really.. but still its like asking half blind person to read those tiny ass novel print.

now to answer the question would I move? hell no! seriously its what i grew up around so it ain't all that crazy. all i'd have to do is stay in my house till morning come.

RealHustla said...

This happened to my booghie (how do u spell that?) Girlfriend about a year ago. She demanded her husband move them to a more exclusive neighborhood immediately with no success. Her car got shot up too. Almost everytime I talk to her they're in negotiations about a house. So I guess most people would probably want to move but don't because of reason's they think are out of their control, even when they didn't grow around that stuff.

fantasy queen said...

yayyyy! thanks james, looking forward to it.

about your question,when it comes to guns outside the movies and video games, i get freaked out, i'd move from my house after i was robbed with a gun pionted at me, but its the house daddy built,so i'm stuck

but if i was in an apartment and something like that happened, i'm moving away the next

I am J said...

ill try to sit still long enough to enjoy the gift.

to the question...

the mom in me would immediately want to me.

the n*gga in me keeps a round in the chamber for just such an occassion...for real.

Yasmeen Christian said...


Anonymous said...

I'd move if our houses looked similar...LOL