Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it's commin'

in the mean time here is some food for thought

please let me know what you think


I am J said...

This is powerful on so many levels. Parts of the speech don't give it justice though, the whole experience is necessary.

Not everyone is going to have what it takes to hear some painful truth...but that doesn't make it any less true.

James Tubman said...

like she says black women aren't chastised enough for their wrong doings because many brothers are afraid to do so because many black women are bullys quite frankly

but it's really not the black womans fault because she has gone through a lot with the black male

our relationships are broken because the people who profit from our seperation need our relationships to be broken

if black men and black women got along and collectively raised their children in the correct way, we wouldn't waist so much money on garbage and junk that other people sell us

we would use that money to help provide more resources for each other

thank you I for being one of the few strong black women out there

Smarty Jones said...

There's some truth in it, there are also a couple of things that I don't agree with.
I, too, agree that we need to work on rebuilding our relationships but I don't think blaming each other is going to help that. If anything it will hinder it.
I say we start from where we are now and move on. The key is trying to understand each other without placing blame or making excuses.
We all have things to get over and move on from, instead of screaming at each other and opening up old wounds, we need to be helping each other get through it.
Just my $.02.

FREEDOM said...

Deep! I had to go and listen to the rest of this series of teaching on You Tube. It has about 3 parts to it.

But, ladies and gentlemen when you hear what she has to say about black men on the Donohue show she addresses her ills about the black man also so don't get mad at her.

We as a race of men and women have to learn how to tell the truth about our relationships with one another and then work on solutions to improve them!