Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Build Your Own Society

...As it is written, the life of this world has been made so far seeming to you that you cannot concieve of another world that might be better.

This is where you are making a fatal mistake.
...You musta start thinking and working in the way of independence, as other independent nations had to do and are still doing, when once free of those who hold you in bondage.


...Why are you talking freedom, justice and equality if you do not like to be seperated from the people on whom you and your forefathers are dependent?

Can you blame america for rejecting you as her equal when you are going to the extreeme of trying to force her to accept you instead of forcing self and your people to be independent?


In this way you are telling the world you are too lazy to go for self.

You will never boast of being equal while still a subjugated people.

...Which is the most intelligent, a man who seeks to earn a living by working for his needs or a man who depends on begging others for the things he could get by working for self?

Today you are beaten in city after city like an old lazy horse being whipped by his driver because he wont pull the land and prepare the land to grow corn, oats and hay, so that his master may eat the better food.

You are trying to force yourself into white society rather than take the responsibility fopr building your own society.

This is your shame and disgrace as a people in this modern time.

...Just why do you want to be like the people who robbed, spoiled and slain you and your fathers?

Is it not an act of intelligence and honor to desire and look and be like a member of your own nation, speaking the same language and seeking and building the culture of your kind?

The white race wants to stay a white race and maintain its way of life.

Why should we not want to do the same?

By the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

from "Message To The Black Man" 1965 (excerpt got from the final call dec. 9th 2008


Lindah said...

Yeeepi...I am first.

To me the skin colour doesn't matter. All that matters is; we are all God's creatures and we should work together as one. Thanks for sharing.

Standtall said...

I see you starting a revolution soon
I do agree with Lidah. We should all strive to make this world the bestest

Standtall said...

And how have you being James?

James Tubman said...

@lindah... nice to see you again lindah

i agree lindah

skin color doesnt matter

but the unfortunate thing is that afrikan people have been historically exploited by people who have looked at our skin color and discriminated against us on that basis

afrikan peolple have always been hospitiable to other races

i think this is our main problem

we have always been hospitable to the ones who have acted as if they were friends in order to learn our secrets and take our resources

i think if people are nice to you you should be nice to them

but if they are mean to me and seek to hurt me i think it is proper to see that they never ever think about hurting me again

and i dont think its good to forgive people after they have dont the worst things in the world to you if they dont try to re do the dammage

i say to the white races give us reparations if you want us to be nice to you

@standtall... a revolution is only necessary when you have an oppressor

and we do have one in the white race

i think we should all strive to make this world the best we can but inorder to do that we have to get rid of or at least neutralize the people who are making the world a bad place to be

just my opinion

and i am great dear now that i have heard from you :-)

hope that things are going well in the feminist universe

RealHustla said...

What I got from this is that you can not expect to excel (whether it be as a black person or as an individual of any race), until you begin to stop blaming others (whether they be the white man or your mama and daddy) for holding you back. Force yourself to become independent. Love yourself enough to want to preserve and enhance who you are. Look within yourself to gain the independence that you need. Stop expecting the rest of the world to open a clear path willingly and strive to carve one for yourself. And damnit, if this is called revolution, so be it!

FreeMan Press said...

You know I am with you on this post. "we have always been hospitable to the ones who have acted as if they were friends" is indeed our main problem. Our people have been conned to believe we can get equality by staying in the system. Money has made some of us feel I got mine so who cares about the rest. We have politicians, run the school systems and even have access to credit to build things and nothing changes. We watch other people come in and take our money and then we feel we can join a Union to get our money back. As soon as we admit that it will never happen we start to build for ourselves. We are told to buy into the Utopia and the one race theory while everyone builds great societies of their own race. We are indeed lost!

karrie b. said...

i think the whole divideness is whats keeping us @ war in the 1st place...


Standtall said...

who the are those you think should be rid of and by who and how?

James Tubman said...

@a real hustla if there ever was one...

i love your passion

i know its been a while since we talked but did you even change your hair color

just wondering

you cant let anything hold you back and you cant let others off the hook either

just because there are hurdles in your way doesnt mean you shouldnt deny that they exist

they do exis and somebody put them there with the intention to make you fall and give up

i remember seeing the movie "panther" where the fbi and the los angelas police department saw that thousands of people were joining the panthers everyday and the movement was really taking off

they didnt want this to happen so they they laced the free food that the panthers were feeding children with poison so that the kids could get sick and they would blame the panthers for doing it when it was really the police

and the FBI made a pact with the mafia to intentionally flood los angelas with drugs so that blacks would concentrate more on geting a hit then liberating themselves from their white oppressors

even though we shouldnt spend all of our time blaming others for what they are trying to do to us i think the white man deserves some of the blame

sorry for being so long winded

James Tubman said...

@freeman... its a con game

because while we are buying into that one world one peace propaganda

other ethnic groups are hoarding their money and using it to build their own nation

all you have to do is smile and be nice to a black person and they will forget every horrible thing you have ever done to them

but yet we dont have that kind of patience when it comes to our own

ethnocentrism (putting your race before any other race) is natural

every group naturally values associating with their group over other groups

in order for us to want to do the opposite we had to have been brainwashed a long time ago

James Tubman said...

@hey karrie... i missed you

its all silly being divided like we are and all

but peace amongst the races isnt going to come over night

there has to be some serious reconcilliation and reparations in order for us to see eye to eye on some things

@standtall2... i think the ones who do the most harm in the world should be prevented from doing what they are doing

by any means necessary

Standtall said...

Yeah, yeah, just make sure this start in Zimbabwe. Hope u r aware of what's goin on there

James Tubman said...

i am and mugabe should be ousted for his crimes

StandTall-The Activist said...

Yeah, about now!

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