Monday, January 19, 2009

How the black woman has been bred to hate the black man since childhood (i really hate to ay this but she really cant help it)

Hate is such a harsh word isnt it lol.

One of the simplest and most profound proclamations ive ever heard was this:

"A Devil Is What A Devil Does"

What does this mean?

Just like the bible says "you can tell a tree by the fruit it bears."

Look at the relationships you've had with black girls and women all your life and you'll see what im talking about.

First of all what is hatred?

To see what hate is let's see what the opposite of hatred is; love.

Love is respect.

It's just as simple as that.

If you love something you treat it with the utmost respect and regard.

Look at how the black woman treats the black man in this day and age.

Look at their blogs.

Look at their hate filled speech towards the black man.

This is not something that im just making up, this is reflected in their behavior towards and about the black man.

There is so much you need to know about this creature.

You think im being harsh but when you see some of the things that black women say about the black man behind his back (and to his face) you'll know what im talking about.

Of course her misanthropic disposition towards the black man wasnt created over night.

It was carefully and meticulously taught to her from her infancy and it is canstantly reinforced by a culture who's MAIN interest is to stop the black man and black woman from getting along with each other.

We have to talk about this one day but for right now lets talk about how the black woman is created to be an enemy against the black man from childhood.

Her first teacher is her mother and the female child bonds with mother first and tries to copy everything she does.

"she, as with any other cub, is taught survival skills; how to eat, dress, bathe, use the toilet, general manners and obedience..."

"She NEVER stops studying her mother."

She also hears conversations that her mother has with her father and she pays very close attention particularly to the reactions the mother has to the fathers words and actions and she emulates them with her interactions with males herself (so the black women over 40 really hate black men the MOST).

The bitter single mother teaches her daughter through her interactions with his father and especially when the mother is talking to other women about men:

  • The black man is a liar

  • The black man aint shit

  • dont believe and trust in him, he will dissapoint you

  • the black man will desert and cheat on you

  • witholding information is a necessary practice when dealing with a black man

  • if you are going to deal with a black man you better have a plan

The moher teaches her daughter slightly different lessons when the father is living in the home with her.

Some of these lessons are:

  • The black man is dumb and can be swayed with a little kindness and charm

  • the mother will say all types of things behind the her fathers back but when he comes in she'll be nice and sweet. This reinforces the beliefs that:

  • It's okay to talk about him behind his back and not tell him how you feel to his face

  • the black man must be dumb because he doesnt know how much i talk badly about him behind his back

  • a woman has the option to choose what she will obey fom her husband

  • a man is a bother

  • he doesnt know whats really going on

  • when the father is genuinely angry at something the mother or dauhter did the woman will dflect his attention from the subject showing the female child he can easily be swayed

  • or this is something i have to endure from a man but when you get older you dont

In addition to all the negativity about black men she gets from older black women (and many black men who have internalized these false beliefs about himself) she also naturally infers certain negative things about the black man through fantasies.

She is confused as a child and she accepts almost everything she sees in her environment as truth without questioning it.

She watches faiy tales on TV about the fantasy lives that white men and women dream about.

She's read bedtime stories written and published by white authors.

If she does read black books that are written by black people they are emulating these white fantasies.

She watches cartoons with animals who teach her confusing values.


In the midst of all of these images she rarely sees the black man as a hero or savior.

She rarely sees the black man doing great things for black women (unless they are emulating a white lifestyle).

She sees the black man on the 6:00 news.

She sees the videos where black men are portrayed as criminals and murders (she even hears the vile music played in her house).

How can the black woman not have a negative image of the black man after seeing all this crap.

It' inevitable.

Next time we'll talk about the teenage girl and how she acts these stereotypes out with the teenage black male (with the assitance of the mother of course).


posts about the black female will be posted in my new blog Tubman the Bitch slayer lol (i couldnt resist that title)

i am going to reserve this blog for solutions to our problems

im getting a crackberry so ill be able to post stuff from home now so ill be posting more frequently (at least 2 times a week) and visiting other blogs more frequently (if i still have any blog buddies left lol)

i will also be posting sound interviews with prominent activists, writers, businessmen and so forth starting this week.

its going to be a busy year so stay tuned.

thats it for now

peace out


Lina said...

Somehow I am beginning to think you may be misleading yourself with the words you write. By making these "proclamations" and generalizations about the limited amount of black women you may have met or seen (on TV of all places), you are setting yourself and other black men who may be reading this up to generalize and hate black women when the real reason may be that you hate black women. I am not exactly sure about your upbringing, but you have wrote here about your situation, and that may be the reason you resent them so much. Having a relationship is not about one submitting to the other, its about forming a lifelong partnership with another person. Until you learn that aspect of life, you wont get the woman you seek. Please stop spreading hatred, fore hatred causes war.

Lina said...

Oh and you can take me off of your blog list, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you obviously strongly about this particular topic, I do disagree with most of what you've said but it's interesting to get a different viewpoint... Hmmm... I wonder did you grow up with 1 or 2 parents? Perhaps that has affected your opinion? I've grown up with a single mother and I love black men, not all, but not all deserve that affection from me, you get? Hmmm.. there's so much to be said but I will leave my comment to that.

Take Care,

Uzezi said...

been a while ive been here. i must say ur solution is really... something.

i dont agree with this writeup.

hope u r fine. happy new year

FreeMan Press said...

You can keep me on the blogroll as anyone who gets offended has real issues as you are writing your thoughts you aren't talking about anyone in particular. Some of the things you say are like law might be interpreted on a case by case basis. I have met women who fit some of your points here but I have also met women who didn't. I guess it's just get back for women calling all of us dogs. Sometimes when your blunt about how you feel people get offended. Oh Well, Deal or Die!

Anonymous said...

I really think it's your delivery rather than your actual opinion that may offend readers, but as you rightly stated it is your right to have an opinion...
Take Care x

RealHustla said...

So many women in the world wish that they could have a man to share their dreams with, a man for their children to look up to and to whom they can look up to themselves. We would happily cook and clean for you, care for you when you're sick, etc, etc. None of this service would be because you can't do these things for yourself. I mean, you're a man, not an invalid, right? Neither would any of these things be done because we are forced to do them. When you truly learn to love a woman, this submission you crave will come naturally. You are trying to learn to harness a power by force, kinda like an evil villain in a super hero flick. As long as you do this, we will fight you. Learn how to sacrifice of yourself, show honesty, integrity, loyalty, and real emotion from time to time, and you can be our Superman! But until you can be willing to submit to us in some sort of way as well, we will never simply submit to you.

Remember the villains on that t.v. you love so much. When they try to harness the powers that shouldn't be under any man's control, they go crazy or die, mwa ah ah ahhhhhhh! LOL.

For real tho man, chill out, you trying too hard.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i can respect your opinion, but i think we learn from what see and experience

Tia's Real Talk said...

ohhh you are soooooo gonna get it for this. lmaooo
I was taught differently. Two things my mother always said that I remember to this day was "a stiff d**k has no concious" and "never stand between a man and his money" I think woman are hurting and dont know how to love a man because there wasnt a man to show them. Fathers are important to daughters. You all are our first heros, you all show us how to love and respect ourselves, you all show us how we are suppose to be treated by how you treat our mothers. Look around, a lot of us dont have that in alot of you.

Anonymous said...

Jtubman brother you have to email me your email at as you want to be in the loop on the big posts of my blog. I got a hot one that I would like your opinion on right now called Still Bitter.

Sorry for putting this on your blog but I don't have your email bruh!

James Tubman said...

@lina... LOL

you are just mad because you know im right

all a brother has to do is look at your blog and they'll know straight off the meat rack that i'm right about at least you

that was a stupid comment

@therapy... wht was i wrong about and what was i right about

and what are you basing the criteria on

your own life

if so you need more research than that

@uzi... hello

it doesnt matter

peace out

freeman... if you realize that the black woman hates the bl;ack man then whenever they do something crazy you'll see it coming a mile away

most of us find out the hard way

luckily i havent been to jail over any of them

with this philosophy at least i'll know what im up against before i go into a relationship again

@real hustla... i wouldnt call myself a man

i wouldnt call any black man a man really

as long as our women and children have to depend on other men to support them and FEED them we arent real men

black women dont have to respect us

and they dont in most cases

this is one of the reasons why they dont

it's legitimate

but for every action there is a reaction

and what am i trying so hard to do

@torrance... many of these things i have seen

@tia... because i really like you im not going to lie to you

its really our fault

but its really not

the black man doesnt have many examples of manhood himself

both the black man and the black woman are in a trick bag

we have been taught by the white racist media that we are own worst enemy

we have been taught this because if we truly had strong relationships and strong families the white man wouldnt dominate us the way he does now

that is just the way it is

he has all of us brainwashed

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i cannot worry about such grown nfolks will do what they want

Anonymous said...

Firstly, I don't believe I need to research my opinion, my comment was based on personal experience as well as watching other black women and men's experiences on and off television. Just as your opinion seems to have been formed.

And I never said you're wrong, I said I didn't agree, which is quite different...

A reaction is a result of an action. Perhaps the treatment you're testifying against is a reaction rather than the action? As I'm sure is sometimes the case...

Perhaps you feel there are alot of black women hating on black men on their blogs because they are using blogs as an outlet to explore and understand, or just share their experiences, just as you are doing now? A women can just as easily turn and say you hate black women; then whos opinion becomes most accurate? Your blog doesn't seem to be presenting them in much of a positive light either...

And who is 'their', 'they' etc? Surely you realise you have just pidgeon-holed all black women into one category which is obviously biased and unfair.

And from MY personal experience I was raised by plenty of single mothers who had every right to dislike the men they were involved in and contrary to the conclusion you have drawn up I don't hate black men, I actually find them as my ideal choice, especially men from Africa.

And if you're going to talk about music why not consider the years of verbal abuse spewing out from our same radios or whatever you imagine the black woman listen to as she sways to her "vile music" and consider how long she's been called a 'ho', 'slut', 'bitch' and whatever other non-sense I haven't mentioned. What about that?

I just left my teenage years about 3 weeks ago and I believe I'm far from a stereotype and I find I form my own opinions though I do consider my mother's as I'm sure many other people male and female alike do...

Anyway this is my opinion love it or hate it but you really need to be more objective (in my opinion) but it's still interesting to hear your side... However extreme I feel it may be.

Take Care,