Thursday, November 19, 2009

The fun way to overcome procrastination!

A good way (i think) to overcome procrastination is to take the moments when you really dont want to do something (like she said in the picture above)and do it at that time.

And when you do it keep score of the times when you overcame procrastination.

Measure it against the times when you said fuck it and just didnt do it.

And after a month see what your score is.

If you have a good score this gives you the right not only to brag all over your blog about it and to your family and friends, but also to put down anybody else who chronically procrastinates (which is my favorite benefit actually).

Also teach other people this method (you learn better when you teach others).

Im going to start doing this tomorrow LOL (my score is now 0-1).


fantasy queen said...

lol i was going to leave a comment later.....but look, i'm doing it now:)

how've u been? i've missed u:)

Don said...

I see you have the old school classic jammin' in the background.

I procrastinate alot. I've done this my entire life. But I think I am close to an even score when I take into account how many times I will get into my moods where I do just about everything @ once.

James Tubman said...

@Fantasy... im glad you are learning ... i do.believe yoi would be a good pupal (i know i spelled that wrong)... as far as how im doing... you0have to go to the chillin blog to see for yourself... @The don dada... i think if you makwe something fun to do they will be more likely to do it... We need to find some way to have fun doing the things we really dont do... or we could just think about how our procrastination affects the ones that are closest to us (thats a sobering thought)