Saturday, March 6, 2010

Remember this story for the rest of your life

Armageddon has come and your one of the lucky ones left alive.

Youre huddled in a bombed out basement with your wife and two little children with one can of beans.

Who eats the beans?

Youve probably been taught to do the noble thing, to do what a nice guy would do: Go hungry yourself and give the last can of beans to your starving wife and kids.

Well theres a whole lot of ugly just beyond that barricaded door hoping thats your answer because now you-the would be protector of your little tribe-will weaken.

And once you are too weak to resist-the wolves will break in-of the two legged variety and the four legged variety-they will kill you, they will rape your wife and eat your children!

All because you wernt strong enough-ruthless enough-to do what you had to do in the first place:


Only then will you be any good to anybody else.


phillymogul said...

intersting. be sure to visit my website at and follow me on twitter if you're on too. Look forward to networking with you.

Norm Bond

lulu said...

hi tubby, you birthday that is.... my email is

Tales said...

Mr. Tubman! How are you!It has been ages...

Tia's Real Talk said...

JAMES.....Where the heck are you? lol