Monday, November 22, 2010

The key to life is: Don't ever let emotion cloud your judgement.

At least this is what Robert Greene says in his preface in the "48 laws of power."

My experience has been that emotions do cloud judgement but the truly balanced person uses thinking and emotions in an appropriate manner to solve their problems in life.

The thing ive learned from my recent studies is that the thing that matters more than anything else is how PREPARED you are to handle a situation.

A positive mental attitude does not come from as a result of bettering your self esteem.

It doesnt come as a result of liking yourself more.

It comes as a result of being thoroughly prepared to face the challenges that are in front of you at the time.

But you know what, if you know that something is coming ahead of time you have ample time to prepare for it.

This is how you adequately control your emotions.

You see it ahead of time and you locka nd load for it.

This takes deep study and planning and if you dont feel up to completeling a task because you arent appropriately prepared then dont do it.


lulu said...

hey i havent been here for long, gosh! how r you, i need to do alot of catching up

Tia's Real Talk said...

Love the post..couldn't pay much attention to it because of your music!!
"You're #1"

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