Monday, September 8, 2008

Sisters: Why you get those painful, God Awful, mind numbing cramps and how to kill them for good! Shockingly Simple!

Sorry about the content fellas but im studying to be a natural healer or herbalist, and i think this tid bit of information might help the sisters out.

Okay, I know what you're thinking, "what can he possibly know about this? He doesnt go through the pain we go through every month!"

That may be true, but you dont always have to go through something to understand it. Some things are very simple to get.

I actually just learned about this a few days ago lol. I found the whole process interesting and so many wmen talk about how painful their periods are so i thought i would be the big man that i am and hopefully relieve some women of some terrible PAIN!

Women have periods to shed an old egg and make way for a new egg that has the chance to be fertilized (didnt know this till a couple of days ago and i got an A in my health class in high school (dumb ass lol)).

When this happens the uterus swells. And when the uterus swells it is releasing its endometrical lining thus making the uterus fertile enough to produce a new egg.

There may be a little pain that goes with this but its not supposed to be painful to the point where you cant walk, or where you'd give a blow job to any guy that came along to who promised to relieve your pain (kidding lol, i hope my mother doesnt see this)!

So why are your menstral cycles that painful?

When you look at the female anatomy you will see that the uterus is completely surrounded by the colon.

About 99.9999% of all americans have a disease called diverticulosis. This is where the colon has a lot of junk stuck in it from years and years ago that hasnt come out yet and that also causes the colon to expand because the junk hasnt been cleaned out!

The average american (and increasingly more and more people all around the world) has about 5 to 10 excess pounds of gunk and junk stuck in their colon (it's actually more like 15 to 20 pounds. For some as much as 50 pounds! Yikes!).

When you also look at the anatomy of the male or female you will see that there is no space inside the body for anything to get bigger (great illustartion to the side).

Therefore , for the female, since the colon is already too big (and for the big gurls (79% of all black women are overweight, excuse me) it's probably very large). So when the uterus expands every 28 days you better believe it's getting CRUSHED by that sigmoid colon! Thus you have the killer cramps!

So what is the obvious solution to this problem. I think a good solution would be to clean out that bowel before your period comes.

So what are some things you can do to help facilitate this process?

Of course you can lots of apple juice and prune juice. Lots of liquids especially water helps (it gets the poop all slushy so the elimination process is more effective).

I wouldnt eat during this process either. And also i would take these herbs down because these are GUARANTEED to get that colon going!

Cascada Sagrada

Senna Pods

Bayberry (just a start)

These herbs will clean a lot of that putrefied filth out of your colon. It wont get it all but it will surely put a big dent in it!

Enemas are good too (sticking a hose up your but to get some of that stuff up out of there).

But for the 3 herbs i just mentioned, go to the health food store (see if they have a whole foods in you area). Jot these 3 herbs down on a piece of paper. Go to the herb section and ask the person do they have these herbs (whole foods has cascada sagrada i know). get these herbs and take them a few days before you come on your period and please try not to eat too much. If you can do it, you might want to try a juice fast using apple, prune, grape and cherry juices during that period).

Just some helpful pointers because I hate to see a woman suffer.

If you want to, try it out and see how it goes.

I would love to hear the results!

Good Luck!


Jaila said...

this is one of those times you dont wanna holla FIRST lol.

Interesting post.

I dont have this issue. Probably because I'm a big fan of oatmeal, apple juice, prunes and other "regulating" foods. I do not eat a ton of meat and try my best to get my veggies in.

I can say tho that this works not just for cramps but to feel balanced and healthy. I can tell when I don't eat right. I feel contaminated. Thats when I go for the senna in tea form. Tastes good and works as it should.

How come when I read the title I thought u were gonna say orgasm. Orgasm will relieve cramps every time. But who wants one when ya feeling all "girly". :: shrugs ::

James Tubman said...

never thought about that

i've never gotten my red wings so i dont know if it works or not lol


Mizrepresent said...

lol, good advice, but not always the case...i have the cleanest colon in history...that's because i have had my gallbladder removed and just about everything goes through me, sometimes in an instant and yet, i am one of those people who suffer during menstrual cycles. I happen to attribute to me having the surgery, (tubes tied) bc, i didn't suffer until there are other instances besides bowel removal that would cause a woman great pain during this time...which is why i am so looking forward to men-o-pause!

James Tubman said...

actually another reason is fibroid tumors which almost every black women over 40 has and many many many women under 40 too

fibroid tumors are tumors that form on the uterus, ovaries and other reproductive organs

this is caused by all the growth hormones, and antibiotics that are pumped into the cows, pigs and chickens that we eat everyday

so when the ovaries expand with those tumors on there it might be painful as well im sure

and things migh go through you but if you have a petruding belly (i dont know if you do or not) 9 times out of ten its some clogged up gunk in there)

thanx dear

Anonymous said...

Jtub - I tell you what keep going with the herbalist because I didn't know anything about this at all. It's not intended for everyone but it's good to know. I'll stick a feather in my hat with this information.

James Tubman said...

these herbs are for anybody who wants to clean the colon

we all have problems with the hers

its the leading cause of death right underneath heart disease

its a real kick in the ass

we all need these herbs brother

trust me

Anonymous said...

Jtubman - On the herbalist kick I think you need to let us know how to lose weight the natural way. Now I grew up Muslim so I am very used to eating once a day and my body is used to it but I know with the way people say eat 5 times a day that can't be healthy. I look forward to more posts from you about Health from a black perspective.

Tia's Real Talk said...

You play boy you! lol..good wsy to attract the sistas. However, it worked. Greatly appreciated that you care enough about us to help us out, even if it is for a blog date. (sooo kidding). I thankfully have never expericenced the killer cramps, not because of my diet either, just blessed.
I do admire the holistic approach you are taking. I am not a believer of drugs. I know God put things on this earth to cure EVERYTHING! Did you know medicine only dulls the nerve that tells you something is wrong? It doesnt cure it..thats why meds have to be repeated every so many hours. The doctors diagnosed me with MS..God says different. Get any info on that, stop my way? Anyhoo there's a blueberry and yogurt concoction for the colon...let me get back to you on the other ingrediants.

PS..Birth Control Pills thins out the mucus linning so the egg can't attach. Just incase you missed that one in Health Ed..;)

Great post and thanks!

fantasy queen said...

i'll stick to apple juice(although it never works for me, even the pain relievers are not effective)
as much as i love u jt i cant stand herbs...yuck. but i'll pass the message on.
thanks for caring enuf to put this up.

p.s i'm surprised u didnt mention garlic. lol

Anonymous said...

Interesting.. U could have let me know u were writing about cramps...

I guess I need to leave the prune alone and cop that prune juice... lord knows it helps get rid of waste...

I'm one of those youngster who has been dealing with this pain as apreteen.. Since birth control tends to work... its killing my chance of having lil mini me's....

My dr prescribed me some pills and I haven't even filled it for like 3 months now... i think im going to try this to see if it works...

Umm I think its more then that though... it can also be genetic...

& yep calon cancer is on the raise..

RealHustla said...

Tub, this is all wrong. Or at least, not completely right. The pain is actually from your endometrial (check your spelling!) lining falling away from the walls of your uterus. This is why, with your worst cramps you may experience large clots coming out of you. I know, I know gross, but like you said, you don't have a period. Point in case, the biggest clot I ever had was about the size of the palm of my hand! That was two days after I had my last baby.

The uterus DOES NOT produce eggs! The OVARIES STORE our eggs, which travel trough our fallopian tubes and implants itself into the endometrial lining in our uterus. Baby girls are already born with all the eggs they will ever have. They just start setting them free after puberty.

The endometrial lining actually is only about 50% of what makes a woman fertile. If the ovaries and fallopian tubes aren't healthy, the eggs will never get to the uterus and therefore won't be able to plant themselves, and there will be no baby.

This whole post sounds like a story created to encourage women to get their colons cleaned. I'm going to step waaaay out there and ask you to take this post down and do some more research. This suggestions is all in love of course.

Okay, I don't want to say cleaning your colon won't make you feel better, but it damn sure ain't gonna get rid of the cramps.

Bigger cramps = more blood. Some months are different than others. Some months there's lots of blood and no cramps.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

they look at it completely different in the countries i lived in in africa when i ran maternal health and child survival projects

karrie b. said...

yea, i always have to shit a lot when im on my read. i never knew what you told me today tho. imma have to get them laxatives poppin.


James Tubman said...

@freeman... we all have problems with colon rectal cancer

thats right underneath heart disease

MysTery said...

Will pass this on.

Don said...

@ James Tubman: You are for real about yourself and I like that about you, my brother. I think this was a good post. And, timely, because one of my blog buddies was just telling me how cramps were killing her.

I had no idea what to tell her. lol.

Afrobabe said...

I am off to the shops now…God help you if it doesn’t work…that pic is so so gross, looks like a real person…

so far the only herbs that have worked for me is neurofen!!!

Afrobabe said...

Was thinking of trying weed...only as a cure of course....

ibiluv said...

thanks for the info

i also hear a small cervix is the cause of painful periods

but hot water bottles and drugs always help moi

FOW Ladies said...

i suffer from painful cramps and the herbs you mentioned arent the best bc of the terrible side effects. apple juice is loaded in sugar and even if you are a regular detoxer with a clean system, you will still endure painful cramps. be careful about the advice that you give for a condition that you dont have and havent spend a ton of time studying.

plus have you ever tried to down senna? it produces a crazy gag reflex and taking craps while on the period makes the cycle worse. not better. lots of love to you anyhow for helping us find a cure for this awful condition.

B said...

Hmm, I've never heard of Cascada Sagrada. I am going to look that up.

James Tubman said...

@tia's talk… welcome tia!

Thanx for coming by

Loved loved loved your comment lol

Medicine is dangerous

I think it might be best to find other alternatives

And you are sooooooo right

God made everything that we need to heal ourselves naturally

Really we don't need hospitals (except for accidents and trauma I think)

Thanx for telling me about the birth control pills

I don't think you (or any woman who takes them) want to know whats really in them

If you do ill tell you though

@queenie… yeah

If I said garlic nobody would have taken it lol

Garlic is the ultimate disinfectant and it will get those parasites out of their, period

If you drink apple juice you might wanna take some organic apples cut em up and put it in the blender or juicer if you have it

You can also put the herbs in the juice so you wont taste it

You have to drink water with it though because juice by itself is very concentrated

If I was in Nigeria I would nurse you back to health queenie

You wouldn't have any of those problems I assure you

Then I would truly be the mark Anthony to your Cleopatra lol

@lil sis… I think it would be best just to get raw organic prunes if you can find them and blend them yourself

Just make sure you drink water with it because of its high concentrated level

I don't know if its genetic or not but cleaning that colon is a great way to restore health and get rid of any pain you have

The guy im learning from said that once he cleaned his patients colons the problems went away in 80% of his patients


@real hustla… I am so grateful that you actually took the time to educate me about this whole process

Ill add this information to the post and I really thank you for that J

The guy that im learning from (Richard Schulze) has healed thousands of people of all different types of diseases

He's healed 100's of women of menstrual cramps and made 100's of women pregnant when the doctors said they couldn't have any children

I believe all of that because I healed myself of three ailments using the information I learned from him (one many say is life threatening)

I don't know if he's right about this but I know I helped myself

Thanx again

@big brother… many doctors don't know how to heal anybody of anything

They have been trained to either prescribe medicine or cut something out of somebody

Doctors frighten me lol

@baby gurl… laxatives are good

I think herbs are better though

Hope it works

@mystery… thank you

@the don… until a week ago I wouldn’t have known either lol

Hopefully this works for a lot of them

I hate to see women go through that because when they suffer WE suffer lol

@afropuff… yeah right about the weed lol

Neurofen is a drug sweetheart

Drugs do work sometimes

But like the beautiful tia up top said it only numbs the pain

It doesn’t cure it

If you continuously clean your bowel THOROUGHLY it will probably take away the pain for good

I hope it works for my sake lol

Don’t want you to come across the pond just to give a 187 

@ibuluv… welcome sweetheart

Thanx soooooo much for bringing up the hot water bottle

This is something our grandmothers knew

Why don’t we know this simple trick now

Maybe its because the pharmaceutical industry has convinced us to only loook to drugs to cure us

Those bastards lol

Hot water relaxes the muscles when its applied to the skin

So that is an excellent simple remedy


Don’t be a stranger 

@fow ladies...

thanx for stopping by and expressing yourself

im new at this natural stuff so i need all the help i can get

herbs dont have side effects

the worst that can happen is you throw up

drugs have side effects

drugs have killed 1000's of people

herbs have killed no one

ive never tried to down senna

i know you can get it in tablet form

and you can drink it as a tea

and i recommend taking it before you come on your period

but you should always poop anyway after you eat every meal

if you have anything else to say please let me know

dont be a stranger

@b… I think you should

It apart of the aloe family

It packs a big punch lol

Tia's Real Talk said...

I dont know whats in BCP but I know it is hella high in hormones which is not good for I dont take tell..whats in it?

I think anything but homeopathogens have side effects. Look at weed. Its an herb and it has hella side effects right?

Don said...

exactly @ they suffer, we suffer. Real talk. And the song in the background is classic, bruh.

Shai said...

Whew! Thanks goodness Realhustla broke it down correctly.

Tub you dropped the ball on this one. Plus, I am very skeptical of a man telling how to cure my cramps(thank goodness I hardly get). SMH.

Why don't you educate men on their sexual health? It is GREATLy needed. SERIOUSLY needed.

James Tubman said...

hey shai

its good to see you here

ill stop by later :)

@don... yup

@tia's talk... i would like to get your email to personally talk about that

ill tell you one thing though

the guy im learning from Richard Schulze has cured thousands of people of different diseases and illnesses and he said the 80% of his patients have been cured of their illnesses just by cleaning the colon

cleaning the colon has a lot of benefits

that is an understatement lol

and homeopathy is different from what im learning

i am training to be a natural healer thats different from a homeopathist

and you asked for it about the birth control pills

they have the urine in it from an ovuating horse

thats why they are so many hormones in it because they use the hormone levels of an animal that weighs 1000 pounds or more

i dont know if being on birth control makes women horny

with all of those hormones i would think so though

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it now... you're a transvestite...

what other so called man that has no idea what cramps feel like, try to explain to a women what will make them feel better when they are pms'ing...

yup... you have to be a tranny