Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here is my Ode to the Most Beautiful Women In The World: The Afrikan Woman

I love afrikan women so so much.

I think they are so beutiful it alomst makes me cry just thinking about how beautiful they are.

They have rich dark brown velvety chocalate skin.

They are nice and easy to get along with.

They are so smart (i Love, Love, LOVE intelligent women).

They know different languages.

The've seen so many things.

They've had so many experiences (good and bad) that has made them the wonderful people they are.

They have gorgeous bodies (sometimes i can be hypnotized by them) and they have that smooth, dark rich velvety brown skin.

Just makes me want to eat em all up like a chocalate sundae.

God blessed this earth when he created the Afrikan woman.

She is a marvel, a masterpiece, a divine work of art.

Thank you God for creating her.

You couldnt have given the black man a greater gift.


Just...Toluwa said...

Thnx, Thnx, thnx...LOL!

on a serious note, the earth is also blessed to have the Afrikan Man. They have a role, although small, in somewhat making the african woman what she is...

RealHustla said...

LMAO @ Toluwa.

Jarrai said...

Why thanks brother Tubman!! lol

The african man is a forced to be reakoned with too. He is a wonderful gift to the world.

Lindah said...

Thanks James,
A great tribute to the African beauty.

Buttercup said...

awww u make me feel even more honored to be an Afrikan woman!

i love my Afrikan men too!!!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Loved it! Hands down to you! I too think their skin is sooooo pretty. I was never comfy in my skin as a teen and even young adult. I wanted to be darker. Yes, I was talked about for being light just as dark skin people did. In the summer I couldn't wait til I got a tan, but then I noticed only my body got carmalized and my face stayed yellow! I found out my granddad was half irish. That soooooo sucked for me! There goes my tan!!

James Tubman said...

i wanted to be lighter too so i use to put suntan lotion on my face everyday lol

i burned up doing that

now you can still see the results today

be careful about what you use

and i like you the way you are tia

you better not change