Sunday, January 4, 2009

The First Steps In Learning How To Deal With The Black Woman Of The 21st Century! (Brothers If You Dont Know This You Will Be Victimized By Them)

The more i learn about black women, the more i realize that there is so much more i need to learn.

Fortunately i study important works on this subject, and i have had many interactions with these women so i have some semlance of what they are about and how to go about dealing with them in the most effective manner (even though it doesnt always end up that way lol).

I am writing this post and i will be writing other posts like this because for the last month i have seen men do the stupidest, craziset things that were provoked by a woman.

I was watching some judge shows a couple of weeks ago and this white guy was on there.

This dude said that he beat himself up with a beer bottle, punched himself damn near knocked himself uinconscious then called the police and told them that his girlfriend did it just to get back at her.

This one guy destrotyed this womans car because he was mad at her.

This guy that my sister is going with got mad at what my sister and put comet and bleach in the fish tanks at her house and killed the fish.

My uncle threw the christmas tree in his house and got put in jail because of an argument he had with his wife.


I have done some things that i am not proud of over a woman too.

I dont think a real man would let a woman get them riled up like that!

I mean certainly we have to check the bitches that we interact with if they get too out of hand, but i've been through that shit and uh, I AINT GOING TO JAIL FOR NOBODY!

Brothers, there are some things you have to learn about the black woman that they are not going to tell you.

Luckily there are brave black women out there who will give you the real scoop.

If you havent met that one that almost drove you insane you might so you have to know these rules.

There are certain things that they have been trained to do by the bitter, ignorant women in their lives since they were young.

They have very very distorted and evil perceptions about black men that most brothers are not aware of (especially the afrikan american woman).

The things that i've read in the black man's guide to understanding the black woman, and have seen with my own eyes and have heard about women doing are unbelievable.

I got to get my thoughts on this together but if you want to see some real talk on how screwed up the modern day black woman is today (not just her but damn near all women who live in the united states) then stay tuned becasue im about the tell you some things that most of you might know on a subconscious level but never really thought about.

Stay tuned.


Lina said...

Do you do this shit for attention?

James Tubman said...

i did it because i think brothers need to know who they are dealing with

and to remind myself of who im dealing with

i really dont care who comes by here

i am going to say what i feel on my own blog


Anonymous said...

I'm all ears bruh. I bet chapter one is "Walk Away"

rawdawgbuffalo said...

have a blessed 2009 folk

MysTery said...

You need to do some posts on how to deal with black men/boys in '09! lol. Real talk.