Monday, January 5, 2009

Some of the things i learned about black women by watching episodes of girlfriends. (never forget that information is power)

If you want to understand the modern day black women you have to see them in their natural environment.

Read their blogs, find out what they are talkign about, watch the shows that they watch, delve into their psychology as much as possible because you are going to have to deal with them for the rest of your life and you want to be able to deal with them in a way that doesnt cause you to hurt her or hurt yourself (and there are women that might drive you to do one or the other, or both).

When you really think about it, men should have the control in relationships with black women anyway becuase they heavily outnumber us.

And the vast majority of black women have no appeal for white men so we are the only ones they want.

You better not let any stupid, psychotic woman cause you to do something stupid that might land you in jail.

Your freedom is too valuable and there are so many black women to choose from, why would you be pressed over one woman to the point where you would even think about putting your hands on her or doing something else detrimental to yourself and possibly her.

You gotta wake up brothers.

A woman is not worth all of that unless you have kids by her then you have to deal with her and ill give you some tidbits on how to handle her later this week.

Anyway according to Shahrazad Ali there are 4 types of american black women and we are only going to address one today: The High Class One.

This one is the most alienated of them all and she is dangerous because she influences the other 3.

In the next post ill explain the psychology of the 4 in total but i wanted to post this first.

So what did i learn from the modern day black women by looking at countless episodes of this unfortunate show lol:

  • The high class black woman has no problem droping a man whenever she wants on a whim
  • She has no problem degrading and humiliating him in private or in public
  • She thinks that she is a mack LOL
  • They think they are qualified to tell men where to go, how to talk and how to act (and they excercise this right frequently)
  • High class black women challenge men and their manhood at will
  • The show girlfriends completely humiliates black men
  • The high class black women want men to think, feel and act the way they want them to
  • Many of the men on girlfriends whine and complain and dont want to take a step without the direction of a woman
  • They are constanly involved with a power struggle with men
  • They think that men are stupid and they are only motivated by the affection and love of a woman
  • these women rarely appologize and they HATE the truth
  • men worship the self hating black women that degrade them
  • black women who are beautiful, got money and pay their own bills think that a black man cant tell them anything
  • this black woman has soooooooo many problems establishing and maintaining intimate relationships with men (you can see by this by the amount of relationships she falls in and out of)
  • the guys because they are so mentally dependent on the affection of women starts to act like a child and she is put off by this neediness

This is only a few of my findings but im still on this case.

Even if these statements are not true i would looooooove for someone to prove me wrong.




This was a little raw but brothers dont know the seriousness of this situation until they are stuck in a cold jail cell thinking (what the hell just happened).

We cant be afraid to talk about this issue because we are afraid of being bullied or ostracized by women.

Think about that.

Peace out.


RealHustla said...

When you learn that I am in fact "a mack" your life will go much smoother.

Get away from that t.v., baby.

James Tubman said...


a lot of yall think yall are but you aint

you'll never be able to do it like us chica

FreeMan Press said...

I can second a lot of what you are saying on this post. Primarily because I hear from these type of women what the hell can a man do for me. I think you need to make these posts it's own special page when you finish so we can reference it in the future. Still I'm all ears!

James Tubman said...

what they dont realize is that men are already telling them what to do

the men that rubn the advertisning industry are telling them what to wear and how to look

the men who they work for are telling them what time to come in and what time to leave

their lives are completely controlled by men and the real smart ones know that

freeman you gotta get this book man "the blackman's guide to understanding the black woman"

its incredible

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This post is pathetic,seriously I CAN'T BELIEVE what i am reading.

So u guys think u can supress women after all the things we did to have the right to get where we are today. Get real!

Yes we do not need a man to tell us what to do,guess what God gave us brains too and we can use it and have used it very well.

"black women who are beautiful, got money and pay their own bills think that a black man cant tell them anything".
Honey isn't that the pot calling the kettle black,that goes to men too.

To be honest, i think you writing this means you have women and abandonment issues. Maybe someone has stepped all over you with sharp high heels and it obviously pierced through.

You sound very bitter, but all this negative energy will get you nowhere.

I suggest you clean your act up. Get therapy, eat your greens, do yoga, anything!!lol lol

You can never tell a woman what to do,esp a black woman,we gave birth to you lot!

James Tubman said...

thank you for your comment

i didnt write this post to try to convince women because i know that the modern day black woman has a hard time haring the truth from men

i wrote this post to inform brothers of who they are dealing with now or who they are going to deal with in the future

many black women have horrible opinions of black men

brothers just have to deal with it but we also have to realize that this not our fault

and 9 out of every 10 black males in this country has been "pierced" by black women

this is what yall do lol

but i still love yall

come back soon ya hear

i aint done yet

Anonymous said...

hahahaha this blog is funnier then heck...especially dragging up some decades old book that was discredited years ago...seriously, where did you even find this book?

Why not just go off and date women of other races if black women are so out of control? Most sistas with half a brain wouldn't date any one waving this book around anyway.

Anonymous said...

I think that if you had the mental capacity to think clearly and critically, you would make some good points! Unfortunately, your ideas are mysogynistic and self-hating. Yes, self-hating because a black woman (if you are black) bore you.

It sounds like you have issues with your mother, you have issues with an inferiority complex with white men and whites as a whole. I suggest counseling...

Candice said...

Ok, black people you are scaring me (and truly disappointing me). You are basing your assessment of black females on a pathetic tv show stocked full of 2 dimensional stereotypes produced by a waspy ass white man???????

If you are going to play this game at least exercise the due diligence to compare this lame azz show to "Living Single" which was produced by a black woman and showed "healthy" black folks in "healthy" relationships.

I mean really, just damn...Sometimes you make some good points on this blog bruh, then other times you have me questioning your sanity.

lulu said...

woah come to africa to find women that dont live in the clouds better still go to church where women still know who the head of the house is and will always be

RockNRollSista said...

You came to this conclusion from watching girlfriends??? Wow. As far as knowing my place...whats all that about. I am an educated black woman. I have a Bachelor Degree in English(and will soon have a Masters and a Doctorate in psych.) I don't have a chip on my shoulder nor do I hate on black. If I marry a man who does not make as much as I do or will who cares. As long as he loves me and respects me. I am tired of being called a bitch and a hoe. I am a beautiful black woman who only wants to succeed in this world full of racism, get married , have a couple of kids and settle down. I can't speak for all black women but I damn sure can say this..if a woman works she is in no way less feminine than a woman who chooses to be a homemaker. Enough of this wet dream of the perfect subservient woman...she does not exist. Silence is not an option with me. I am the rockn roll sista ...and I truly hope that you can handle all that I have said.

James Tubman said...

anonymous2... im glad you find my posts amusing

i love black women way too much to ever get a becky sue

i might consider afrikan women though

@anonymous3... i hope you check the women in your circle who routinely degrade and humilate black men

if you are not as honest with them as you are with me then you are a hypocrite

i dont think you do though

@anonymous4... well at least you had the courage to at least put your name up there lol

not like the others

i dont expect you to understand this but ill try to school you anyway

many middle and upper middle class black women watch this show faithfully

social scientist george gerbener who studied the medias impact on the human mind for over 50 years made this assessment

the more TV you watch the more you think real life is like whats on TV

so even if some of the women believe these stereotypes to be true but are still watching the show they are internalizing those false values

and they eventually treat men like the girls on girlfriends

these other sterotypes are also projected in other arenas, sister circles, on other shows like court shows, movies, sit coms and the like

i know you wont take this into consideration because the black woman doesnt like to take the opinion of a black man

i can understand why you act the way you act

im not mad at you

you have been trained to be the black man's enemy

it is what it is

@lulu...this is what the americanized black man has to deal with lulu

it is what it is

they hate black men with a passion

its not their fault though

thats the way they've been socialized since birth

even the ones in the church are screwed up to

they dont know any better

@rockandroll... i appreciate your comment

but like black men black women have roles that they have to fulfill in life too

when i say submit to black men i mean submit to the will of responisble race conscious black men who are trying desperately to make things better for the black race

that is the only man you should submit to

stop by again sometime

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u good i could never watch stuff like that - i play it by ear

James Tubman said...

its bestto play it by ear

but there are some things that all of them do consistently

RockNRollSista said...

By submitting to that responsible race conscious(sp) black man do you mean remain quiet. Do you mean not have a say in anything? It should be an equal partnership. The voice of the black woman should be valued not told to shut up and make babies.

James Tubman said...

the black woman's insight is not only valuable

it is indispensile

but she cant give good advice unless she has knowledge of self

and unless she knows her roles as a black woman

James Tubman said...

the black woman's insight is not only valuable

it is indispensile

but she cant give good advice unless she has knowledge of self

and unless she knows her roles as a black woman

James Tubman said...

the black woman's insight is not only valuable

it is indispensile

but she cant give good advice unless she has knowledge of self

and unless she knows her roles as a black woman

James Tubman said...

the black woman's insight is not only valuable

it is indispensile

but she cant give good advice unless she has knowledge of self

and unless she knows her roles as a black woman