Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to make sweet sweet love to a woman in a way she has never had it before (make her say oh yeah, oh god, oh yeah (and some more stuff): part one

This right here is the real definition of sex education.

The stuff they teach you in middle and high school is not sex education.

It's disease education (but thats another story).

As i'm sure you know there is an art and science to making love.

With women the main 3 keys to pleasing them in the bedroom starts with remebering these 3 needs; you need to be spontaneous, you need to tease her first and you need to take your time when you are pleasuring her.

Women say they want a man with a slow hand.

Too many brothers dont get this fact (maybe they do now i dont know).

They want a man that will take their time in pleasing her.

They want a man that will make love in a variety of different ways.

She wants someone who will tease her and make her wait.

Let's talk about Spontaneity.

Men think that if something works why not do it everytime.

That sounds good to me, but women get bored easily with routine movements during sex.

They need variety.

Now that doesnt mean that you have to go all out and do some kind of intricate, complex sexual ritual everytime you sleep with her.

Sometimes instead of just going straight for the goodies genty rub your fingers around her breast.

Then the next time reverse the motion.

That's all it takes.

Just a little slight adjustment can give great pleasure.

Like the next time start rubbing your fingertips up and down her spine.

Then the next time start by, i dont know, gently sliding your fingers up and down the sides of her body outlining her figure while you whisper sweet nothings in her ear from behind (a quick note: be genuine when you are saying sweet nothings and speak in complete sentences (for some reason women like that).

Another turn on is to rub your aroused body gently against hers while your clothes are still on.

Small differences like these make things new and exciting for her.

A good analogy is a baseball game.

When the guy steps up to the plate you dont know what he is going to get.

He could get a base on ball, a single a double or a grand slam.

The possibilities are endless.

And the possibilities are truly endless during the course of giving tantilizing foreplay she will thoroughly enjoy.

Remember that.

The Second Part Is TEASING the Woman.

Women need for men to stimulate their least erogenous areas before they get to the juicy parts.

Dont gloss over this sentence please.

This means take a little time in taking off the bra.

Slide your fingers slowly around the straps of her bra.

Unstrap her bra as if you are about to take it off, then put it back on again and start over (when you see how much she is enjoying this then you will be tempted to tease her more).

It would be a good idea to one day take a look at her bra's and see how they unstrap so that she will be pleasantly surprised when you unstrap them for her one day.

When you are stimulating her indirectly there will be a great desire to go for the nipples or the vagina.

Hold off on that because women like to be teased first.

The way to overwhelm her with desire is to touch random parts of the body then make your way slowwwly to the hot spots.

You can have fun with this yourself (if it aint fun dont do it).

For instance, at that point where you have finally gotten to the breast, circle around the breast gently and slowly three times then go back to a non erogenous area and start over.

You will see that she will burn with desire for you to touch her in those special places.

Just remember to slowly stimulate he non sexual parts first before you get to the other parts.

Women Need More Time Than We Do.

First of all, in order to go give the average woman an orgasm you must touch the clit.

Most guys dont touch this area enough.

When John Gray wrote his book "Mars and Venus in the Bedroom," he interviewed thousands of women about their sexual experiences.

Most women said the man doesnt touch her down there, and if he does touch her there it's only for about 2 or 3 minutes.

Women need 10 times that amount to have a chance at climaxing.

Female sexual behavior opperates in cycles.

Think of it in terms of the cycles of the moon.

When she is in a full moon state she is on full blast sexually.

When she is in a half moon state... you get the picture.

Gray comes up with a good way of knowing what mood she's in without asking her.

When she's in full moon mode she can wear the skimpiest, slutiest teddies she can find (or something like that lol).

When she's in the new moon state (where there is hardly a moon) she can wear flannel overalls and a cucumber mask for her face lol.

Have some special clothing that indicates the sexual state she is in.

Getting back to the time factor.

Women need longer amounts of time to get off than men do.

For instance, when you are sucking on her nipples and stroking her clit at the same time or giving her some cunninglus (i hope i spelled that right) you need to have a clock by your bed so you can know how long you're going (do this discreetly without drawing a lot of attention to what you are doing).

Remember that no matter how long you go sometimes she's just not going to come (and that's fine, nothing is wrong with that at all).

Dont let that hurt your ego.

Just realize she might not be that horny.

Make sex fun.

Keep it fun and things will work out pretty well.

Final thought.

In order to really know what your woman wants sexually you have to get that info from her in some way.

Im a straight shooter so i have no problems in asking her directly.

I once asked an ex could i actually talk to the brother she used to have great sex with so maybe i can get some pointers on how to plreasure her better (you might not want to go that far lol).

Gray recommends that both of yall read a book on sexual positions and techniques and talk about it together.

This way she will make crystal clear to you what she likes and doesnt like.

Thats all i got for now.

Good luck.


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That's a very good lesson sir thanks a lot it really works god bless you keep up the good work.

Norton Carty said...

That's a very good lesson sir thanks a lot it really works god bless you keep up the good work.

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