Friday, July 10, 2009

The Number 1 Mistake Most People Make In Life and How To Stop Making That Mistake!

We all make mistakes in life suffice it to say.

They are ineveitable.

But we dont have to let them destroy our life and lead us on a path to self - destruction.

Life is all about making decisions and taking gambles.

When we are in our gambling mode then we either do one of two things.

If we keep losing when we are gambling (if we keep striking out in our relationships, if we are not making enough in our money making endeavors, if we are not raising our children appropriately) we continue to do these things but we put more on the line as we continue to lose.

We use the same strategies and we try to look for that magic bullet that will miraculously give us what we want in one shot.

Others will continue to lose and even though they are still losing they will still do things the same way but they will lower the amount of times they make these decisions.

Sometimes they might get a victory and things might be slightly better for a little while.

But then when they luck up and win once, they still see all that they have missed as a result of gambling so this short lived victory doesnt make them happy (as a matter of fact they would have liked it better if they lost because now they can justify not putting themselves out there as much as they did).

When we are losing pathetically at anything we seek to do it is best to stop.

Just stop it completely and regroup.

When you continue to do the same things you always did and you see that they arent working then it would make sense to stop wouldnt it?

But its hard for people who have been set in a certain lifestyle and mode of thinking to stop that way of behaving all of a sudden.

It is the best thing to do though.

Now how about if we are winning?

How about if things are going pretty well and it seems as if we are successful?

It would make sense to continue to roll the dice and put slightly more on the line as you progress (dont give it all away but make a gradual progression).

However, the minute you lose again it's best to stop right then and there (for a person who is used to taking risks its hard for them to stop. But it is the best thing to do.)

Here are some additional pointers to keep in mind when you are making decisions and taking risks in your life.

#1 - Never Act Out of Fear (if you can avoid acting)

When you act out of fear you have lost before you even played the game.

If you have to win then you will lose.

We shouldnt put that much pressure on ourselves.

If you are overly preoccupied with the outcome then you are going to lose because the fear of losing is keeping you from focusing on what you are doing ( and you should always be focused on the game not on whether you're gonna lose or not).

If you are afraid to do it dont do it until you are more confident in your abilities.

#2 - You should have a "dont give a f" attitude

Again you shouldnt be concerned at all about the outcome.

If you keep your head in the game and focus on doing every little thing thats in front of you now right then, you will win.

And if for some strange reason you dont win you wont care anyway.

Little victories add up to big wins.

Dont get emotionally involved involved in what you are doing or you will lose.


FreeMan said...

Just keep your head down and move forward. If you concentrate on the steps in front of you one day you'll turn around and see you built something. All you have to do is start and the rest will take care of itself.

James Tubman said...

that was a dumb ass post lol

i dont understand what the hell i was talking about

James Tubman said...

that wasnt a dumb post

i just read it again and it actually made a lot fo sense

i agree with the start thing freeman

there is a brother (you probably know him) his name is farrah gray (a brother) in his mid 20's worth almost 100 million dollars

in his recent book on how to get rich the first rule he has is "just show up"

he's right

if you dont show up to the arena you have no chance at all of wining

the emrys said...

yap, totally makes sense!