Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How to solve the crime problem in our cities (easy solutions to a seemingly enigmatic, mysterious problem)

I couldn't resist putting this picture up lol.

Some people have no idea how clueless they look to the world.

This really is a deep subject and of course today i cant talk about it the way i want to but i will try to give you the gist of why we are commiting so many crimes against each other.

Last weekend was a bloody one in Baltimore (compared with other cities and towns in the United States, not the world).

About 18 people were shot within a 6 hour time span.

Twelve people were shot at a cookout, including a two year old baby girl and a 27 year old woman (the 27 year old was shot in the chest 10 times suggesting that it might have been a crime of pasion).

Two of the 18 died while the rest are recovering.

I listened to a local radio show this morning and many of the local activists called and expressed their disgust and anguish.

Some of the locals called and gave their opinions about the issue.

I only heard a few who actually got it right or were in the ballpark.

I live in the inner city and i see horrible crimes commited all the time (unfortunately i have commited some myself).

Before i actually studied the causes of Black on Black violence i was puzzled by our violent behavior toward each other.

I think I have the reason down pact now as to why we hurt each other in such large numbers.

It has everything to do with something called misplaced aggresion or displacement.

A prominent psychologist of the early 1900's by the name of Sigmund Freud (or Sick - man Freud, depending on how you want to look at it) wanted to know why people react the way they do when they are worried, scared, freightened or anxiety ridden.

Through his studies he came up with some predictable characteristics that people exhibit when they are anxious called defense mechanisms.

When a person wants to shield themselves from shame, guilt, fear, anger, sadness or any other negative emotion they act out one or more of these mechanisms to help themseleves cope with their problems.

Some defense mechanisms that many of you are aware of are denial - refusing to accept reality for what it is; distortion - twisting your perception of reality to avoid dealing with your problems; or repression - pushing thoughts that you dont want to think about out of your mind because you cant deal with them right now.

Well another defense mechanism that many of us act out (especially black women) is displacement.

This is when somebody else made you angry and instead of taking your anger out on the people who put you in that position you take it out on a less threatening innocent target (like when a woman hollers and beats her child because she is mad at her husband, or when a cop violates a man's rights and instead of getting back at that police officer he goes to a club and beats up a brother that steps on his new nikes).

See the government has completely given up on the citizens in most inner cities.

The government has created poor neighborhoods through their policies.
Some neighborhoods and houses in the ghetto arent even fit for animal habitation.

There is lead in the water, the kids go to dilapidated schools, the black men have been denied job opportunities because the government allows large numbers of illegal aliens to come in and take the jobs they would normally have.

The government disproportionately locks up inner city dwellers and actually invests more money in their incarceration and procurement in the criminal justice system than they do in educating them (30 to 50,000 dollars a year per inmate compared to about 10,000 dollars a year or less per student).

The conditions that the federal government imposes on the poor in this country make them mad (there is no way they cannot be angry at this betrayal of their humanity).

So instead of taking their anger, frustration and anxiety out on the government that put them in this horrible situation they transfer or "displace" that anger on less threatening targets (each other).

So when you see black people hurting one another, shooting one another, stealing from one another, raping one another; then you must know that they are taking out their anger on their neighbor, cousin, friend, loved one because they are afraid to attack the ones who made them put them in that horrible condition to begin with; WHITE MEN.
Dr. Amos Wilson, a famous pan afrikanist black psychologist, said that "the reason why black men kill each other so much is because they have not yet decided to kill white men!"

Which means that we as men, have not yet decided to stop the government from discriminating against us and treating us (and our women and children) in an inhumane way.

And until we make a solid plan to do this we will always have violence because that underlying frustration and anger has to go somewhere.


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