Thursday, August 6, 2009

Introducing the Cure ALL for all diseases, infections, cancers, viruses and illnesses! (Please dont call the cops on me)

This is the master herbalist Dr. Richard Schulze.

He has cured himself of heart disease (which the doctors said he would die from if he didnt get surgery).

He studied under some of the greatest herbalists of the 20th century like dr. bernard jensen, dr. edwarsd shook and my favorite herbalist Dr. John Christopher.

These 4 men have combined to help cure hundreds and thousands of men, women, children and animals of hundreds of diseases and illnesses.

They students all around the world who are practicing natural healing (like myself).

He has been jailed and had his pharmacy broken into and closed down by the FBI for teaching people how to restore their health no matter what illness they have without drugs or surgery.

I have healed myself of different illnesses based on the information he has given to the world.

I have used this plague tonic on several occasions and i will tell you this ladies and gentleman, this tonic is the absolute cure to the common cold.

Whenever I have a cold or the flu (definately could use this for swine flu) i take about 30 spoonfuls and i am amazed at how fast it works.

Even if you think all of this is complete bullshit, try it for 6 weeks (you can do anything for only 6 weeks).

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