Friday, March 28, 2008

How to point out the Bluffin' Mcmuffins!

McDonald's should pay me for posting that picture by the way.

We all know people out there who say they'll do something get all enthusiastic about it, saying stuff like "I'll definitely do it" and "don't try me or I'll do it i swear," but never get around to doing what they say they were going to do.

I'm a Mcmuffin unfortunately with this audio book. I said i was going to initially put this thing out at the end of January but it's been taking me so long because i am afraid that you might not like it lol (pathetic).

I know it's stupid i should just go out already and do the damn thing but I'm afraid. Afraid that you won't actually use what i give you. But really i think this is my own issue.

See when we are afraid to deal with the pressing issues in our own lives we become the nagging, hounding control freaks in other people's lives. We get so excited and addicted to judging and controlling others that we loose our perspective of who we are and loose perspective of our own issues.

While not thinking about our own issues and focusing on other stuff isn't bad at all, we still have to eventually face our own or we'll be crushed by them.

It all starts with knowledge of self of course. Being honest with yourself (not blaming your self for your flaws, but just simply thinking about what your major challenges are in life), finding a solution to the problems that you have (when the student is ready the teacher will appear) and making the decision to do the right thing (that's all it takes).

But anyway let's get back to the subject at hand (what the heck am i doing, i shouldn't be letting y'all inside the vault lol).

People who bluff will always try to appear more confident than what they really are.

Say for instance a person is threatening to leave their partner if they don't do something for them.

If they are really serious about leaving they'll be sad and regretting (probably on the verge of tears). They won't be concerned about how you see them at all so they'll project a vulnerable, somber image that is regreting because they wish it never came down to this.

But if they are trying to show you that they don't need you and that they could easily get someone else, or they are trying to guilt trip you into doing what they tell you by talking about you never do this or you always do that then don't even waist your time worrying, they aint going nowhere.

The Mcmuffin will always try to portray the opposite of how they really feel so they'll hype you up by saying things that get you all fired up because they are overly concerned about the image they are projecting to you.

A person who is being honest won't be overly confident, they'll be reluctant in making the decision because they don't know if they will be able to do it or because they don't want to not keep their word.

Make sure you be on alert for the Mcmuffin's. When you look for these signs it will be blatantly obvious.

stop settling for less in your relationships. you have the power to change your partner for the better. if you have an open mind don't be afraid to click here to learn more.


Eb the Celeb said...

Only you would make a relationship analogy with a mcmuffin... only you TUBS

James Tubman said...

i'm flattered by that complement my dear but unfortunately i can't take any credit for that

i got that analogy from my cousin (he's more hood than i am so he's down with all the new slang on the street)

but thanx though

really love the fact or fiction thing you had

Anonymous said...

Missed ya big bro... Remember what I told you? Put that dang thing out! lol not really but, sometimes we can't let fear run our lives . If we do, how will our dreams come true? ok i'm speaking to myself excuse me.. oh you can borrow it if you want.

mcmuffin eww that has eggs in it...

James Tubman said...

missed u too d'lee

wut u allergic or something lol

yeah i know

just don't want to waist peoples time with drivel

fear can ruin our lives

i think i'm too concerned about what other people think

this is my major downfall

thanx sis

FREEDOM said...

I so feel yA on this post. I have WASTED so much time saying I am going to study for the LSAT. I mean I even have some study books and I am still saying to myself I am going to study so that I can apply in September to Law School, but has only cracked open the study books maybe three times. I also want to take the prep course leading up to the test, but keep putting that off too. I was thinking about applying next year. Talk about being pathetic…lol! I guess I am a little scarred about all the hard work and sacrifice I am going to have to put into achieving my goals. Nevertheless, I can do it. Like the chew chew train I have to keep saying to myself “I think I can, I think I can”. LOL!!

I too have to tighten up and just “DO the damn thing”.

No more Mcmuffins for me! They are making me sluggish!

James Tubman said...

free free... that was so funny

and you are so smart you gave me a different way of seeing how this formula applies to us an individuals

yes, we bluff ourselves by telling ourselves that we will do it but never get to it

i think what you have to do is do it when you don't really want to but realize that once you start doing it it won't be that bad

like with your lsat books

do it when you really don't want to and you'll find out that once you start you'll be glad that you did and you'll start to feel a lot better because you will cone to the realization that you are doing something for yourself

we only feel truly good when we do the right thing

so do the do the damn thing and make sure it's right lol

Anonymous said...

J, allergic .. would be the perfect word. but on the real my body just can't stand it. the smell, the touch.... ok now i do use it to make me some pancakes lol...

Freedom, wow law school huh? Sounds great.. I be thinking about it also, and studying isn't my best friend.

AkaniZZle said...
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!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

wow, that was Interesting, well i gues ill know more about ure writing as i continue to read.

u ahve a nice space here

AkaniZZle said...
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Lovebabz said...

Am I hungry after that post? HHmm JT you are always getting folks to the abys without dropping them in! I rather like this post. Very interesting!

James Tubman said...

@d'lee... i thought you said you didn't like eggs

are u a mcmuffin lol

@fab... thanx for stoping by

peace love and hair grease

@babz in love... thanks sweetheart

you always have the nicest things to say to me

it wasn't always like that lol

Don said...

We get so excited and addicted to judging and controlling others that we loose our perspective of who we are and loose perspective of our own issues. Amen. This one statement is the main reason why I will tell people in a heartbeat, "God understands me." That usually shuts 'em up.

I think alot of people could stand to sweep around their own front door. Including me.

James Tubman said...

one person said that the key to being sucessful in life is minding your own business lol

he might be right about that

dejanae said...

im the emperess of procrastination
ur in good

Queen of My Castle said...

This was really insightful and holds much truth. One really doesn't care about protecting an image when serious and passionate about what s/he is asking for.

LOL @ McMuffin. Reminds me of that line in The Longest Yard when he told the other guy that he was acting like a real McAsshole. I died laughing at the line. LOL

Rich said...

I need to read your blog more. This was good. The fear is just in your head. If you weren't good enough you wouldn't have the mind to do it in the first place. Good, bad or indifferent just roll with it. It's a place to start. It's not the end of the road.

FREEDOM said...

@D'lee Trecia...

What'z up gurl!

Yeah law school. I feel in Law School that is where I find the tools to be the best writer that I can possibly be. Along with learning the law domestic and foreign to help educate our people about their rights.

So many people are locked up today because they did not know their rights nor had competent lawyers to represent them.

Studying is going to a challenge but I believe we both can overcome this obstacle by building a stable network from our fellow peers. We must always remember that we are not in this along and we must seek help when we need it!

Finding a really good study group is key to helping us tackle the fear of studying for hours on end. A good network of people will also allow us to distribute the work equally among ourselves and then come back together again to share and discuss our findings.

Hey, if you are thinking about going to Howard I got your back! If not we could still brain storm together to tackle any obstacles that might try to hinder us from being the BEST LAWYERS that we can be for our people, our community, our God, our families, and ultimately for ourselves.

Peace and many prayers sent your way because I do understand your plight and struggle.


MysTery said...

Great post!! (applause) :)

And that thing looks gross!!

Anonymous said...

@ "A person who is being honest won't be overly confident, they'll be reluctant in making the decision because they don't know if they will be able to do it or because they don't want to not keep their word."

That's so real. Genuine people always go about things reluctantly, because their word means everything to them.