Sunday, March 16, 2008

How to overcome the tyranny of media brainwashing

If you don't want the truth I advise you to go somewhere else because it's getting ready to get hot up in here. And if you are a woman I want you to take off all of you clothes lol.

But seriously, many of us don't want to face the truth about what's happening to us. We actually think that we think for ourselves and that we are not influenced by outside forces. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaa (laughs and laughs some more lol). Three second pause... laughs some more. Just a little bit harder lol. Calming down.

Naw, we definitely are influenced by the media. From the way that we want to represent ourselves (our clothes, shoes, jewelry etc.). To what we think about all the time (celebrity gossip, music video's, news, sports). Television, movies, radio and Internet play a pivotal role in all of our lives unless we live under a rock somewhere.

The media decides for us who is beautiful, who is talented, who is popular and who we should keep our eyes on. If you don't believe that televising plays an impact on you go one week without watching it at all. No movies, no sitcoms, no games, no commercials, nothing.

Some of us can't go to sleep without it on (used to be like that). For some of us it's that friend that's always there. To entertain us. To dazzle us. To spark our attention. To talk to us and make us feel accepted and appreciated.

That's how it's designed.

The main purpose for the TV, movies and other media is to sell us things. Not to inform us. Not to guide us on the right path, but to give the corporations who are financing them a wide medium to sell their products and services. Even music video's are advertisements because they are selling Cd's (some of us know how to get free music though).

The people who dictate what goes on television, movies the radio and to a less extent the Internet are a handful of huge multi-national corporations who's only interest in us is how much they can get from us.

They know what makes us happy. And they also know that buying their products won't. So they pay psychologists, sociologists, physicists and other scientists to give them the straight dope on how to convince their wide audience to pony up our hard earned money to them.

They take polls on what really makes human beings happy and the people say the same thing every year (better relationships with their partner, family and friends, more leisure time, financial independence, peace of mind etc. not BMW's, Jessica Simpson pumps or whatever) and the media convinces us through their advertisements that the only way we can attain these goals is by buying more of their stuff.

Sad but true.

So what can we do to keep from giving these vampiristic bloodsuckers our rainy day fund, our mortgage and rent payments, our savings account and our children's college tuition? Learn more about how they are screwing us with a big high definition, plasma enhanced tool by going to the media education foundation's websites and get some documentaries about what's happening to us as a people (killing us softly III: women in advertising and dreamworlds III: desire, sex and power in music videos are 2 of my favorites). You can see these documentaries for free, just go on line to the local college libraries and you'll find one that has some of their stuff their (this is how i educated myself for the last 3 years).

Sell your television. Don't have one and I've never looked back. Volunteer. Join anywhere. Find a cause that you really are passionate about and find an organization in your town that's down for that cause. You'll meet great people there (maybe a future husband or wife) and you'll have a good time because you know that you'll be doing something positive.

Blog, Blog and Blog some more. Even if you are going through radiation withdrawal from not watching enough television, blog about it. Since I've started blogging my world has completely changed. I've met new people who have been nothing but positive and I've connected with people as far away as India and china.

There aren't too many other mediums in the world that allow you to have this kind of influence and support (they'll definitely tell it like it is, if it needs to be told).

So don't let some satanic, Antichrists in stuffed suits use your mind as a sceptic tank.

Get off the couch and LIVE why don't you.

Preaching session is done for today.

stop settling for less in your relationships. you have the power to change your partner for the better. if you have an open mind don't be afraid to click here to learn more.


Danyelle said...

I just have one question. Have you ever tried on a Jessica Simpson pump???? Obviously not, because they are the best. Lol, seriously though, they're cute, extremely comfy, and not to hard on a college students pockets. What more can a girl ask for? I mean, the media doesnt brainwash me into buying those, in fact I've never even seen/heard a commercial on it. As a girl, walking through the shoe dept is just what I do. Lol!

For real though JT, we are influenced by the media but I dont see anything wrong with wearing something trendy or going to the movies as long as I don't loose who I am, which is a child of God, and my purpose here.

James Tubman said...

@danny gurl... i don't know shorty (if i may call you that) jessica pumps probably wouldn't fit me

i don't know if they have them in my color lol

but seriously, you ever thought about why you even want to wear pumps

why we want to wear what's trendy and or why we even want to go to the movies

if we were advertised to since little children can we really and truly seperate ourselves from our conditioning from advertising

where does the advertised self stop and i begin


Anonymous said...

you are so crazy for the first paragraph!...

yeah yeah you know u know what you talking about.. i'm going to say that the media doesn't really do much for me.... no matter how hot the outfits females wearing and stuff.. i don't care i ain't going to pass up good money for nothing but food.... I think i grown out of that copy cat stage... I never fit in no matter how hard i try.. i so i quit with that crap...

FREEDOM said...


Excellent post!!

Preach on Pastor

Very informative and TRUE!!!

JT, keep BOLDLY telling it like it IS.

desperate lady said...

lol I actually took off my clothes thinking i was about to read a sex post *sighs*, J dnt ask us to take off our clothes anymore if u aint gonna do sum'n!

Anyways about the post......good job bro, u always say it as it is.

Divine Blackness said...

I've been without television and mainstream music for 2 years and it is absolutely wonderful. I think "differently". Unfortunately, I can't connect with many of my friends because of this because a lot of them are stuck in the mainstream media world. And most ain't tryna get out. I hear what you're sayin' though.

And I ain't 'gon act like I haven't viewed a television in 2 years because I have but it's been a very long time since I've actually loafed in front of a TV. That's why I don't know jack about all of these new sitcoms....I still watch Martin on DVD like its new, though.

I took my clothes off too so shame shame.

fantasy queen said...

lol at DL...well okay i admit i did take off some clothes then thought better when i reached the part of you laughing(the thriller laugh came to my mind and it scared me)

well spoken. i gave up tv for a while, i'm no longer hooked on the cable tv anymore, i watch dvds sometimes and try to go to the movies once in a while. personally i dont see how what 'stars' are wearing is going to make my life life better.
i'd rather relax with a book or write about something or bog or find a husband in a volunteer

i dont need the media to brain wash me to get new nice things. i dont go with trends but i'm a lady, my brain is programmed to love the beauties of life which includes nice shoes and stuff...

now this soesnt dispute the fact that we are dummies of the media, even when we aviod tv's and mags, its teasing us on the radios, on the billboards, on the back of our cereal boxes.
its something we cant run away from.

Nicole said...

I don't think there's any excuse for media brainwashing. Parents should be responsible enough to either filter or justify the messages their kids are being offered...notice I said should. And as adults, we have an obligation to question what we're being fed, why, and by whom. Plus, I really wish people would realize that if we wanted to, we could own the media. If we demanded quality, honesty, and balance (and put our money where our mouths are), we'd get them.

And I have to comment on Danyelle mentioning that walking through the shoe department is what women do. I'd say that it's what women in affluent nations have been trained to do or aspire to - we've been programmed to want shoes and lots of them (although earrings are more my poison). Just the idea of walking around on what's basically the equivalent of stilts goes against what's in the best interest of your body. But we (myself included) have been told that heels make us look better, thinner, whatever, and we follow suit. If every women stopped wearing pumps today do you think the marriage or birth rates would drop? No, the rest of society would adjust and pumps would be in product heaven alongside vinyl records.

But she's right that it's somewhat unavoidable. If we weren't affected by the media, we'd still be affected by each other to some degree. I'd see her JS pumps and want some of my own. The key is balance. If you buy the Jessica Simpson pumps, don't put yourself in debt buying them and realize that you're not less of a person if you don't have them, then maybe that's all that matters.

dejanae said...

you lost me once you said to give away the tv
no Law and Order

i mean i can keep my tv and do the other stuff

besides that radiation withdrawal might have the unfortunate effect of making me homicidal

Desy said...

interesting perspective. i can't say that i entirely agree, but would i be me if i did?

your right... on mostly all of it- but if you are aware of the media's attempts, you are equipped to deal with the efforts of the media (which are not only found on television mind you). People all over the world engage in the act of television and some get crucial information through it. To me your philosophy reminds of me of the saying 'throw out the baby with the bathwater'...

wisdom is what makes a person look beyond the influences that television may presume to have.

my father has watched television... well... forever; but speak to him and you'll see his wisdom. his views on this are not just shaped solely on the the words spewd by speakers, but also by books read, and experiences had; thus i've never owned a pair of nike sneakers purchased by his hand or my own for that matter (my brother bought me a pair

besides- i can't live like you... i love watching old cosby re-runs far too

Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...

I stopped watching TV, and I've been cool for more than 2 months now. I just rent movies and TV series etc...

But my dad is in town and he wants to check out the news, so I had to roll it out for him. When he was watching last night, I was just doing my thing.

That's progress...

My name is Fez. I am a recovering TV-holic and I agree with you 100% on this entry...

James Tubman said...

d' lea... it effects us in other ways besides fashion

with all the violence that we see on TV it gets us to think that the world is a mean world and that it is more dangerous than it really is

it presents us in stereotypical ways

it affects our relationships becasue sometimes we see each other in the same way

and on and on

blah, blah, blah lol

@my baby... that's right gurl

your man doing it baby

i'm telling the truth


thanx baby

@DL... you really becoming a freak ain't you lol

sorry about that

i'm waiting for a follow up young lady

thanx for not forgeting about me

@D Black... isn't it liberating to be without that filthy dirty stinkin flith and garbage (i really make it sound bad)

not saying that its nothin good on it

but most stuff is so depressing

thanx for the holla boo

@fanatical queenliness... i don't think there's anything wrong with liking nice things (i do)

and i don't think that there's anything wrong with advertisning but who are we giving our money to

people who don't care about us, that's who

some do, i hate to generalize but many do not

i wouldn't have a problem with our overconsumption patterns if that money was used for the benefit of afrikan people

if we bought the jessica simpson pump company from her that yes

go out and buy all the pumps you want if it's going to employ us and help us to do for self

Blacks/ afrikans have nice things too

we need to spend more with ourselves

thanx queeny

@nikki... parents work so hard

sometimes they need to relax while the kids watch the TV

and the TV should be suitable for them to watch

why not, it's supposedly for us right

i agree once again and i am an advocate of owning the companies that produce the filth that we are forced to watch

the shareholders in any conglomeration have the power

writing letters and protesting is nice but it's nothing like pulling the pursestring to really wake people up lol

and yes most of us are heavily brainwashed so we'll always have to deal with it

this is why we need to know just how much of an effect it has on our lives

loved the response nikki

@dejanae.. homicide without cable would have been inevitable a couple of years ago

you might have to go to TV anonymous lol

@desy desy desy... you shouldn't throw it out completely

whenever i need to watch i go to the local subway lol

there is some good stuff on there but most of it is lies and propaganda

i watch documentaries and lectures

that's on television (it's just i buy them and rent them lol)

i wouldn't watch anything else except sports

your father is smart because he does all of the above to gain knowledge

not just watching TV

thank you boo

@fezzzzz... i'm trying my best to combat the withdrawl

it's hard too because it's march madness baby lol

we gotta do it though in order to keep some of your sense

thanx brother

other guys too scared to comment

Kayos said...

You know're right.

Alot what goes on any media: radio, internet, television, newspapers...all have their influences. We take them and assimilate them. Otherwise people wouldn't succumb to the love of Solja Boy or vote for people on the basis of the fact they are from this place and that. Yeah we have people who still do that. *shaking the head*

Either way, I love your blog. I'm gonna put you in my blogroll.

I love a man with a mind!

Honeywell said...

oh my goodness, you just killed my excitement of going to the mall tomorrow....

The Jaded NYer said...

I also gave up my TV in '06, but still watch some of my favorite shows online on bootleg sites.

The best part about that? NO COMMERCIALS! Sure, there is some product placement, etc, but I've been watching TV for so long now that I can always spot it and rarely does "the media" come between me and my money... unless a McDonald's commercial is on...LOL

On a serious tip, some people need the extreme of giving up TV altogether, but really it's all about moderation. Watch your favorite show when it comes on and then keep it moving. Don't just lay about the couch every night and let the world pass you by.

No matter what anyone says, I'm watching LOST until the series ends 'cause DAMMIT! Someone is gonna have to tell me what in the hell that black smoke monster is or I'm takin' out JJ Abrams in a hail of gunfire!!

*hops off soapbox*

Mizrepresent said...

Well James, i think you got something here...i rarely watch tv, especially since 24 took a dive, the writers strike, and no cable, nothing really interests me, so i don't even turn it on...blogging has most definitely taken it's place, so you guessed it, they are not selling me on anything. The fact is...i get more thrills out of saving than spending...something about a bank account with money in it, just makes me smile everytime.

Anonymous said...

I really agree with this post and am LMBO @ "it's getting ready to get hot up in here. And if you are a woman.... I want you to take off all of you clothes lol."

desperate lady said...

I see someone already turned 27, sweets when was ur birthday?

Don said...

And if you are a woman I want you to take off all of you clothes lol.


I agree and enjoyed the read. This past weekend I was watching Glenn Beck and he had a guest who stopped watching TV for an entire year. He spoke of not having second-guessed thoughts within the back of his mind. Thoughts which came from TV consciousness, as he called it. He went on to say how terrirfied he was after a year had passed, and he finally sat down and watched TV again. Definitely brainwashing. Like some rap music I grew up falling in love with.

Lovebabz said...

I don't believe you have to give up television. I think you have to become media literate. When I used to teach film and TV production I would tell my students to pay attention to what they were watching and take a discerning eye to all content. I am a TV junkie, I love the pop cultural phenomenon that it is. TV has the power to do good, tell stories that would go unheard of course entertain. Yep, you should get off the couch and live, but at the end of the day there is nothing like a little TV therapy!

And Danyelle you are right about the Jessica Simpson shoes! Girl, they are HOT!

Naija Chickito said...

Ain't giving up my TV...Get away from me! I like being brainwashed. It's not such a bad place to be. I am who I am. I love myself. I like myself. I also like TV alottttt. I like reading, discussing and doing other mentally challenging things as well.

I saw that..come back here...give me back my Tivo...wait...mister!! mister!!!


Uzezi said...

the power of the media is powerful,but only the foolish will be brainwashed.

Ms. Behaving said...

Get up and unplug this beautiful flatscreen that sits before me???.

JT...There has GOT to be an easier way!! [LOL]

guerreiranigeriana said...

this donnie song is beautiful...wait a minute...was i just influenced by your blog to think that or would i have thought that if i had heard that song elsewhere?...hmmmnnn....*eyes this blog suspiciously*... make salient points and while i lived in atlanta, i did not own a tv nor did i miss it, except watching it for soccer matches and my bro...nonetheless, i feel you can still watch that thing and not be brainwashed, if you are a thinker...i can look at reports on cnn and laugh at the outright stupidity of what they are reporting...i think if you can analyze/critically think and don't just accept things as is, you'll be good...not that i advocate tvs...i still don't need one for anything other than watching soccer matches and movies (on dvd or yes, even vhs)...

...but don't be fooled...blogging, internet can also be as mind mushing as tv again if you don't think...i think some exposure to all the fuckery around is good to allow you to see what people think, what they are doing and how much work you need to do...great post though...

...and why did we have to take off our clothes?...

Anonymous said...

Banging Spoon on pot, Shouts, NEW POST! NEW POST! NEW POST!!!

RealHustla said...

well, i don't have cable and that Feb 2009 threat they have out there is pissing me off. my oldest child is panicked that i'm not going to act quickly enough. ya know, i'm not and i will be taking that one month/week? experiment. however, much planning will be involved cause i know we just can't go cold turkey. if i can remember, i'll report back to you with my results.