Monday, January 12, 2009

The 3 Main Types Of Afrikan AmeriKKKan Women You Will Have To Deal With (exerpts from the black man's guide to understanding the black woman)

Fellas, you have to nderstand this:


Before you can conquer the modern day black woman you must understand her.

Many people ask why does she needs to be conquered or controled?

Because she is not race conscious, she is out of control, her mind is almost completely controled ny the media and the endless fads that come in and past away.

And the main reason why they need to submit to the will of the responsible black man is because only a man can make her into what she needs to be (not the bitter women in her life but the leadership of race conscious men).

This post will be a little lengthy but i think the information is valuable.

#1 - Low Grade Black Woman: (I hate That Name But This Is The Name Sister Ali Gave)

  1. May have been subjected to multi-generational poverty and shame as a child
  2. She's at the lowest rung of employment.
  3. Bathing is not that important (bra strap may be gray, may wear draws 2 to 3 days straight)
  4. Drinks alcohol to the point of intoxication and curses LOUD in public
  5. Hangs around weekly in local corner bars and goes out with strange men - who she fight with regularly
  6. May relate aggressively to her neighbors
  7. If she does not work she is on welfare.
  8. may spend all of her check on clothes and partying
  9. might have a gold tooth or missing teeth
  10. may be overweight (over 79% of black women are over weight)
  11. comfortably wears run over shoes
  12. overly impressed with fancy dressed blackmen in big flashy cars with lots of gold
  13. materialistic on a small scale and does not like to stay in doors
  14. she is not ashamed of her condition
  15. time is made up of gossiping with her neighborhood chronies, looking at television, wish shopping in near by malls, yelling at her children and walking back and forth to the corner store
  16. attempts to use the blackmen available to use the black men available to finagle him out of money, drinks or car rides (women from the other categories do this too)
  17. has no idea what to do with a black man herself
  18. hates the black woman in the higher social classes and considers them conceited (she's right)
  19. world of thought is very small
  20. if she has any dreams they are dreams of being rescued from her status
  21. accepts advances of white men
  22. if involved heavily with drugs and alcohol she becomes a social dreg
  23. money do not matter on that level unless they can provide her with money or contraband
  24. she needs to be cleaned up, claimed, and returned to her proper state of existence as a civilized woman (all in each category needs this).

#2 - The Average (she goes with the flow)

  1. somewhat of an enigma (yeah right)
  2. steady employee
  3. enjoys weddings and birthdays and makes preparations for both
  4. she is neat
  5. goes to church regularly
  6. fixes her hair nicely
  7. speaks coherantly
  8. at least a high school grad
  9. not overly ambitious
  10. active participant in life and enjoys many things
  11. fairly clean
  12. she is thoughtful, mannerable and knows how to meet people
  13. proud of her level of sophistication
  14. may party occasionally
  15. expereinces a more controlled form of suspicion, doubt and fear
  16. may be shy
  17. makes her likes and dislikes known
  18. best be found and examined in general office duty jobs
  19. she's corny lol
  20. might get high every once in awhile (alcohol is her vice of choice)
  21. consents to marriage for the percieved security or to impress her friends
  22. content to work from 9 to 5
  23. easier to get along with than #1
  24. does not ask deep questions
  25. most vicious reactions are brought on by jealousy or being jilted
  26. fantasies of relationships are patterned off television
  27. content to go along with the status quo
  28. faith is important
  29. attracted to lower cklass or upstanding black men who are gainfully employed
  30. most comfortable when she's shopping
  31. has a few secrets but most are trite
  32. she's a follower
  33. often degrades black women in the 1st category
  34. enjoys fancy cut outlandish hair styles
  35. anxious to meet men
  36. exaggerates about her abilities and accomplishments
  37. tries to be clever and entertaining with her man
  38. she is the easiest to manipulate

#3 - The High Class (the most confused of them all, also has a tendency to be a real bitch to the black man, and she's proud of it, but she is the one im most attracted to, and she is who the average black woman looks up to)

  1. Smart and calculating
  2. she's sexy (often a raging beauty)
  3. most difficult to reach and train
  4. confident, intelligent and attractive
  5. wears the finest clothes
  6. has a high price well paying positon
  7. prides herself on being state of the art aware
  8. reads books
  9. looks at educational television
  10. has a college degree
  11. goes to church sometimes
  12. may volunteer
  13. has a definte political party that she often contributes to
  14. member of a ritzy club
  15. has nice jewelry and wears expensive popular perfume
  16. very opinionated
  17. alma mater is very important
  18. she is amused by spectator sports especially football and may play tennis or bowl
  19. curses more in private than in public
  20. likes to let her hair down
  21. considers herself a prize lol
  22. may be an entrepreneur
  23. may snort a little coke or smoke a little reefer
  24. rarely gets so out of control she forgets her community standing and professional responsibilities
  25. familiar with intricate banking systems and has a retirement plan
  26. has an american express card
  27. she travels all over the world LA, Bahamas, Europe, and possibly Afrika
  28. frequents the health spa
  29. buys expensive gifts for her man and friends
  30. drives a nice car
  31. lives beneath her means but manages money well enough
  32. very head strong
  33. delights in demonstrating to the black man her wealth and vast knowledge
  34. believes she is completely self sufficient (LMAO)
  35. not interested in keeping house or treating the black man with special accord
  36. boasts of doing things for herself and thinks the black man should do likewise
  37. performs beautifully in front of strangers
  38. makes a good impression
  39. exudes sex at will
  40. greatly influenced by her peers (which means that she is extra dumb) or others who sem to be pace setters
  41. adopts popular trends about dating and marriage
  42. becomes ferocious when she thinks a man is playing around on her
  43. fight viciously to prove the black man wrong
  44. so concerned about public opinion (INCREDIBLY INSECURE)
  45. she will deal with a black man who she is not interested in just to have an escort on her arm
  46. she is moody and disagreeable to live with
  47. she believes her specialized qualifies her to equal or superior to the black man
  49. she is an insecure wad of knots that hides behind her educatio, fine wardrobe, shapely body and savings account

It sounds like im beating up on the black woman but you should definately take these traits into consideration when dealing with her.

many things i didnt mention but stay tuned because i got some mo stuff to tell you abiout this enigmatic creature.

Those who dont know their history are doomed to repeat it.



RealHustla said...

Tubby, love is not about controlling the object of your affection. Also, submission is not all about taking orders from someone.

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I have a crush on someone I have to see regularly. He never once tried to get at me, but each time he sees me, he treats me with kindness, and respect. He makes me feel as if I'm the only one around when he speaks. This is is way. He probably treats every one this way.

I realized this but decided to try to get at him just in case. Of course I was right. He wasn't just being nice to me, it was his way. My reaction? I wanted to behave.

He never once tried to control me. I've had men try to control me so many times before. It never worked. Why, because who, man or woman, wants to submit to someone who just wants to tame them, or even thinks they need taming at all. What an insult.

Treat me gently, with kindness, and genuine love, and my submission will come as a show of gratitude for giving me what I really needed.

In short, you attract bees better with honey than you do vinegar. Ain't you never heard that before?

By the way. I have a degree, I buy all my clothes from Walmart but hand make about 25% of them out of the best materials. I buy Coach handbags and often buy plain looking shoes. I never go to church, but my faith is strong. I'm very blunt (like you didn't know), and value family. What category am I in? Don't answer that. Just read my whole comment all over again and keep your head out of this woman's books. Please.

RockNRollSista said...

All those lables are stereotypes. Funny how I as a black women don't fit into any of those lables. I am as my screen name states the RockNRollSista. I am college educated but not a bitch. Any lables I buy are on sale.. ever heard of Loehmans yeah.

Jarrai said...

Wow! to say i am surprised is an understatement...someone actually wrote this..DO YOU BUY THIS?!!!

Well all i can state is in my opinion..they are very short-sighted.

Why is there a need to make a woman submissive?..why call her names and put her in boxes?...infact why do you need to categorise her?

I am proud of where i am and what i have achieved and yes...i do have a degree and work hard and wear nice things and educate myself..and is confident in who i am...i have a lot of very good friends in reputable professional positions but these categories are saying a hard working black woman is a "bitch"

How insulting!! You mean female doctors, lawyers, engineers, writers, housewives, designers are all bitches...please correct me if am wrong but a better adjective is needed to describe these women and "bitch" is not the word.

Dude..seriously this analysis or interpretation is flawed in all directions.

Have you any idea how women didn't even have the right to vote? couldn't get a good job? had no voice to speak up for themselves?
Those must have been the good old days for some men!!

Women have come a long way and if a man sees the need to manipulate and "train" her, then that man needs to walk away!!! Y'all need us to evolve but hey if the black woman is a problem for a black man then he doesn't need to go through all this crap just because of her, right? There are other women out there, he is spoilt for choice.

And for the one can conquer anyone man woman or can subject them to abuse, restrain them physically and mentally, hell even torture the hell out of them but one day that person will fight back. God gave us free will..its inate.

If a man wants to love a woman is doesn't require books or conquering.

As for this book, its an atrocity to woman kind!

All that said...happy new year, i come in peace.

Anonymous said...

I am really so happy that you are being stood up to by a lot of thinking, rational women. (They will soon see how sick you are though, I do really pity you). When will you stop writing things non-sense? In this century, you still talk like this about women. I am sure you aren’t dating a woman, cos no woman can give in to this your demented ideas. To tell you what, the only person needing SOLUTION is you. Your perception is so faulty

No human being should be controlled not alone WOMEN. Women are thinking beings. Much more rational than common MEN

You truly need to control your mind and your person and stop writing junks and insulting women!

Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist?

Anonymous said...

I am really so happy that you are being stood up to by a lot of thinking, rational women. (They will soon see how sick you are though, I do really pity you). When will you stop writing these non-sense? In this century, you still talk like this about women. I am sure you aren’t dating a woman, cos no woman can give in to this your demented ideas. To tell you what, the only person needing SOLUTION is you. Your perception is so faulty

No human being should be controlled not alone WOMEN. Women are thinking beings. Much more rational than common MEN

You truly need to control your mind and your person and stop writing junks and insulting women!

Have you considered seeing a psychiatrist?

James Tubman said...

@real hustla... all of us have roles that we have to play in life
as men and women

the black women isnt exempt from this

if she doesnt perform her roles as a woman the race dies

its just that simple

you tell a tree by the fruit it bears

and of course your strategy is the best way to go about getting the black woman to submit to the black man's authority

however it happens it has to happen in order for the race to survive


@rock and roll... i think many of us dont know who we are until we are analyzed by other people

i suggest you pick up this book

if you are honest with yourself you'll learn something

@jarrai... i know my comments seem harsh but the main reason why a black woman need to submit to the will of the responsible race man is because when the race is threatened the men are the ones who will go out to fight to protect the tribe

the men are the ones who are going to go out and harness food and resources so that the women and children of the nation can be taken care of

when you look at the world the ethnic groups who are on top of the world are ran by the men

it's always been like that and it always will

dont blame me blame nature

@anaonymous... you are so cute lol

i wish i knew you in real life

if you knew me outside of this blog im sure we would get along

this is why black women cant govern themselves

its impossible for you all to be objective

let me let you in on a little secret



who do you think makes the clothes that you wear

who signs your paycheck

who do you go to for food (and if he cut your food line off you would starve to death)

i am so glad i am not worried about converting the black woman over to reality

im sorry but i dont have the luxury to float around in an imaginary make believe fantasy world like youself

sometimes i wish i didnt know what i know so i can be as dumb as people like you

that thought only lasts for a quick second though lol

keep coming back

i need criticism in order to make me stronger