Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The #1 Way To Eliminate All Of Our Problems In The Black Community

Black people have a lot of problems. Many of us are in poor health. Many of us are spending too much of our money on useless possessions's. Many of our communities are ravaged with drug addiction and crime. Many of us have relationships issues. We know about the problems because we hear them on the news, we talk about them with each other, we even experience them personally. Some of us believe that all of our problems come form the fact that many of us don't vote. That is a part of it but it's much deeper than that. Some of us believe that parents should do a better job of raising their children, and this is the main reason why we are where we are as a race. There's some validity there, but yet it goes deeper than that. Some of us believe that "we are doing to ourselves, we just don't want anything out of life!" Regardless of what we think the main problem is there is a solution that will solve all of these problems.

One word MONEY! The channeling of wealth and resources in the right direction makes a lot of difference. With our collective disposable income (money we don't spend on bills) we can solve any problem we have. Let's say many of us are having problems saving our money (which we do but we are not the only ones). We can use a little money from most of the adults in the community to buy a building, start a credit union and hire professionals to come in there and show us, not only some ways of saving money on items we buy, bills and so forth, but also how to invest our money in different ventures so that we can make more of it. We can duplicate this process in every community.

How about drug dealing? How can we stop our children from buying and selling drugs in our community? The community leader gets most of the adults to donate a little money a piece to buy a building to hire professionals to show these people how to make money doing other things. We can also have in that same building a rehab center.

Now what do you have? You have a community saving their own money in their own credit unions and the accumulated money saved is going to creating more Black businesses in the Black community. What else do you have? You have ex drug dealers learning how to make money legitimately through real estate, the Internet, and in other places. And you have people getting off of drugs rebuilding their lives.

Oh, you say "they'll never stop the drugs!" The Nation of Islam has done it in many communities throughout the country. Some of them literally took the guns from the kids hands when they threatened them (WOW). How did they do it? Let's put our money together so we can hire them as consultants so they can tell us how they did it.

There's no mystery folks. Money equals power in this country only if it's used right. We have the money. We produce almost a trillion dollars a year in annual income and business receipts a year! We also have many politicians and mayors who have control over billions of dollars taxpayers money that can be used to solve many of he problems we have today.

I know this is a deviation from what I normally write, but I hope you get something out of it.

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Jasmine said...

Tell it, man!! I'm inspired by your words, thank you.

Thank you, also for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading what you have to say; it's nice to see some positivity. Thanks, again. I'll keep reading and you do the same.

Dance_Soul said...

Thanks for stopping by. Were you able to check out the series?
What did you think?

James Tubman said...

i thought that it was informative and thought provoking but it didn't tell why ther's such a disparity between black men and women.

it kind of made it seemed as if black men are just dumb and stupid and they don't appreciate the women that they have.

it just quoted statistics

but shit, stats don't tell you what causes the problem.

the woman who was interviewing the three black women about relationships said that 50 years ago 87% of black women were married, that's because black men could hold down good paying jobs while the women stayed at home or did maid work for white women.

but after the 1980's the jobs that we had were shipped out of the country to mexico, china, korea and other places where they could pay the workers a few dollars a day.

i'm sorry for going on but i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore!

Nicole said...

Thanks for the love the other day.

I do agree that money, when used the right way, can equal power, but it's knowledge that's going to get us there. When we practice self-hatred and turn on each other, it's because we don't know who we are, who we were, or who we're meant to be. Much of what we do to each other (and ourselves) now is based on what was done to us in the past. We were hated, so we learn to hate ourselves; we were held down, so we adopt behaviors that keep us down - drugs, unprotected sex, etc. Some of us are free but still enslaved. But we're at a point where we can't keep blaming other people.

As for the series on black women...I agree that stats without explanation don't mean much. It's going to be up to "us" to figure out the causes, though. The rest of America doesn't seem to care.

Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...

For the past 8 months I lived right in the middle of drug/gang infested area of Long Beach. Based on my little observation of so much pain, frustration and anger that I was a part of, here is my problem/solution...

In my opinion, poverty does not necessarily beget drug use and some of these horrible crimes we see on the news today.

I think the poor in the United States got f*cked the moment crack cocaine hit the streets. If there is a way to cut off the supply of drugs from their core like Mexico, Cuba, Colombia or wherever they come from, that is the end of the majority of these problems that we are being told are synonymous with poverty in America.

This is beyond an African American problem for me. This is economics. This is about putting up resistance against businesses and politicians that prey on and manipulate the frustrations of those under the poverty line. That list of poor people includes all kinds of people too...Just my thoughts

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