Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The best way to get a group of people to get along with each other

The best way to cultivate more solidarity within a group is to let them know that they have enemies and that those enemies are threatening them every single day. When they have no one outside to attack or when they have been convinced that they are their own worse enemy then they will attack each other. They won't have sympathy and compassion for each other. In fact they will see each other as their enemies instead of seeing the people who put them all in that situation to begin with as their "true" enemies.

But when they begin to see that all of them are being played by the same puppet master. When they believe that they are being threatened in some shape, form or fashion by the same group. When the evidence of their mistreatment is constantly layed before them on a day to day basis. When they focus on the things they have in common rather than the things that make them different. When they realize that no other group will truly accept them as their own and that the only group that will accept them and love them is their own. When they choose not to accept the definitions of themselves that their enemies have given them for the sole purpose of making them more hostile towards each other, then they will work together to see that they are no longer in danger of being mercilessly exploited by their crafty, manipulative assailants.

They will begin to see that they have been bickering and arguing about issues that their enemies instigated and started in the first place. They will begin to see how their lives and relationships have been completely distorted by their enemies desire to see them divided against each other. And because they now see how they have been duped into fighting each other, they will now want to make sure that all of these things never happen again. And they will also want to live lives that are governed by themselves as opposed to being governed by another group of people. They will seek to control their own images of themselves. They will create their own standards of living that are acceptable to them. They will seek to define themselves in a more loving and humane way. They will seek to build more unity amongst themselves because they will realize that's the only way to stop others from controlling them and outsmarting them.

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deepnthought said...

As I was reading this post, so many different groups came to mind. (races and gender) I think I will wait until someone else leave a comment. I will be back.

Divine Blackness said...

I absolutely love this approach. An example of this is rare but I think was close to being seen with Martin Luther King and the SCLC's Poor Peoples' Campaign. I believe it could have been more successful had MLK lived. I think it was a genius idea to get people; Black and White with one common plight; poverty to come together for a cause.

Can you dig it?

Mizrepresent said...

Yes, I believe we will.

James Tubman said...

@deepnthought...i will be anticipating your arrival was a genius idea

right before martin luther king was assasinated he was going back to washington to get more benefits for the poor

the government definately didn't want to give up that money

i think his approach was the best approach to take

Don said...

I have no doubt in my mind that you are speaking on Black People.

P9k said...

Bro. Tubman as always...words of wisdom. It is wild how the very people that pit us against each other, we look to them as saviors. Some people say that Willie Lynch didn't exist, but the reality is that we have had programming from slavery that has caused us to distrust and hurt one another. If only we could step back and assess our situation, we could then see the real cause of our problems. It is unfortunate that few of us can actually step back and think over our plight in this country. The rest seem to be caught up in day to day living, or programmed to be disinterested in seeking the knowledge that will liberate us. As crazy as I may sound, I think that we should go through things like Jena and anything else that will jog our memory (we seem to keep a short one)or force us to deal with our issues head on. If we continue to forget or continue to avoid our problems, we will never be the strong nation of people that we can be.

James Tubman said...

@don...hmmmmm maybe

@p9k...what's up man

where you been at

thanx for stopping by

every now and then i got to something strictly for the conscious crowd

isn't that ironic

the very people that went through the whole dictionary of evil in terms of what they did to us are the same ones we look to as our saviors

that is the strangest thing in the world

we can't help it though

we've been thouroughly programmed through the media

keep coming back homie


Honeywell said...

while reading this, i kep thinking "wow, this would really apply to a pair of newlyweds with demonic in laws".......:0)

But then again, i'm crazy.... i'll try this out with one of my organisations and see......

Honeywell said...

And then of course i thought of black people..... and how the best way for black people today (and not just black people) is to realise that the enemy is not your neighbour. I think i blogged about this before, on my blog about africa. The best thing a culture (or any group of people) to achieve cohesiveness is to attack a common enemy, and focus on the goal.... Its funny how the Black Man learnt to recognise that his enemy is not the crackhead on the corner that raped his daughter, but the white man that has kept him in a minimum wage job all his life, when he is soo capable of soo much more.....

James Tubman said...

@honey... i really appreciate your sense of humor lol

and yeah, all whites aren't bad of course but some of them still profit from our misfortune

while i enjoy the company of my white friends i have to remind them that racism is still not over

they know it and i know it

FREEDOM said...

I know you are talking about the black race. However, I do not agree that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr had the best idea. I think ending segregation is what did our race in.

Just think about when we were segregated we had to depend upon our own race to provide goods and services to our people. We had to spend our money with our own people. We were self-sufficient and spending dollars in our own communities.

I believe Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr should have been fighting for equality ONLY! Equality to the degree that we were treated as human beings and afforded the same advantages to society, education, economics, and human rights as whites, not to abandon our culture thus our only connection to unity within our communities. No, I do not believe this was his intention, but it was definitely the outcome in my humbly opinion. The black race started its downward spiral with the end of segregation.

James Tubman said...

@free... i gotta answer you tommorow because i have to think about this comment

Honeywell said...

@freedom: i see your point, but i don't think that equality could have been obtained without the removal of segregation..... How can you treat a slave equally but not let them marry your daughter? How can you treat a slave as your equal and yet refuse to share your bathroom with him? You see, one cannot work without the other. Segregation is a sign of lack of respect, for lack of better words. The white man had no respect or esteem for the black man. To give someone equal treatment, you have to come to a point where you have some sort of respect for them. The black man spiralled downward not because he was set free, but because of greed and overambition, which i must say was inevitable. When you leave a domestic cat without food for a long period of time, and then give it food, it acts like a wild cat, abandoning all reason. The same thing applied to the black man. In his home in africa, he had not struggles. He came to this strange land, and was repressed for many years. As soon as he was let go, of course he'll go bonkers.

fantasy queen said...

i was definately right, u're talking race here yeah?...basically its an approach for every group with a common interest.

uhm...robert greene move over we've got another strategist in da house.

James Tubman said...

@free... you are so right

segregation did make us patronize our own businesses more and do more for self

and in a sense we did more for our selves because white people showed us that we were our enemies when enemies of the state like the germans and japanesse had priviledges that we didn't have

however i didn't think segregation was totally good because the government performed horrific terror on us during that time

sio some things were good, like the cultural unity and self patronage

but there were some negatives as well

and i do agree with your assertion that martin luther king's plan wasn't the best for blacks but i think his plan for uniting all poor people together was a good strategy in the sense that we could get something from the government because we can say look how you are treating your own people thus getting whites upset and agitated too

thus fueling more pressure on the government to change

but the best way to fight power is with equal or greater power

we haven't tried that strategy yet

marcus garvey did attempt to go that route but he was unsuccessful

thanx for you interest babes

James Tubman said...

@honey...i am very enlightened by your wisdom

greed and curruption did kill many movements in this nation and in africa and all over the world for afrikans and others

it's a problem that all people suffer from even europeans

this is why we need to be taught to trust one another more and in this post is the key

nothing unites you with your kith and kin more than knowing that a powerful enemy is trying to use and play all of you

thanx honey bunny lol

James Tubman said...

i don't know who robert greene is but he betta get out the way because i'm moving up in the game

fantasy queen said...

i like that attitude, robert green's the author of 48 laws of power, 33 strategies of war and the act of seduction.
i think u shoud read em'...he sure got competition.

Anonymous said...

I tried avoiding this post but I had to read, I'd be a fool to pass up knowledge....

You spoke nothing but the truth... Of course its black people you are talking about. But what I see from this is the black on black bullshit. I have lived in both areas where the young black kids are at war with each other... witnessed the blood, the sharp shooters, you name it.. All because of that letter... I believe as black people we are very powerful.
But with all this ignorance we continue to look past it to continue to please our white slave masters....killing out our own race...

James Tubman said...

@fantasy eyes... you are such a sweetheart

i absolutely love afrikan women from the continent

you all really know how to treat a man

@dyme piece... dag i didn't know you could down like that sis

love your comment

it sounds like something i would have said

all i can do is give a loud AAAAAAAAAAAMEN to that my sister lol

FREEDOM said...

Freedom responds to Honeywell and JT:

You can have equality and be separate just look at the Native Americans. Yes, they still have to fight for their rights, but they have their own. They chose to live separately on their reservations and venture out only when necessary. They rather die than be slaves.

Please do not forget that other Africans sold many slaves to the white man. Tribes were not just captured, but sold into slavery as well. So you see this dysfunction within the African/African American battle is so deep that it’s scary how a whole race of people are cursed to a certain degree. It is as if we must be that tribe in the bible that was cursed when one of Noah’s sons disrespected his father and was made to be his other two brother’s slaves. It is just that DEEP! We as a culture, as a people, have to respect ourselves. How can we demand respect from others, if we cannot even respect ourselves within our own race?

Segregation did not set us free and “greed and overambition” has not caused our downward spiral. There is nothing wrong with wanting money or wanting to excel aggressively. The kicker is when we make these things our Gods! As the scripture says “Where your Heart is so is your Treasure”. Therefore, my question to you and me where are our hearts? Are we seeking “The Kingdom of God” and allowing everything else to be added unto us? Are we helping others in need? Are we giving our goods and services to help someone that is 10 inches deep in sh*t? Alternatively, are we saying ‘that brother or sister made their own bed and now they must lie in it?'

What happen to compassion? What happen to it takes a village to raise a child? We have become selfish and we as a race have said, ‘You better get yours because I’m getting mine’, and is not looking back to help our people. We have some of the richest black folks than we have ever had living among us and yet, we as a people are still struggling sangin’ “We Shall Overcome”. “Greed and overambition” plays a role in this equation, but the culprit is lack of LOVE. If we can truly LOVE one another than ALL our needs, wants, questions and answers would be fulfilled. LOVE is ACTION! There is a HUGE force behind LOVE that walks the walk, talks the talk, and produces…. CHANGE!

It is sad to say, but we will probably have to lose our rights again in order for CHANGE and UNITY to occur. You know Pres. Bush only extended our rights to vote for another 20-25 years. Guess what? If our generation and generations to come do not wake the He!! Up! We will be caught slipping and thus have NO SAY on Election Day!

Opinionated Diva said...

As the saying goes...the enemy of my enemy is my friend. If you can convince someone that your enemy is their enemy then you've formed a bond.

It's kinda crazy when you really think about it.

Lovebabz said...

Hmm I will have to live with these thoughts for a bit. I will be back to share. Much to think about indeed.

Fezzzzzzzzzzz said...

Group think is poison in my opinion, not to mention insulting to anyone that chooses to use their brain. I think we just can't tell another person what to think no matter how crazy his/her views may seem to us...

I think we have to accept ourselves as individual human beings before we can effectively function in any type of group. Otherwise, we'll find something to bicker about even without the puppet master...just my thoughts...Great insight once again bro Tubman

James Tubman said...

@free...there was so much to what you said

very provocative thoughts

i don't ascribe to the hamitic myth

i think that's rubish and was used by white slave masters to justify the horrible way they treated us

the native americans have some nominal independence but they are still subject to the same rules as all of us because they can't take on the american government by themselves

the reason why afrikans sold their brothers and sisters into slavery is because europeans set up the market

if they never shoved their acoli noses into the heart of africa there would be no trans atlantic slave trade

and besides many of them were forced to sell their brothers and sisters into slavery to avoid being slaves themselves

it was a lose lose situation

yes there were some currupt ones but there are currupt people in every race

in nazi germany there were some so called jews called "juden rats" who treated many of their group members worse than the nazi's treated them

many of them even walked around with nazi armbands on their arms like nazi's

there are traders in every race, we are no different

(you are gonna make me write an essay with these comments lol)

and i agree wholeheartedly with your lack of love statement

if you love something you'll provide whatever it needs in order to grow appropriately

you have to be taught what their needs are and you have to have models on how others solved that same problem

in order to do this you have to study these techniques

and that's not being done enough by our leaders

thanx for stretching me out once more lol

@op d... i like how scientific your getting

but you're right

with some groups that won't be too hard to do

especially if you can find a group that's been misused by the group that misused you as well

that was a tongue twister lol

@fezzzzz...i agree

too much group think is a bad thing because if everyone is thinking alike and everyone has the same view there's no perspective

you need people thinking differently because they may see things that the ones who think alike might not see

but overall being on the same page goal wise as a group is necessary because we have to collectively protect ourselves

along with being group oriented we have to have a wide ranging division of labor

where different people are performing a whole range of different functions in the group

FREEDOM said...

I had to reread your piece again just to hear what you were trying to convey to your audience again. I personally believe in reading aloud so that I may hear the words while I also see the words. You did an excellent job in exciting the intellect of the reader to digest your assumptions about our people. However, one aspect that you left out of the equation that I did not touch on before, but I felt like it would be robbery to ignore is personal responsibility.

We as individuals and even as a race at times fail to take personal responsibly for our choices and actions. We wanna play the blame game. The woe is me. You know how we do it; I would not have cheated if you would not have done this or that. Or it’s the white man’s fault we are so screwed up because he turned us against one another. There is truth to this, but we can turn this into a lie by taking personal responsibility for our actions.

Because if you really think about it…. who are they? We have made them above God. We have given our power away. Until we as individuals can stop and take a serious look at what is the driving force that is within us that is causing us to react the way that we do we will always be conquered by our enemies. And guess what? All of our enemies are within. They take root in our minds. The enemy is all in our minds and until we can wake-up to this revelation, we will always be walking around playin’ the blame game.

The enemy is not out there the enemy is within. You see the traitor is us! Until we can psychoanalyze ourselves individual and then collectively on why we act and react the way we do and get rid of this mentality of they did this to us, or he did this to me, or she made me like this…I’m here to tell ya….. we are giving our power away. We have done this to ourselves. We are the ones who want to blame everyone else instead of saying it was my own fears and insecurities that has brought me to this place along life’s journey.

I personally have a constant battle going on within me, but I am determined to look careful at the spirits that are warring within me. I tell you this, man can only kill the body, but the soul is untouchable! Our problem is…. we are scared to die! I have to throw in one more piece of scripture, “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”. Therefore, you see we have already conquered death and at times, we don’t even know it!!

I know I give lengthy feedback responses, but I have to express what is in my heart and mind fully and thoroughly. So, if ya wanna kick me out it’s kool wit me..: )

Ps I’m gonna make ya write a book before it’s over wit…lol!!!!!!!

Queen of My Castle said...

I agree, many different groups came to mind while reading this, but primarily genders, race, and class.

James Tubman said...

i don't think we should blame anybody, not even ourselves

we are what we are and whatever happened happened

there is nothing good that comes from blame


Even Jesus said "judge not lest ye be judged"

meaning that you will recieve the same judgement you put on others

judging is what God is for not man

and yes i guess i could have emphasized personal responsibility more but i feel that the group function and interest is more important

an individual can only operate effectively within a group environment

without the group there is no individual

even though we have free will to make our own decisions a reality

we can't man all of the resources ourselves

we need others too

and the group interest comes first because when your back is against the wall you should be able to bury yourself within the group and the group should protect you

i know you coming back so i'll see you when you get here lol

Opinionated Diva said...

Awwwwww Tubby that wasn't scientific, you just wanted to use that tongue twister! lol

Honeywell said...


And i love opinionated diva's comment...not the last one, the one before that....