Friday, February 29, 2008

Cause and effect: the only thing we should base every decision we make on.

Well not really lol. There is room for emotions, room for hunches. Because often we arrive at decisions without any conscious thought. Sometimes we talk to people and one thing a person says makes us think about a solution to one of our problems. Emotion, feelings and hunches do have their place, but ultimately you have to think about whether the thing you are faced with is going to work for you or in the short term, or the long term, against you. And if it will work against you don't do it. And if the decision is the best decision to make, do it. Sometimes you should take risks, but only take it if the rewards out weigh the detriments. That's it! No psycho-babble, no mumbo jumbo, no verbal masturbation, that's all it is to it.

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Shai said...

Good post for once I am not disputing. LOL.

I can say it is sad how some folks don't think of the affect or consequences of their decisions then trip out when things go wrong.

James Tubman said...

well aren't you glad that you were first lol

anyway i'm glad i made you happy lol now go to chillin and give me your imput on that


Yasmeen Christian said...

Insightful ;-)

FREEDOM said...

What is cause and effect?

By definition:


1. a person or thing that acts, happens, or exists in such a way that some specific thing happens as a result; the producer of an effect: You have been the cause of much anxiety. What was the cause of the accident?
2. the reason or motive for some human action: The good news was a cause for rejoicing.
3. good or sufficient reason: to complain without cause; to be dismissed for cause.

1. something that is produced by an agency or cause; result; consequence: Exposure to the sun had the effect of toughening his skin.
2. power to produce results; efficacy; force; validity; influence: His protest had no effect.
3. the state of being effective or operative; operation or execution; accomplishment or fulfillment: to bring a plan into effect.
4. a mental or emotional impression produced, as by a painting or a speech.
5. meaning or sense; purpose or intention: She disapproved of the proposal and wrote to that effect.
6. the making of a desired impression: We had the feeling that the big, expensive car was only for effect.
7. an illusory phenomenon: a three-dimensional effect.
8. a real phenomenon (usually named for its discoverer): the Doppler effect.

While I completely agree with your statement. I also believe we never should underestimate the power of the supernatural.

The having “faith without sight”. The even though I might “think” in my mind this or that may produce this or that, but my spiritual faith overrides the “cause and effect” correlation, which gives what I like to call FAVOR!

Desy said...

@freedom- wow; that was everything i wanted to say and soo much more

tub- you and i must be psychically

this kind of reminds me of my father's mental on life- do you and he have something in common?

LovelyBella73 said...

This blog makes making decisions seems so easy. I think in a very general way it does come down to cause and effect, but as you mentioned there are many other factors.

And Freedom is right, What about the supernatural?

dejanae said...

in certain cases, thinking too much about the effects tend to paralyze folk

fantasy queen said...

sometimes when the issues are pressing, we tend to ignore the long term effect and just do it for instant gratification. it aint that easy letting go of things that help our now, just because it wouldnt work out for our future...
but i gess its something we all have to learn to do...think real good before acting, we would end up sacrifing a lot if we do this, but i think its all worth it in the long run.

P.S this is like your shortest post, but it sums up alot in so little.

Afrobabe said...

Cause and effect ...very reasonable...for anyone but an arian...see the prob with that theory is I tend to act before thinking about the full implications of the effect...

Would be nice to think a few things through...I am working on it...

Eb the Celeb said...

verbal masturbation?

Uzezi said...

make decisions. but first think carefully if that decision will make u really happy. if yes, no matter what people say, go 4 it. that is what i believe even if people think i am making a fool of myself. if making a fool of myself makes me happy, Ha, yes!

lindwee said...

This reminds me of the saying- Think twice before you act.

Shai said...

Such an ego. smh.

Honeywell said...

Verbal masturbation? Heavenly father.....

Call me naive, but i thought most people made their decisions this way... i always have anyway, but i thought it was just commonplace... so for you to be putting it up, apparently it isn't...

James Tubman said...

@my love... i do believe that faith is a definite factor in our decision making but i also beliveve that faith is believing that a postive effect will transpire as a result of the intitial act (cause)

even when we show FAVOR to someone we we are doing it with the implication that the person will be blessed by that favor and use it accordingly

we probably wouldn't give a favor to others if we thought that they were going to misuse that favor

i think we are saying the same things but in different ways

@desy... maybe

i do believe that in most cases you can't go wrong with this formula

other words known as common sense

@lovely... most decisions are easy to make we just get side track thinking about the negative

if we can block the negative from clouding our judgement we would be ok

i believe that the supernatural and the logical go hand and hand

i think god not only blessed us with the ability to be emotional and to feel but he also blessed us with logic and both are two sides of the same coin

@dejanae... it does because we think too much about the negative

if we can think more about the benefits of delaying our immediate gratification then we would make better decisions

@queen of the fantastics... it's easy to let go of the now, just find something else at the time that makes you happy other than doing what would be destructive

i believe that logic comes from god and that is really god telling you what to do

just listen and you'll make the right decisions

@afropuff... has that formula worked for you

@uzezi... how do you know what will make you really happy

many people belive that buying an object will make them happy but yet they aren't and they keep buying more and more stuff seeking happiness and they get dissapointed everytime

i think we need to know what really makes us happy

thanx for stoping by love

come again

@lindweee... i agree sweetheart

that's exactly what you should do

@shai... what does shm mean

you think you slick don't you lol

@honey chile... look at the state of the world with all of it's problems

look at the general incontentment that many of us feel in our own lives

think about it

giving all the things that has happened with black/african people are we really basing most of our decisions on the benefits are what we think the benefits are

desperate lady said...

Gosh James i love this post a lot. so simple n short.
I always make decisions without a conscious thought and sometimes i end up regretting em.
Thanks for d advice o.

Naija Chickito said...

verbal masturbation? what da..

Shai said...

smh is what I meant. Shaking My Head. LOL.

How am I being slick?

James Tubman said...

tryna give me comments in coded form lol

i didn't know what that meant

Anonymous said...

Real Talk.